George Soros Plans To Give Open Society Foundations Vast Amounts Of His Wealth

George Soros, the famed philanthropist and investor, may have overdone himself this time. He has given a major portion of his personal wealth to what appears to be his favorite charity, the Open Society Foundations. He transferred a total of $18 billion from his personal wealth to the coffers of the OSF. That must be a cause for celebration for the proponents and stakeholders of this institution.

To date, Soros has given away over $32 billion to the OSF for its charity work all over the world. Apart from this, the philanthropist has also heavily supported the Central European University in Budapest which he also founded. This center is leading its region in the study of social sciences. Soros started investing his wealth in 1970 when he started Soros Fund Management as his hedge fund. Since then, he joined an elite group of the best investors in the United States.

He began his work in philanthropy in 1979 by providing scholarships to Black Africans who were suffering from the curse of apartheid. Soros then turned to his native land Hungary and financially supported Hungarians who need to visit the west for academic studies. He also supported the launching of social initiatives and fledgling cultural groups. When the Berlin Wall fell in 1992, the philanthropist established the Central European University where he envisioned a space that will encourage critical thinking. This was a taboo at that time in the closed quarters of the communist regime. After the cold war, he set his philanthropic visions to the United States, Asia, Latin America and Africa.

Even if he is already in his 80s, Soros has vigorously taken an active role in the charitable works of the Open Society Foundations. He continues to advocate policy changes with the leaders of the world privately and publicly and travels widely in support of OSF’s activities. His recent donation of $18 billion to OSF has brought his total contribution to the institution at more than $32 billion. This amount effectively made OSF second only to the foundation of the tech magnate Bill Gates.

OSF worked on a budget of $941 million in 2017. This was spent giving financial aid to seven regions around the world and in 10 classifications. Some of these categories include human rights groups, justice reform, early childhood education, rule of law and assorted institutions. According to Laura Silber, a spokeswoman for OSF, the foundation has already spent approximately $14 billion since it started its charitable works in the 1980s.

The foundation gives out its charities in over 100 countries around the world. It has supported the fight against authoritarianism, the LGBT community and marginalized groups, and also championed human rights causes. An official of the foundation also revealed that Soros is planning to give the majority of his personal wealth to the OSF. Soros, incidentally, is also the chairman of charitable institution. Soros has also supported the works of other charitable organizations. These include the International Crisis Group, the Institute for New Economic Thinking, the European Council on Foreign Relations and the Global Witness.

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The Role of Thor Halrvorssen as a Human Rights Activist

Thor Leonard Halrvorsean Mendoza is a human rights advocate and film producer. He has a Norway and Venezuela background. He graduated from the University of Pennsylvania where he graduated with both the undergraduate and graduate degrees in political science, history, international relations and romance language. Thor Halrvorsean is mainly skilled in matters related to human trafficking, threats to democracy, slavery, philanthropic and angel investing. His efforts are concentrated on fighting for human freedom.

Career path
His advocating career journey started in the year 1989 in London when he organized opposition to South African apartheid and advocated for human rights. He became fully involved in advocating when his father who was a Venezuelan ambassador for anti-narcotic affairs in the administration of Carlos André’s Pérez. However, with the help of the amnesty international organization Thor protested for his father release.

Thor’s contributions to the society

Thor became the CEO and executive director of the foundation for individual rights in education (FIRE) in 1999. In this organization, Harvoseen joined organizations like Feminists for free expression, the eagle forum, and heritage foundation. In 2004, Thor Halrvorssen founded the human rights foundation. It was after his mother was shot dead. The main roles of human rights foundation include promoting tolerance and democracy in Latin America. Since its foundation, Halrvorssen has led campaigns exposing some personnel violating human rights regardless of the social areas engaged. He has also published two books outlining the responsibilities of the state and those of individuals and learn more about Thor.

In 2009, Thor Halrvorssen founded the Oslo Freedom Forum. It consists of prominent personnel from all continents from several occupations. He encouraged the members to speak boldly against those violating human rights. Halrvorssen also became a patron of the children’s peace movement. The movement ensures that there is a bilateral relation between children and adolescent and children in warring countries like Iraq and Afghanistan and read full article.

Film work
In Film Theater, Halrvoseen has played various roles such as film production and co-production. He has produced films and documentaries. Thor’s films have their theme mostly in the struggle for freedom and political independence, human trafficking, and anti-intellectual culture. Halrvorssen has won several awards and gain recognition for his work and resume him.

How Thor Halvorssen Fights For Human Rights

The Personal Impact Of Authoritarianism

He’s seen firsthand the tragedies that can occur at the hands of an authoritarian government. His father, Thor Halvorssen Hellum, was actually placed in prison in the 90s for his investigations into corruption in the Venezuelan government. 2004, the same year Halvorssen founded the Human Rights Foundation, was the same year his mother was killed by supporters of the Hugo Chavez regime. The men guilty of shooting his mother were arrested but never convicted of a crime.16)

Documenting Reality

A major focus of the work of Thor Halvorssen is the use of cinema to spread awareness and convince others to join him in his cause. He has created both fictional and true accounts in his movies in order to fight for human rights around the world. The films he has produced aren’t simply preacher attempts to pound a message into the viewer’s skull. They have won praise and acclaim from critics in general.

Connecting Fights Around The World

An important part of everything that Halvorssen does is finding ways to connect people around the world and convince them they need to stand up for human rights. The latest step in promoting human rights for him is the Oslo Freedom Forum. Originally started in his father’s homeland of Norway these meetings serve as way for activists to connect and think of ways to fight against dictatorships. Fighting for freedom isn’t an easy battle. There are many ways for dictators to thwart their opponents, but their opponents must adhere to a code of ethics. Uniting together is the only way Thor Halvorssen believes he can reach his goal of empowering people to stand against oppressive regimes.

About Thor Halvorssen

Thor Halvorssen is a political activist with a strong focus on human rights. Born in Venezuela but educated in America, he is a globally minded individual with a strong interest in promoting open societies. He understands the dangers that come about when citizens are not able to stand up to their governments and wants to create a world without them.