The Career Achievements Of James Dondero

The success of any corporation is dependent on the stewardship abilities of the top management team. James Dondero is a successful businessman who is revered for registering impressive results in all the companies that have enlisted his services. James is regarded as the co-founder of the world-renowned firm, Highland Capital Management. He is the current president of the organization.

The Dallas based entrepreneur has amassed over 30 years experience in the equity and credit markets. He has zeroed in on distressed and high-yielding investments. Besides Highland Capital Management, Dondero has played a pivotal role in founding NexPoint Advisors. At the firm, Dondero is the president. NexBank has also recognized his abilities and for this reason, James has been made the chairman of the institution. It should be noted that Dondero is the majority shareholder of NexBank. NexPoint Real Estate Advisors is the adviser of the companies affiliated with it. These affiliated companies are Highland Capital Management, NexBank and NexPoint Advisors.

In 1993, together with Mark Okada, James founded Highland Capital Management. As of March 31, 2015, Highland Capital Management had an asset base of $21 billion. Dondero’s portfolio management expertise incorporates investment grade corporate, emerging markets, derivative markets, mortgage-backed securities as well as common stocks and preferred stocks. Funds affiliated to James have received recognition from reputable quotas such as the Morning star and Lipper award. Read more at Wikipedia about James Dondero.

Some of the award-winning products offering made by James are collateralized loan obligations, mutual funds, real estate investment trusts (REITs) as well as electronic transfer funds (ETFs), institutional separate accounts, private equity funds and hedge funds. James’s career started at the humble Morgan Guaranty training program where he worked as an analyst in mid 1984. A year later, American Express recruited him. At the firm, Dondero undertook his mandate as a corporate bond analyst. At the American Express Corporation, James rendered his services for around five years. At the corporation, Dondero managed a portfolio (fixed income funds) worth around $1 billion.

From American Express, Dondero went to Protective Life, a subsidiary of GIC. While serving as the chief investment officer of the firm, Dondero started the firm from its humble beginnings to a corporation worth over $2 billion in a period of 5 years. The certified management accountant has displayed impeccable prudence in the management of huge funds. James is a proud alumnus of the University of Virginia, McIntire School of Commerce. Records show that he graduated with the highest honors in Accounting and Finance.

Recently, the certified public accountant appointed Terry Jones to become the president in charge of institutional products at Highland Capital Management. Jones has massive experience in financial matters that spans 25 years. James asserted that Terry’s leadership would augment the corporation’s risk adjusted performance besides devising client-oriented solutions. James is the chairman of the board of three corporations, which are CCS Medical, NexBank and Cornerstone healthcare.



Benefits of Going with Agera Energy

If you are currently unhappy with the energy company that you have, you may want to consider the benefits of Agera Energy. Follow Agera Energy on Twitter.

Agera Energy has been in the business of both gas and electric to ensure that locals have reliable, affordable service they can count on. They are a member of the local Chamber of Commerce and are proud to be serving the community whenever they possibly can. Follow Agera Energy on

Along with being an active member of the local community, Agera Energy is on Twitter, Facebook and several other social media sites. Because of the work that Agera Energy does, you can get sound advice from them and see what they can do for you. There are so many reasons to consider this company and why you may want to go with their service as opposed to what you might already have. This is a company that works well for each of your needs.



OSI Group: Spreading the Benefit of a Large Network

At Drapers’ Hall, London, OSI Group was honored at an awards lunchen. The British Safety Council gave them the Globe of Honour Award. This award reflected that counsel’s investigations in to the impact of the degree to which OSI’s treatment of foods impacts the environment. In 2016, OSI was deemed to have environmentally friendly practices in this area.

This award came after having already won the highest ranking in the council’s auditing process for environmental management. Experts investigate all aspects of the food process. Companies that have proven to value the environment as seriously as safety and have the leadership to implement that value are worthy to receive the award.

Since OSI started operating in Scunthorpe England in 1989 it has received the Glove of Honour three times. The amount of gas which OSI adds to the air while manufacturing is admirably small in the view of such officials as Lynda Armstrong, who chairs the British Safety Council.

