Omar Yunes Shapes The Franchise World In Various Aspects of Leadership

Omar Yunes is a household name, fondly respected for the input he has had on the franchise industry. Yunes joined the business more than four years ago. His tremendous success is owed to his commitment and dedication to providing the best services. Yunes has been part of Sushi Itto, a fruitful, yet large link of Japanese restaurants. The restaurant has an impeccable presentation in Mexico and Latin America and more information click here.


Profile of Success

Yunes joined the business when he was 21 years old. All he has been is a building pillar. His career has been flourishing under his watch. Currently, eh represents 13 Sushi Itto branches in Mexico, Puebla and Veracruz. The three units make up 10% of the franchise business. What is more, he has employed about 400 workers in the business. This reflects the values he has when it comes to handling humanity. He has created job opportunities for people. Omar Yunes is industrious in many ways. Even as a boss, he still engages in team building. That is how he has been able to access the performance of his business in all aspects. Omar Yunes is set to grow the business to greater extents and learn more about Omar Yunes.



Yunes performance and input in the industry has been registered all over the world. Yunes bagged the best franchise of the world in December. He was awarded based on his ability to coordinate his teams and offer excellent services for clients. Yunes was elated to be part of an event that was held in Italy. Many attendees were present to witness the awarding of some of the best performers in the industry. Omar said that he was pleased to receive the recognition. He also stated that he would keep up the good work. Omar has been consistent since then. Perhaps what keep the clients going back for the meals offered at his restaurants is the service delivery that he offers and Omar’s lacrosse camp.



Yunes has a bright future ahead. His dedication will see him through the tough time that may face every other business professional. His dedication is to die for. Omar can be an excellent role model for the youth and

The Life and Industrious Career of Julia Jackson

Julia JacksonJulia Jackson was born in the year 1988 to a family that had been in the wine industry for decades. Her interest in wine was manifested in her since she was a young girl. Her father would encourage her and her siblings to sort grapes as a way of instilling in them a sense of hard work. During the summer, Ms. Jackson would work on some of her family’s wineries. In one of these wineries, she made friends with a daughter of a French man working for her family. The friendship made Julia Jackson develop an interest in French and its culture, which she cherishes to date. Julia Jackson

Julia Jackson enrolled at Scripps College from where she graduated with a BA. At Stanford Graduate School, she received a general management certificate. As a result of her fluency in French, Ms. Jackson started teaching the language to students in the sixth grade. Presently, Julia Jackson works as a spokesperson for a non-profit firm she co-founded known as Cambria Estate. This organization aims to empower and celebrate women who stand out in the society.2015 remains a significant year for the Jackson Family Wines. In this year, the company launched a unique wine known as Fortress. The wine represents the pride of its origin; Sonoma.

Whitney Wolfe Explores Marriage and Social Media Takeover

Whitney Wolfe is one of the best when it comes dating apps. She has been on the rise early, and people cannot deny that the apps that she has created have made her very famous with the young millennial crowd in a very short time frame. This may be one of the main reasons that she has continued to thrive as an app developer for the dating app community.

A recent marriage has shared a lot more light on her personal life, and people are beginning to see that there is a correlation between her personal life and business life. In the beginning Whitney Wolfe was a single woman starting Bumble after she left another company. It was during her time as a single woman that she put a lot of focus on what would actually be needed to make a dating app work. She was doing this because she was a single woman, and she had a great amount of insight on what a single woman would probably look for. As time has progresses people are seeing that there is much more to Whitney Wolfe than the dating app.

Her ability to think outside the box is what has led her to a new way of exploring of social media through Bumble. Just as she has married recently she has shifted the focus from that of a single woman to that of all around social media guru. She has become the entrepreneur that has taken a tremendous amount of time to build a better social media platform with Bumble.

This coincides with her ability to look at all that is happening in her life and analyze all the possibilities that come with changing directions with Bumble. In her own life getting married was a change in her status and the direction of her life. She realizes also as aentreprenuer that networking plays a tremendous part of her business circle.

Wolfe wanted to give people a better look at what they could do to expand their social network. She’s utilizing Bumble Bizz to do this.

