End Citizens United Considers Charges Against Florida’s Governor Over Campaign Violations

Charges of fraud in Medicare might be what has Rick Scott in hot water. He is Florida’s current governor and is being charged by End Citizens United over allegations of financial improprieties. These allegations are from when Scott was the residing CEO at HCA/Columbia in 1997. Because of an FBI probe into the company, they ended up having to pay a whopping fine of more than $1 billion because of fraudulent billing practices that Rick Scott was in charge of. He ended up having to resign as CEO in disgrace.

Flash forward, Rick Scott is now placing his candidacy for the United States Senate. While working at Columbia/HCA amidst the allegations, he placed the blame for what happened on his subordinates and dismissed any of the violations against himself. Learn more about the group on Crunchbase

Refusal To Accept Responsibility

His refusal to accept responsibility for the fraud back then says a lot about him. He chose to try and invoke the Fifth Amendment when the charges were initially brought about. He is now currently finishing his second term as the governor of Florida. End Citizens United, which are Democrats, are critically keeping an eye on his practices which are supposed to offer many benefits to his campaigning for the United States Senate.

End Citizens United – Their Goal

The groups main goal is to start limiting campaign contributions. In 2010, the Supreme Court had made it acceptable for corporations to act as “people” and be able to send limitless amounts of money to candidates in the American elections without being able to trace the money. Because this decision ultimately let donor funds go through untraceable, it was allowing the wealthy and special interest groups the opportunity to put too much influence into the outcome of elections.

New Republic PAC Examination

In April, the American Bridge had reported that the PAC chaired by Scott was receiving donations from executives from “private equities.” These firms had benefited from the decisions he made before regarding investments in state pension funds. In 2010, the SEC had ruled that it was prohibited for any financial firm to give campaign contributions to public officials to try and influence any of their state pension investments. The purpose of this ruling was to protect any investment decisions from having political influence. This was another reason for the charges that End Citizens United has brought against Scott.

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How End Citizens United Plans To Spend 2018

The most important thing to take from the work of End Citizens United is that we have the power to change our politics and bring it towards the right direction. That’s what they’ve been doing since they were started and it’s especially pithy this year with the midterms coming up. It seems that everything is working in Democrats favor especially in the state of California. With the help of PACs like End Citizens United, we may very well see a tidal wave take down the Republicans working in the interest of corporations and big money in politics.

The recent success of Democrats in Alabama has shown that a change is coming in Washington and it’s only a matter of degree. We know that some of the most vulnerable seats for Republicans are located in the state of California. It is in this state that we see the most obvious examples of big money influencing elections and it is here that the message of End Citizens United is going to be loudest. People want to see their interests represented in Congress rather than those of corporate lobbyists and others who happen to use their wealth to alter society into their vision.

A grassroots movement focused on the Citizens United court ruling is certainly going to appeal to many of today’s voters. People have seen the rise of Donald Trump and other politicians as examples of what big money interests in politics looks like and they are eager for a way to fight back. The only way to fight the power of corporations is to come together and make sure voices are heard in the ballot box. 2018 has created quite a bit of enthusiasm around the midterms and it’s only a matter of time before we see this translate into votes against big money.

End Citizens United was created to fight against an unfortunate decision made in 2010. The Supreme Court ruled that donations from corporations could be counted as free speech and opened the flood gates for a problem we continue to see even in today’s politics. Corporations have been slowly but surely looking for ways to influence politics in such a way that can’t be tolerated. End Citizens United has compiled a list of the politicians they believe are most vulnerable to a challenge and among them are the likes of Darryl Issa and Duncan Hunter. These Republicans are focused on representing corporations rather than the interest of their voters. The have some of the worst examples of big money influence. Given the dynamics of California politics, it’s likely these seats will be victories for Democrats. They just need to get involved in order to get the point across.

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George Soros Fights Hard to make the World a Better Place

George Soros is a man who is committed to keeping the world fair and balanced. He realizes that governments, power structures and tyrannical rulers can rise-up and cause misery for millions of people. This is what happened to him as a child in Budapest, Hungary. His family had to temporarily live under the domination of the Nazi Party when Hitler decided that Hungary should be a ruled state and not an ally and learn more about George Soros.

That incident forever changed Soros’s life. He saw what happened to his family and to his fellow countrymen when Hitler was in power. Soros’s family is Jewish. His fellow countrymen at the time were Jewish as well. Soros realized that governments could control people’s lives to the point where they could destroy them if they chose to take this course of action. He knew that this could never happen again. Another Holocaust under a tyrant like Hitler could not and would not be tolerated and George Soros’s lacrosse camp.

Soros relocated to England to attend the London School of Economics. This is where he learned about the concept of Open Societies. The man behind this political philosophy is Karl Popper and Soros took his words to hear. He knew that governments needed open societies to keep back tyranny and to stop oppression in the world.

When a government takes control, it will usually set the framework of how people will live. A government will establish various laws that will control how people are to be educated, prosecuted in court, the type of services they will receive as citizens and even the rights they will have within that particular nation and more information click here.

If a government is made up of people who promote one type of political view, their way of doing things will become the norm. Governments can then establish laws based on the values of those in power. If they feel like immigrants are destroying their nation, then they can restrict the flow of immigrants into their land and what George Soros knows.

If they decide people only need to be given a free public education until the 3rd grade; they could establish laws that will make people pay to gain knowledge from the 4th grade and up. While these are simple examples about how a government could enforce its own values; it provides us with a clear picture as to why open societies are needed.

Soros uses his Open Society Foundations as a means to combat the tyranny and injustice in the world. Throughout the years, he has donated billions of dollars to various organizations to help keep nations and governments fair and balanced. Soros is also a citizen of the United States. Since he has been here, he has given millions upon millions to support various social and activist groups that work for various causes within the U.S.

He is a liberal man that supports liberal causes because they are closely aligned with his views. Soros wants America and other nations around the world to enjoy democracy, liberty, justice and equality. While Soros is almost 100-years-old, he still has enough vigor, might, strength and fight in him to make this world a better place. You can read more of George Soros’s story through his Open Society Fondations and Follow him at Twitter.com.

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Referendum step moves forward in Venezuela

An important step towards implementing a referendum to remove the President of Venezuela, Nicholas Maduro, has moved forward with an important step in the process.
Maduro’s presidency does not officially end until 2019 but 68% of Venezuelans have indicated that they want him out of office. The opposition has been looking for ways to legally remove him from office before his term expires as reported by Corporation Wiki.

One earlier attempt failed and the referendum represents the new method for doing so. The important step forward was the collection of 1.85 million signatures requesting the referendum on Maduro. This is ten times the amount needed to proceed and is an important step in any removal process.

While expert Norka can see this like a definitive step forward for an ouster of the President, particularly with such an large proportion of the population disliking Maduro, the case is far from completed and the President remains a powerful figure in the country.

Behind the support of Maduro is the Supreme Court of Venezuela which has never ruled against the President during the past ten years and is unlikely to do so this time either. In addition, if the President were to be ousted after 2017, his Vice President would merely take over which would not provide the opposite to Maduro with the result that the want.

Still, the Venezuelan populace seems to be for the ouster of a President who has been largely viewed as ineffective after his rise to the position after Hugo Chavez.