Lime Crime

The makers of Lime Crime cosmetics created it to be a brand of makeup to set its customers apart from the crowd. The product consists of bright and vibrant makeup colors that stretch the rules so much that it should be a crime. That’s the idea behind the name of the company, as explained by the owner, Doe Deere.


Doe Deere started Lime Crime in 2008 by selling makeup on eBay. Proving that business is about solving a problem, Doe Deere attempted to find cosmetics to match her colorful, eccentric wardrobe. She looked everywhere for the bright makeup. When Doe Deere couldn’t find any, she decided to produce a brand of makeup herself. She added the cosmetics to her existing products sold on her eBay account.


She manages her business by using the knowledge and experience she obtained from the business side of the music industry. Her critics told her that people would not purchase makeup online, but Doe Deere did not listen to them. Today, she is one of the leading trendsetters in the makeup industry. Lime Crime’s products include lipsticks, fingernail polish, eyeshadows, and hair dye in an array of bright colors.


Deere revealed insights from her business and personal life in an interview by Guest of a Guest. She explained that she developed a love for business when she was only thirteen years old. At that time, she sold temporary tattoos to her classmates. That was the birth of her sticker tattoo business.


Doe Deere, born in Russia, moved to New York when she was seventeen years old. Her dream was to become a musician. While pursuing her musical career, she learned valuable business lessons, which included how to market a product. She also learned to appreciate the people who were supportive of her by showing up at events. Today, those who love Lime Crime products and follow Doe Deere are known as unicorns. Doe Deere is the queen of unicorns.


She met her husband in New York where they were both members of the same band. Today, he works with her at Lime Crime as the president of the company.


The advice Deere gives to other women is to be in touch with themselves. She says everyone has something about them that is special. If they can tap into that unique quality, they will flourish. Learn more:

Doe Deere Wows The Make Up Industry

Being an entrepreneur is a dream of many people who have a business mind, butt do not have the business talent. If you have a business intent, the first thing to do is to start with something that you are passionate about. If you have a passion for it, and a talent to do it, this could lead to a successful business venture. You do not want to try to start a business by just jumping into it without any direction. You must have a plan of action with an end result in mind. Doe Deer, founder of the make up company Lime Crime, offers advice for entrepreneurship. She suggests that anyone thinking of building a business start with the natural skill or talent that you were born with. If not a natural skill, then one that has been developed over the years. Harness this ability into vision, then act to make this vision a reality. Learn more:

If you rush into a business blindly, without planning, the the outcome could be an overwhelming disaster. Doe Deer recommends that you dissect any problems that arises, and with the help of colleagues and employees, try to find solutions to one portion of the issue at a time. Doe Deer is a successful entrepreneur who founded Lime Crime in 2006 after experimenting with make up brands looking for a definitive look for herself. After posting her different looks over the internet for feed back, she received inquiries from many who wanted the same look. Doe started to create her own brand with an explosive new way of wearing it. It had a cult flavor that immediately became an overnight success. Learn more:

Doe attributes her success in the Lime Crime make up trend to the fact that she love painting and artistry as a child. She was always involved with some type of activity where she could use pencils and paints. She grew up experimenting with make up as early as age nine. Coming into adulthood, she was embarking on her own self image and what she liked in make up. From this passion, her business was formed and soared to tremendous heights. The name Lime Crime came about in 2004 when she needed a name for her ebay store, and Lime Crime was the first thing that popped in her mind. The name was not registered by anyone, so it became her the name off her exclusive make up brand.

Doe Deere Passion for Cosmetics and Success of Lime Crime

Are you looking for someone to advise you on the make-up that will not only give you a stunning facial appearance but also allow you to express yourself and experience extraordinary freedom? Then Doe Deere is the person to approach. She is a cosmetic expert ready to go to the extreme to explore the makeup that will give you confidence and freedom in every moment.

Doe has succeeded in the cosmetic business because of her boldness and flexibility while developing her cosmetics. She has gone beyond other cosmetic experts who only focus on ensuring their clients have a perfect skin rather than their feelings towards their look.

In 2008, she officially launched Lime Crime Company. The fundamental aim of starting this firm was to provide her clients with highly pigmented, vibrant and bold cosmetics that would attract global demand. Besides, she wanted to develop a variety of conspicuous makeup as well as express herself through them. Lime Crime develops magical and colorful lipsticks, eye shadows and nail polishes among others.

Doe starts her day by conducting meetings with lime crime creative director, president, vice president as well as the chief operating officer. She spends a significant part of her day working with chemists and other experts in the laboratory developing cosmetic products. Doe believes that for new ideas to work, she needs to test it personally before allowing her staff to use it in the production.

Deere understands her brand and customers better than anyone else in the company does. This allows her to comprehend her customer needs and sourcing new business. With these advantages, Doe can make confident and proper decisions that make her extremely productive as a businessperson. She reckons that she took administrative jobs in her 20s. During this time, she learned that for her to make a positive change in society, she has to be very realistic with her life.

Doe treats her customers, employees, and partners with utmost dignity and adoration. She believes that this move has grown Lime Crime to achieve international recognition. She advises those aspiring to venture into the cosmetic business that they should learn to trust their intuition when making a decision in times of inadequate information.

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