There is a large amount of work to be done when it comes to social media. Whitney Wolfe is someone that has received the memo, and she is taking notice of new possibilities for Bumble. She has actually stepped into a whole new role as she goes forward as a wife and business leader.

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In depth look at Cancer Treatment Centers of America:

Cancer is something that should be taken very seriously. When a Cancer diagnosis is made it is important to seek the best possible medical advice as well as treatment. Cancer Treatment Centers of America is a place that provides exceptional treatment as well as emotional support for the Cancer patient.

Cancer Treatment Centers of America has several locations throughout the United States. Treatment centers are located in Atlanta, Chicago, Philadelphia, Phoenix as well as Tulsa Oklahoma.

Cancer Treatment Centers uses State of the art technologies to diagnose as well as treat Cancer. In addition, they have a team of skilled Physicians, Nurses, Technicians and Social workers. Patients will receive strong emotional support and expert care to help them get through their difficult Cancer ordeal.

The center treats a variety of Cancer’s including Lung, Breast, Colon, Ovarian, Pancreatic Cancer and much more. Typical treatments for Cancer include surgery, radiation and Chemo-therapy. In addition, Physician’s at Cancer Treatment Centers are now using advanced genomic testing as well as immunotherapy for treating aggressive Cancers.

Researchers at Cancer Treatment Centers are now conducting “TAPUR” clinical trials. TAPUR clinical trials will help improve Cancer drugs as well as minimize their side effects in the future. Hopefully new Cancer drugs will target only diseased cells leaving the healthy cells unharmed.

The center does an excellent job of managing any ill effects from Chemo-therapy with anti-nausea as well as pain killing medications. In addition, patients will be monitored by a dietitian to make certain they receive proper nutrition during the course of their Cancer treatment.

Cancer Treatment Centers have staff members available 24/7 to take phone calls. The web site is informational and is updated on a regular basis. Please view the web site at

There is a chat feature which can be accessed from the Cancer Treatment web site. The chat feature is available on weekdays from 9:00 am-5:30 pm.

Building and Maintaining Credit with FreedomPlus

Credit is not only a complicated concept but also confusing. Building credit can be difficult, particularly when you don’t have a credit history. If you lack history, insurance providers, credit card companies, employers, lenders, and landlords won’t easily determine your habits when it comes to spending and repayments. This makes the process of acquiring a loan impossible.

Building credit as you pay your debts

Other than using a credit card to build credit, you can accomplish this by repaying all your existing debts such as auto loans and student loans or your rent. For instance, if you take out a loan with FreedomPlus, making on-time payments can be an excellent way to boost your credit.

When the loan is paid fully on time every month, major credit bureaus will notice your habits, and you will have demonstrated to other lenders that you handle money responsibly. By continuing to maintain this responsible payment history, it will be easy to be eligible for an unsecured credit card with affordable interest rates and low monthly payments.

What is FreedomPlus all about?

FreedomPlus is a reputable online lender with a personalized and old-school touch. Each time you apply for a loan, you have a 20-minute phone call with a representative of the company. This gives the opportunity to discuss the debt situation and offer information that can lower the interest rate on your loan. This firm is a good fit if:
• Your credit score is at least 640
• Your debt-income ratio doesn’t exceed 40%
To maintain a good credit score, follow this principle: never spend more than what you can pay and make payments fully and on time.

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The Many sizes and Flavors of Beneful Dog Food at Walmart

Beneful Dog Food is a very popular brand of dog food and because there is such a demand for their food, Walmart carries all the various kinds of Beneful dog food. This includes the various flavors of dry as well as wet dog foods. They also carry the different treats that they like so much.

