Randal Nardone Co-Founded Fortress Investment Group

Randal Nardone co-founded Fortress Investment Group with the idea of helping other people. He knew how to provide others with a chance at a better future. He also knew there were things he could do to make a difference for people who were working on their own. As long as Randal Nardone felt confident in the opportunities he had for success, he felt Fortress Investment Group was doing exactly what it needed to do. The company thrived because of how he set it up, but he still remained active with the business. He wanted to make sure people understood how hard he was working to make the company successful.As long as Randal Nardone could be a big part of the business, he felt it was his job to always give them what they needed. He also felt there were things he’d need to do if he could change the course of the business.

Out of everything Randal Nardone set up for Fortress Investment Group, he felt confident in the skills he had. He also felt there were things the company could do that would make a huge difference for the people who used the company. Clients would benefit from all the work Randal Nardone did for Fortress Investment Group.The company got bigger and they worked to give people the chances they needed to be successful. Randal Nardone always remained supportive of the things that were going on with the business. He also made a choice to give attention where others needed it.

If he planned to help people with the options they had, he felt he needed to show them that things would always get better. He also felt the importance of the business so people didn’t worry about what was going on in their own opportunities.Depending on the hard work others put into the business, Randal Nardone felt it was his job to always give them what they wanted. When Softbank started asking about acquisition opportunities, Randal Nardone jumped on it. He wanted them to acquire Fortress Investment Group because it would mean more opportunities for them. He also wanted them to try things on their own so they didn’t have to deal with all the pressure that comes from running a business on their own. Having a parent company meant they’d get the support they needed to help them grow and get better on their own. It was his way of allowing people to try things on their own.

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