Kamil Idris Poses Threat of WWIII in JASTA

In a recent book by Kamil Idsris, the former director of WIPO and president of ICAM, says there is an underlying threat in the recently passed bill by Congress called JASTA. The Justice Against Sponsors of Terrorism Act was passed in 2016. JASTA is a bill passed by Congress that would ensure that terrorist, wherever they crop their heads up in defiance of the civil laws of the United States would never have the chance to repeat what happened on 9/11; in other words, any citizen, coming to a true like to terrorism, could in effect sue that country.

However, Professor Idris makes an argument in his latest book “JASTA” and a third world war, that one of the core principles in which international law is predicated is that a country is immune from lawsuits within the courts of another country. Professor Idris poses an intelligent question to the problem set forth in JASTA. If a country is foreign to lawsuits in another countries courts how can the lawsuit of an individual stand against another country in the same country’s court. Professor Idris calls to the attention of his readers the possibility of a realignment of countries that may lead to the United States being the target of the very terrorist attacks it seeks to avoid. Professor Idris has worked with numerous world leaders to avoid international crisis like Fidel Castro, Yasser Arafat, Bill Clinton and others. He argues in his book that there is a growing sense of worry and concern about JASTA and how especially its effect upon the erosion of “sovereign immunity,” while other international leaders say it is an indication that international law is under violation. Lastly, Professor Kamil Idris questions whether the passing of JASTA may also bring US under attack in his recent book, calling to mind that a countries “pressure to protect from independent legal legal claims,” which brings its “sovereignty” under attack, could lead to unpredictable outcomes by other nations towards the US.

Professor Kamil Idris now lives with his family in Durham, England.

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