The prices on dry dog food with all real ingredients, vary depending on the kind and size of the bag, %5.48 for a 2 1/2 lb. bag made for small dogs, $4.88 for a 7 1/2 lb. bag, $9.73 to $13.96 for a 15.5 bag depending on the flavor and ingredients, $17.78 for a 12 1/2 lb. bag, $26.98 for a 31.1 lb. bag of healthy weight dog food, and $33.98 for a 40 lb. bag. Beneful Wet Dog Food is 1 tub for $1.92, 12-3 oz. cans for $6.97, 6-10 oz. tubs for $10.58, 27 cans of 3 oz. cans for $14.98, and 12-10 oz. tubs for $19.94. There is also variety packs for people who want a mix of different flavors and there are different sizes for their size dogs. They have different kinds of food for puppies, middle-age dogs, as well as the older dogs. They also offer a variety of snacks for dogs such as dog bones, dental twists, dog biscuits, milk bones, and Exer-Hydes, which run from $2.98 to $48.99.

Walmart has BenefulWalmart Dog Food on sale on a regular basis, they offer coupons for the dog food, they even do rollbacks and clearances on dog food so go to the website and periodically check for them. Purchasers also have the choice to buy in the actual store, or order online for pickup.

When does Walmart rollback prices on Beneful dog food?

How Agora Financial Has Helped its Readers

Figuring out where, when, and how to build wealth can be a headache especially for employees planning to retire yet they do not have adequate financial knowledge. While they may get brokers who promise to help, this may not be effective as most of the brokers only want to benefit from their savings. Fortunately, these employees can find help at the Agora Financial; a publication company that has been helping its readers grow and protect their wealth through various ways including free newsletters, online publications, books, documentaries, and seminars. More than one million readers have so far benefited from its unique and effective approach to managing money and building wealth and read full article.

Through its more than 20 publications designed to help the readers navigate different areas of the financial market, Agora Financial teaches the secrets of generating income, strategies for growing and protecting wealth, and how to find suitable companies to invest in. Additionally, its research is 100 percent independent and unbiased; thus, its experts do not accept coverage payment from investors or companies. The committed analysts at Agora Financial travel to the scenes to investigate opportunities before publishing them. By this, they ensure that their readers get groundbreaking investment trends and their Facebook.

As a Subsidiary of The Agora Incorporation; a marketplace for financial ideas founded in 1979, Agora Financial traces its roots to three leading publications including Plague of the Black Debt in 1992, Strategic Investment in 1984, and The Daily Reckoning in 1999. Its team of experts include world’s leading bond professionals, Harvard trained geologists, a Pulitzer Award nominated journalist, a self-made billionaire and philanthropist, an award winning filmmaker, an ex-presidential banker, a three-time New York Times bestselling author, and an ex-edge fund manager. Moreover, its editors are brave enough to make bold predictions where their insights have been recognized by The Economist, Reuters, Fox Business News, The Wall Street Journal, Bloomberg, Financial Times, CNBC, San Francisco Chronicle, The Daily Telegraph, and The Washington Post and Agora Finanical’s lacrosse camp.

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Doe Deere Wows The Make Up Industry

Being an entrepreneur is a dream of many people who have a business mind, butt do not have the business talent. If you have a business intent, the first thing to do is to start with something that you are passionate about. If you have a passion for it, and a talent to do it, this could lead to a successful business venture. You do not want to try to start a business by just jumping into it without any direction. You must have a plan of action with an end result in mind. Doe Deer, founder of the make up company Lime Crime, offers advice for entrepreneurship. She suggests that anyone thinking of building a business start with the natural skill or talent that you were born with. If not a natural skill, then one that has been developed over the years. Harness this ability into vision, then act to make this vision a reality. Learn more:


If you rush into a business blindly, without planning, the the outcome could be an overwhelming disaster. Doe Deer recommends that you dissect any problems that arises, and with the help of colleagues and employees, try to find solutions to one portion of the issue at a time. Doe Deer is a successful entrepreneur who founded Lime Crime in 2006 after experimenting with make up brands looking for a definitive look for herself. After posting her different looks over the internet for feed back, she received inquiries from many who wanted the same look. Doe started to create her own brand with an explosive new way of wearing it. It had a cult flavor that immediately became an overnight success. Learn more:


Doe attributes her success in the Lime Crime make up trend to the fact that she love painting and artistry as a child. She was always involved with some type of activity where she could use pencils and paints. She grew up experimenting with make up as early as age nine. Coming into adulthood, she was embarking on her own self image and what she liked in make up. From this passion, her business was formed and soared to tremendous heights. The name Lime Crime came about in 2004 when she needed a name for her ebay store, and Lime Crime was the first thing that popped in her mind. The name was not registered by anyone, so it became her the name off her exclusive make up brand.


