5 Terrific Methods to Revamp Your Home Exterior

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Whether you’re looking to cosy up your exterior or prepare your house for sale, you’ll want to consider the options on hand based on the following criteria: budget, time, exterior condition and exterior design. Since it’s the first impression that people have of your home, you’ll want to take a look at the following ways you can effectively upgrade your home exterior.




Dress Up with Trims

Adding various trims and crown molding designs to your exterior can be likened to wearing a nice pair of earrings or a great pair of shoes to complete your outfit. Not only does it bring the entire exterior design together, it also provides a touch of elegance that’s subtly attractive. Since there are many types of crown mouldings available, you’ll want to choose a pattern that suits the architectural style of your exterior. PVC material is also a great option for outdoor use due to its imperviousness to rotting and warping.

Say It with Columns

Even if you don’t require load bearing pillars or columns, you can still add-on columns purely for a decorative effect. Not only does it add details to your porch or verandah, it can also be an eye-catching feature that leads to your front door. Since proportions are everything when it comes to selecting the appropriate column for your home, you’ll want to carefully consider the types of patterns and available column thickness before making your purchase.

Introduce a New Walkway

You don’t have to create a ‘yellow brick road’ to attract attention, but you can definitely provide the wow factor with a brand new stone walkway. By using real stone to line the path to your front door, you’ll not only present a detailed outline for practical use, it can also be used to connect the overall landscape of your exterior to the architectural components of your home. Depending on the distance and orientation of the front of your house to your porch , you can even consider a slightly winding path for greater effect.



Use Defining Brackets

Depending on the extension of your roof, brackets can be used under eaves for support or be there entirely for decorative purposes. Depending on the colour and material used, you can end up with a different style for your home. Metal brackets convey a more modern touch, whereas brown wooden brackets deliver a rustic presence. Alternatively, white wooden brackets are a more subtle version of a countryside home.

Welcome with Lighting

If you have a front porch or verandah, you’ll most likely have a ceiling light installed. Although this provides an ample amount of light, you’ll want to consider surface mounted-lighting as a better option for illumination. Another great lighting option is the use of garden lights (e.g. post lights and spike lights) to ensure that the pathway to your front door is obvious at night. It can also help to beautifully showcase your plants and garden when natural light is no longer available.

Unless your exterior is practically falling apart, you can consider a simpler approach to upgrade the feel of your home. You can repaint both your gutters and walls for a fresh new look. If you’re not confident about selecting the appropriate colour for your home, it’ll be much better if you stuck to a neutral tone. However, you can still consider a bolder colour for your home exterior by painting the trims and other architectural elements to make them stand out.


As a feature, your fencing and gate will catch the eye sooner than you think. Although it provides the necessary security and privacy from the outside world, it can also be a great ‘welcome home’ feature. You can choose to repaint and resand them depending on the materials use. Otherwise, if you have solid walls instead, you can also choose to have small openings spaced out between one another for an upgraded look. It will also help to provide some relief from a pure solid feature.