Back stateside, OSI Group is considered one of America’s top 100 companies. They have a wide distribution network with which to provide food to restaurants such as McDonalds and retailers. They are able to get so many customers because they only work with food materials from high quality sources.

Because they have 65 places of business across the globe, they are able to find many sources of quality product. Having 200,000 people working for them gives OSI the ability to come up with and implement innovative solutions for their customers.

When a product comes to OSI, it is in its raw form. After OSI is done with it, the food product is in state that is ready for cooking. Vacuum packaging of different sizes are used to make sure the recipient gets delievered fresh to places like McDonalds.

OSI works hard to make sure its global infrastructure creates added value to the service and products it provides.

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Steve Ritchie, The New CEO of Papa John’s International Inc

Steve Ritchie joined Papa John’s International Inc. in the year 1996. He worked in the firms Midwest Division in 2006 as a Multiple Units’ Operator and a Franchise Owner. July 2010 he was promoted to serve as the Deputy President of the department of International OST and Operations. He was responsible for managing international operation, strategic initiatives, and support functions. December 2010 to August 2011 he was promoted to senior Deputy President of International OST and Operations. August 2011 to May 2013 he was appointed to head the activities of International OST and Operations in the regions of North America and Latin America.

He worked in the firm as the senior Deputy President as from May 2013. He was made COO of the firm in May 2014 till December 2017. Currently, Steve Ritchie is the President of Papa John’s International Inc. appointed on 30 July 2015. On the first of January 2018, he was appointed the new CEO of the firm. February 4 2019, he was appointed to be the Director of the company.

Papa John’s International Inc. is the third largest pizza delivery firm in the world. It has its regional headquarters in Louisville, Kentucky. It has been ranked position 1 by consumers, due to its ability to offer customer satisfaction. It leads all the pizza delivery firms in ACSI, American Customer Satisfaction Index. His duties as the new CEO of the company include management of international development and facilitation of the company’s marketing strategies, customer experience and digital evolution.

Ritchie was thankful for his new role in the company and stated that the firm will focus more on the team members. He promised to deliver international experience that is best suited for their customers. He disclosed that any opportunity can be achieved as long as there is dedication.


A major merger took place this year in the meat industry. One that will change the landscape of the meat industry. OSI Industries and Rose Packing decided to join forces and create the biggest pork and meat company in America. This is huge for the people of the surrounding communities. Both companies have been in business for over 200 hundred years. That is a lot of years of service to the communities. OSI Industries new mission statement is to grow the company by leaps and bounds. That meant that this merger was vital if this was going to take place. Rose Packings is a family run operation. Their operation employees over 700 workers. With the merger of OSI Industries and Rose Packaging, this fifth-generation company has turned a corner. The good new is all 700 employees and their Chief Executive Officer Dwight Stiehl, will remain with the company. That is great news for the communities in which they service and the families of those they employ. There will be no disruption as far as the services that they provide.

The Rose Packing company is a great addition to an already great company. OSI Industries is a large outfit. They provide many services in the meat industries. Incorporating Rose will help to give the company a boost in quality and customer satisfaction. This was the build bock of the company. Putting customer needs before the profits of the company will only grow OSI operations. Internally and externally. OSI Industries will now be able to provide its larger customer base with an even larger selection than before. This is huge, as the company looks to position itself as the industry leader for years to come. The company has assigned a very large sales force, that will take to the streets of the communities, in effort to improve business relations and support for their new operation. I see nothing but great thing for the company in the years to come. This was a great merger. One that the entire community and companies will benefit from.

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Max Salk’s Guide to Balance in this Busy World

Being a photographer and a businessman may seem like a lot. But Max Salk makes it work. Despite living in New York City, he maintains balance by keeping things simple. While it is true he doesn’t have a lot of free time, he lives by principles that help him stay on top of his workload and life in general.

The first of these is preparation. His career as a photographer took off because he decided to bring his camera on a walk, just in case. The picture he took of the Netherlands on that foggy morning launched his photography hobby. The pictures still show on the front page of his photography website. 