Everything that Sheldon Lavin Touches Turns Into Gold

Chief Executive Officer and Chairman of the OSI Group, Sheldon Lavin, is a great investor who has had an impeccable history in the banking and financial consulting industry. OSI Group is an America firm that holds and supplies produce from meat processors. Headquartered in Aurora, Illinois, United States of America, the firm serves the needs of both food and retail industries. The firm was founded by an immigrant into the United States of America from Germany in 1909. Otto Kolschowsky was his name and he started off small from opening a family market in Oak Park, Illinois that dealt exclusively with meat. Kolschowsky slowly grew the firm from the meat market to a company that served even nearby areas. The company was previously known as Otto & Sons, but was later changed to the current OSI Group. Through strong partnerships with major firms in the industry, great performance in the industry and persistence OSI Group grew to what it is today.

Sheldon Lavin’s educational background is based on financing and accounting, and for a long time he has been working with financial institutions. Sheldon Lavin, however, switched gear and joined the meat industry in 1970 where he arranged finance for the OSI Group. At that time it was known as Otto &Sons. It was due to the continued involvement of Sheldon Lavin with OSI Group that made him get 100 voting control. This happened after one partner had sold his stake and the other one retired.

Ever since Sheldon Lavin took over, OSI Group has been experiencing a significant growth both in its operations and servicing. In fact, McDonald asked Sheldon Lavin to seal a deal with them in a full-time business so that both companies could grow together. Furthermore, Sheldon Lavin started to look for overseas investments. Within no time the company expanded to various nations of the world. The Philippines, China, and South Africa are some of these countries OSI expanded into. As the Chief Executive Officer of OSI, Sheldon has greatly helped the firm and he himself bagged the Global Visionary Award in 2016. The award is simply given to leaders who have been able to go against all odds and achieve their dreams. For more info about us: click here.

Although many would stop after achieving all this, Sheldon Lavin says that he still has a great vision and dream for OSI Group LLC. He continues to say that he plans on making the company an international food processing firm operational all over the world. With his innovative skills and greater team work at OSI Group, it is no doubt the firm will achieve all these.

Logan Stout: A Rising Business Star & Force To Be Reckon In Dallas

Based in Dallas, Texas, Logan Stout is the founder and CEO of IDLife. He is also the founder and CEO of Dallas Patriots. IDLife launched in May 2014, and the Dallas Patriots began in 2000.

More about IDLife

IDLife sells organically nutritional supplements that are also used for weight management. His business has already grown astronomically with his partners, Troy Aikman, John C Maxwell, and Jen Widerstrom, a celebrity trainer. And as a result, his business has acquired the 100 Solid Top MLM Companies’ level worldwide in a short period of time.

Other Accomplishments

In addition to being an accomplished entrepreneur and business owner, he is also a philanthropist, best-selling author, leadership trainer, and a keynote speaker. He trains others who are aspiring business owners or who are already business owners desiring more knowledge on better business management. Also, he serves on the executive boards as the chairman for the American Heart Association and the Boys and Girls Club.

Additionally, he earned a bachelors of science degree in psychology from the University of Dallas in Irving, Texas.

Follow Logan Stout on Twitter

As far as him being a keynote speaker, Stout partnered with Inc. Magazine’s “Most Popular Leadership Expert in the World” and motivational speaker, John C. Maxwell to bring personal and leadership development training to all nations throughout the world. Stout also made regular appearances on radio, live events, and television. He has been on FOX, The Ticket, The Fan, and CBS Radio. And with the print media, he has been on several publications, such as The Dallas Morning News, The New York Times, and Philadelphia Life Magazine.

His Personal Life

Stout’s wife is named Haley. They have two sons, and they all live in Frisco, Texas. He and his wife began a charity organization called the Youth Athletes Foundation.

Learn more about Logan Stout: