Lifetime Achievements of Sheldon Lavin

Sheldon is the chairperson and CEO of OSI group. He has an impressive profile in the meat processing industry. Apart from being the chairman and CEO OSI Group he is also the head of OSI international Foods Ltd and is an influential administrator in the company’s decisions and operations.

Sheldon Lavin has been in the industry since 1970 when he aided in the financing of Otto and Son’s which became OSI Group later. Having been in the industry for so long Lavin has extensive knowledge and has led OSI Group through its development from a local food processing company to an internationally recognized one across the globe. His success can be encompassed in the fact that the company now operates in sixty different countries.

It’s never easy leading a company and seeing it through its development to be recognized internationally. So when Sheldon Lavin was awarded with Global Visionary Award by on February 20, 2016 was no surprise at all because of the tremendous work and effort he put in leading OSI Group. In the process he has created many job opportunities as well. It is fair to say that Sheldon Lavin has spent his life trying to make OSI Group successful.

The global visionary award is not the only award that Lavin has in his cabinet though, he has led the company to receive environmental and sustainability awards over the years. Sheldon Lavin believes that the success of any company must be built on ethical grounds. He has a strong view of the responsibilities that leaders should assume toward making the world a better place. He has continued to exercise teamwork in his endeavors and he believes that through the skills that other people possess, one can acquire more knowledge to help them make a detailed strategic plan of their career and life. His admirable skills in leadership have served him a great deal, as he has acquired many lucrative opportunities and recognitions in his life.

With all the success that Lavin has seen through since becoming an integral part of OSI Group, he remains to be an essential figure in the society. He attends several charities from time to time supporting different programs around the group. His virtues as a leader are very inspiring especially giving back to the community. Despite committing to work and doing his best for the company, Lavin is a proud father of three children that he has raised with his wife.

OSI Industries goes an extra mile to create more satisfaction for their customers

OSI Industries is a privately owned company in the United States of America whose main activity is meat processing. The company services a number of groups such as the retailers and food service industries among others. Its headquarters are located at Aurora in Illinois but it has various plants from different countries such as Chicago, Wisconsin, California, West Jordan as well as Lowa. The company’s main operation is to produce the private label brand foods and also packs the brand names for most of the food service companies and retail customers. They have been in operation for many years and their customers have been making testimonies about appealing services which have enabled them to significantly increase their profits to higher levels.

The company’s main products are pizza, pork, poultry, and vegetable, bacon as well as meat patties. The company is dedicated to increasing the revenues of their customers by increasing the quality products while at the same time ensuring optimization of costs.

Recently, OSI Industries made a successful merger with the Turi Foods which is a company that has more or less the same kind of operation with the OSI Industries. Turi Foods is located in Australia and has become the best supplier of the poultry products. It has vast resources in the country and it has become the main supplier if the supermarkets, chicken retailers, Butchery shops as well as quick service restaurants.

The two companies have come together to increase the quality of their services by combining the efforts of the dedicated, committed and hardworking members and staffs. This is one of the main factors that lead to success and realization of high profits in the business. T5he main factor to consider here is the type of the company your business merger with. If it a company with a good reputation, then it can bring a large number of advantages to your business.

They named the merger company as Turosi Company which operates under the principles which enhance creativity in the services they offer to their customers. They are also dedicated to increasing the profits of customers and creating a good name for them.

OSI Industries have created a good reputation in their operation which has made them be regarded as the premier Global Food provider and the company that offers the best product development and processing for their customers as well as making sure they enhance efficiency by making more profits while at the same time making optimal use of their resources.

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The Advantages of OSI Food Solutions

OSI Food Solutions is on another level, especially when it comes to handling the demanding aspects of the food service business. The company is listed as one of America’s largest private companies, and it’s worth billions of dollars. The company’s growth-trajectory has been consistent over the past decade. Forbes ranked OSI at the 136th position in 2011. During that year, the company generated up to $3 billion in revenue. In 2016, Forbes ranked OSI at the 58th position thanks to its total of $6 billion in revenue. OSI Food Solutions is a conglomerate of factories and facilities. These institutions are located in numerous areas such as:

• Brazil

• Canada

• Ukraine

• Hungary

• India

• Japan

• China

• Spain

• And more

Last year, OSI Food Solutions made another big investment to the tune of $17 million. This $17 million was spent to increased the production at the company’s plant in Toledo, Spain. Before the addition of a high-capacity production line, this particular plant was processing up to 12,000 tons of chicken. After the introduction of the high-capacity line, the plant is now processing twice as much. As the old saying goes, “you have to spend money to make money.” This notion rings true on so many levels. Beef and pork products are also being processed at specific plant and in totality, the plant is now processing more than 45,000 tons of chicken, pork and beef products.

CEO Sheldon Lavin has done a phenomenal job with OSI Food Solutions. His guidance and persistence is paying-off in huge dividends. Other big plans are in the works for this company, but only time will if these projects will come into fruition.


OSI Industries

OSI Industries is a leading food chain that is constantly widening its borders. It has recently expanded to Spain.

With 65 facilities across 17 different countries, the food network offers customers a massive variety of different foods. With 20,000+ employees worldwide, with jobs ranging from.

Due to their safety precautions, as well as their safe and efficient working environment, OSI Industries is renown as an international company. They have received awards such as the 2016 Globe of Honour by the British Safety Council.