In a slight oxymoron, Max Salk’s second principle is being ready to change at a moments notice. Being prepared can only do so much. Preparing doesn’t mean trying to control every outcome possible. Letting things go and unfold how they will, after preparing as best you can, is key to his strategies. 

Max Salk’s photography is a great illustration of this. Unlike indoor photography where every detail from lighting to subject can be posed perfectly, outdoor photography does it’s own thing. So bring the camera, but adjust to the landscape, lighting and other factors once out there. 

In his job in New York City, he uses analysis of numbers and trends to make recommendations. Although countless hours of his time go into the analyzing of these trends, his clients only see a few minutes of presentation. Max Salk works hard to make those moments of presentation the best and most effective they can be. This is because of his third principle, making the moment count. 

Max Salk pursues his passion. He also believes that there is no one answer, that there are opportunities all around, and to relentlessly work try until you find one that grants you success. But with this, finding the right problem to solve is hugely important,and is his final principle. Prioritize problems, use time efficiently on the most important things. Don’t just work hard, work smart. With these things in mind Max Salk is able to balance his busy life and have a successful career.

American Addiction Centers: The Importance of Veterans

The AAC (American Addiction Centers) is a place that truly appreciates, respects, and love veterans. Not only do they walk the walk, but they also talk the talk as well. It is why they have gained the respect of not only veterans but also people that are looking out for veterans.

When someone comes back from war and they have been in combat, it truly does something to them. It is hard to explain, but it really messes with their head. They deal with mental health issues, PTSD, and they can become addicted to substances as well. It’s not easy for them to just return home. People look up to them as heroes, which they are, but they are also human beings as well.  Read more: American Addiction Center Reviews | Glassdoor and American Addiction Centers | Crunchbase

They feel pain, discomfort, and unhappiness just like anyone else out there. It is why when they find themselves in a situation where they need help with their addiction, they need a place they can go to where they can get the help they deserve. Over at the AAC, they are going to the get the best treatment known to mankind.

They truly roll out the red carpet for the veterans and make sure they feel comfortable, and they can start to recapture their lives once again. It’s going to be a process, but the process pays off when they see such great results from entering the program.

The AAC looked at Military Appreciation Month and decided to do something special for the veterans with their program, Salute to Recovery, over at the Desert Hope Treatment Center. According to their website, they help with a whole host of treatment plans such as Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, Dialectical Behavior Therapy and Narrative Therapy. Basically, they want to know them they are going to guide them through all of this and make sure they can start to feel better again.

The CEO of Desert Hope Treatment Center also said he wants them to know they are not alone in this fight. That gives the people there a lot of hope and a lot of positivity from which they can build on for the future. One of the worst feelings in the world is when someone feels alone and they feel like they can’t turn to anyone for advice or for help.

They need to know people care about them, and they want to help them throughout this entire process. That is what happens over at the Desert Hope Treatment Center. They are respectful, polite, and kind to every veteran. They know what they have done for us. Now, it’s time for us to repay them back. For the AAC, it’s an honor to be involved in this.

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Richard Liu Qiangdong: Featuring Early Life and General Information

Introduction is the leading e-commerce company in China. Both the founder and CEO of this such company is Richard Liu Qiangdong. He was born in Jiangsu province located in China on February 14, 1974. His parent’s occupation was shipping coal. They would provide him with the value of hard work and gave him a proper education. They had also encouraged him to gain success in every effort.

After Education

Richard Liu Qiangdong decided for his education to go to “The Peoples’ University of China” and enter the Sociology program for a Bachelor degree. Even though Qiangdong had a strong focus on his major, he would still expand into other areas. That would be so he could have more opportunities for more employment opportunities in the future. The first employer and taste of the business world he had was Japan Life, a giant company that provides consumers with natural supplements. He would then leave that company in 1998, so he could answer his entrepreneurial calling.

