OSI Group Supplies Quality and Custom Branded Products Globally

OSI Group, a premier meat supplier worldwide exemplifies quality and expertise in their products while utilizing the best state of the art facilities. OSI modestly began as Otto & Sons in 1909. The small meat market was created by German immigrant Otto Kolschowsky in Oak Park Illinois. Even as a small storefront, the entrepreneur was known for his service and quality meats. In 1955, the McDonald’s Corporation just launched into a quick pick-up style restaurant business, what we know of today as the fast-food market. Otto & Son’s ground beef meat patties would serve as the perfect product for the up and coming restaurant. Ray Kroc, Founder and Chief Executive Officer of McDonald’s became the family startups biggest customer. Eventually, McDonald’s utilized Otto & Sons as their exclusive meat supplier. In 1973, Otto and Sons obtained their first meat processing facility in West Chicago. The facility was enhanced with meat forming patty machines and cryogenic food processing technology which allowed their meat to become preserved without losing its freshness. Otto & Sons obtained more visibility through licensing and branding partnerships with major processing contender, Best Chicago Meat Co., LLC. The humble meat market began to propel from there, changing its name in 1975 to OSI Industries, then becoming the OSI Group as of 2004. OSI Group has established over 60 processing facilities worldwide. The brilliant disruptor has been recognized as number 58 out on the Forbes list of largest privatized companies in the US, valued at $6.1 billion. The outfit has expanded their footprint abroad by acquiring Flagship Europe-a supplier of frozen poultry, sous vide, pies, and select condiments to the UK. This tactic strengthens OSI Group’s position in the industry by enabling them to promote in and touch other sectors that were once before off-limits to the group. Aurora Illinois food processor, OSI Group, delivers quality and custom branded products to restaurant markets and food retailers across the globe.

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The Many Endeavors of OSI Group

Are you interested in the food service industry? Have you ever heard of OSI Group? Well, OSI Group and the food service industry go hand-to-hand. It’s fair to say that without one, there would be no other. Well, maybe there would be others, but they most definitely wouldn’t be as affective than OSI Group. If you’re a job seeker, and you just happen to have the qualifications to work in this field, then you should apply with the company. There are numerous open positions that are waiting to be filled. Positions such as administrative assistant, quality assurance vice president, cash accountant, maintenance mechanic and supervisor are open for applicants. Thanks to the company’s huge physical size, there are many more open positions to apply for.

Did you know that many of the high-profile retailors and restaurants of today receive their food products from this company? That’s right! OSI Group serves KFC, McDonald’s, Starbucks, Pizza Hut, Papa John’s Pizza, Subway, Yum and Burger King. What makes the company so special is that it provides a wide range of services. It also creates a wide range of custom foods such as meatballs, tomatoes, cucumbers, panini, flatbread, tofu, pizza, pepperoni, cooked sausage links, pulled pork, cookies, pies, cheese and numerous other foods. The sky is surely the limit as the company has continued to grow at dramatic rate over the years. At its location in Hungary, the company’s $25 million high capacity production line processes up to 22,000 tons of processed chicken.

OSI Group is simply on another level. What other food producing supplier can replicate what this company is currently doing? The standard has been set and it will certainly get higher in the future. These are some of the best tasting food-to-table solutions on the planet and the company will backup all claims. When it comes to food safety, OSI Group really engages its equipment manufactures to thoroughly aid this delicate process from start to finish. As you can see, every base is being covered here. In conclusion, OSI Group’s ambition, passion and perseverance separates it from all other competitors in the field.

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