First Venture

Richard Liu Qiangdong would rent out a small retail space In China’s technology hub, Beijing that would end up being a multi-dollar valuation of JD. Here he would sell magneto-optical products to his customers that provide three components. They are ideal customer service, a simple transaction process, and using technology to streamline business ventures. After owning it for five years, his initial investment moved up into twelve brick-and-mortar outposts of his store that he would then call Jingdong. Jingdong would then undergo a traditional business model that would give a lot of success to its twelve retail locations. The company would in 2004 start to launch online and be called This change was all because of a SARS outbreak

General Information

Richard Liu’s company JD.Com currently is worth the amount of $57.6 billion. Also, Forbes reported that they have a net worth of $7.3 billion. In March 2014 the owner of WeChat Tencent would acquire for a 15 percent stake for $215 million. Another component of this deal was that We Chat would give a lot of social media attention.

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Autonomous Cars And Finance Feature In Shervn Pishevar’s 21-Hour Tweetstorm

Autonomous cars are one of the great advancements being made by the U.S. technology sector over the course of the last decade. The growth of the industry developing self-driving vehicles has become one of the fastest-growing in the nation with many different states looking to allow experimentation with autonomous cars. Shervin Pishevar referenced the rise of the autonomous vehicles sector during his Tweetstorm and followed up with further Tweets regarding the developments he sees arriving in this sector.

Alongside the Tweets regarding the rise of autonomous vehicles, Shervin Pishevar found himself at the center of a storm regarding his theories about how Silicon Valley was strangling development. The financial sector is the arena one would expect to find Shervin Pishevar, but he has consistently found new startups to invest in and guide to success. Among his Tweets in the 21-hour marathon messaging session, Pishevar stated he believed the power of the big five technology companies in the U.S. was too great and should be better regulated.

Eerily, the words of Shervon Pishevar seem to have been prophetic and detail the fact the power of Facebook and Amazon, in particular, have been called into question. A mere few weeks after the Tweetstorm of Shervin Pishevar, Facebook creator Mark Zuckerberg was hauled before governmental committees in the U.K. and U.S. to discuss security concerns. Controlling the content the majority of Internet users see gives Zuckerberg the largest amount of power on the Internet and should be subject to governmental regulation.

Shervin Pishevar is not scared to slide into the realm of political commentary with his Tweets regarding global trade deals taking on a greater significance in recent months. Pishevar looked at two areas of the U.S. economy in his Tweetstorm stating the inflation rates of recent years were unsustainable and Washington was destabilizing the U.S. economy. During his Tweetstorm, Shervin Pishevar stated the inflation needed to drive the economy had stalled and was being hidden by the U.S. Federal Reserve which now appears to be true with interest rates expected to rise in the coming months.

David McDonald and The OSI Group on Great Culture

David McDonald has seen the value of growing and becoming better with the people that are interested in creating something for the long-term. David McDonald knows that there is appeal for being able to look at the grass that is on the other side. While the grass may seem greener on the other side, David knows that sticking with the OSI Group has provided him with incredible dividends over the many long years.

See, David, is not just interested in hopping around, he is interested in seeing how he can add value to the company and how he can stick around for quite a while. He is well aware of switching costs and other aspects that are connected to moving from company to company.

The OSI Group has been quite good to him and he is now the president of the company. He’s been able to see that working with people that know what they are doing can make a world of a difference, it can really elevate life and it can bring about real substance to an individual.

As such, he would have advice to give on the job search.

Never Start By Actively Listing Your Skills

As an interviewee, one of the biggest mistakes you can make while interacting with a Millennial is by listing achievements like you are reading the day’s newspaper. If your achievements are not directly beneficial to what they are looking for, then they are not really going to appeal to them even if you were the first person to land on Mars.

The key is not to drone on about what you bring to the table as your “features”, but speak about what you can translate those attributes to as “benefits”. You are still selling your skills that way, but in a manner which outlines your value – which is a language that Millennials understand and care for.

This is where you are climbing the Benefits ladder two steps at a time, and going from your Features and Attributes to your Rational Benefits.

The next step? Go through the Emotional Benefits and what you have to offer in that regard.

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