In order to bring their amazing cuisines to more people, OSI Industries has purchased other food companies. This includes Baho Foods, which is a Dutch manufacturer of deli meats, snack, and foods for convenience, which they bought around August of 2016. Another food chain is the Tyson Food Plant, a company that had formerly prepared food for hospitals, which they bought in the summer of 2016 for about $7.4 million. They also purchased Flagship Europe, a British supplier of frozen poultry, pies, and condiments such as mayonnaise, sauces and dressings.

OSI Industries, through their purchases of various food industries, has helped those companies progress in development, providing them with more resources. It also gives OSI Industries the opportunity to broaden their presence in Europe. It is seen as a necessary move, to meet the ever changing need of customers worldwide. When OSI purchased those food companies, it gave those already successful businesses the ability to better serve their customers, as well as access to new clients and global markets that they did not have access to beforehand.

OSI Industries has proven to be a driving force in helping other successful businesses provide better food services, as well as a wider variety of options, to customers. Both businesses also have the chance to reach a new audience, meaning that both businesses benefit mutually. This easily make OSI Industries one of the top 100 food companies to operate in America.

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OSI Industries Grows By Acquiring Baho Foods And Flagship Europe

Food processing giant OSI Industries is among the world leaders when it comes to providing consumers with quality products and business with custom solutions to address the food services challenges they face. Founded in 1909 in the Chicago area in Illinois, the company has always had a reputation for offering the highest quality products. When Sheldon Lavin took control of the company in the 1980s, he created a plan to turn the growing American meat processing company into a major player in the global food services industry. Through careful planning, innovation, acquisition and building quality facilities, he has done just that.

One of the first things Sheldon Lavin did was put in place a number of groundbreaking food quality, worker safety and environmental management rules, systems and policies. They have helped the company to keep the quality of the food they produce high, worker injury and accidents low and garnered a number of awards for excellent environmental management. Since OSI Industries has expanded into the European market, the British Safety Council has awarded the company their Globe of Honor for superior environmental management three times. Most recently, OSI Industries was awarded the British Safety Council 2016 Globe of Honor.

Although OSI Industries has 70 food processing facilities in 17 countries and customers in 85 countries, they have recently begun to make a concerted effort to increase their customer base in Europe. To begin this process, they acquired the Dutch company Baho Foods. The convenience foods, snacks and deli meats manufacturer has five processing facilities in the Netherlands and Germany and customers in 18 European countries. OSI Industries Chief Operating Officer and president David McDonald said the portfolio of products and processing strengths Baho Foods has increases OSI Industries capacity to serve its growing European customer base.

OSI Industries also acquired Flagship Europe, a United Kingdom based company that produces pies, sauces, dressings, fillings, dips and condiments. McDonald said the acquisition of Flagship Europe gives OSI Industries a ‘broader presence in Europe’ and its products and brands will enhance the ability of OSI Industries to meet its European customers’ needs. OSI Industries also added a high capacity production line to its chicken, beef and pork production facility in Toledo, Spain. The output capacity of the facility is now over 45,000 pounds.

To increase it’s production capacity in the United States, OSI Industries recently bought a former Tyson Food plant located on Chicago’s South side.

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OSI Group Supplies Quality and Custom Branded Products Globally

OSI Group, a premier meat supplier worldwide exemplifies quality and expertise in their products while utilizing the best state of the art facilities. OSI modestly began as Otto & Sons in 1909. The small meat market was created by German immigrant Otto Kolschowsky in Oak Park Illinois. Even as a small storefront, the entrepreneur was known for his service and quality meats. In 1955, the McDonald’s Corporation just launched into a quick pick-up style restaurant business, what we know of today as the fast-food market. Otto & Son’s ground beef meat patties would serve as the perfect product for the up and coming restaurant. Ray Kroc, Founder and Chief Executive Officer of McDonald’s became the family startups biggest customer. Eventually, McDonald’s utilized Otto & Sons as their exclusive meat supplier. In 1973, Otto and Sons obtained their first meat processing facility in West Chicago. The facility was enhanced with meat forming patty machines and cryogenic food processing technology which allowed their meat to become preserved without losing its freshness. Otto & Sons obtained more visibility through licensing and branding partnerships with major processing contender, Best Chicago Meat Co., LLC. The humble meat market began to propel from there, changing its name in 1975 to OSI Industries, then becoming the OSI Group as of 2004. OSI Group has established over 60 processing facilities worldwide. The brilliant disruptor has been recognized as number 58 out on the Forbes list of largest privatized companies in the US, valued at $6.1 billion. The outfit has expanded their footprint abroad by acquiring Flagship Europe-a supplier of frozen poultry, sous vide, pies, and select condiments to the UK. This tactic strengthens OSI Group’s position in the industry by enabling them to promote in and touch other sectors that were once before off-limits to the group. Aurora Illinois food processor, OSI Group, delivers quality and custom branded products to restaurant markets and food retailers across the globe.

About OSI Industries:

The Many Endeavors of OSI Group

Are you interested in the food service industry? Have you ever heard of OSI Group? Well, OSI Group and the food service industry go hand-to-hand. It’s fair to say that without one, there would be no other. Well, maybe there would be others, but they most definitely wouldn’t be as affective than OSI Group. If you’re a job seeker, and you just happen to have the qualifications to work in this field, then you should apply with the company. There are numerous open positions that are waiting to be filled. Positions such as administrative assistant, quality assurance vice president, cash accountant, maintenance mechanic and supervisor are open for applicants. Thanks to the company’s huge physical size, there are many more open positions to apply for.

Did you know that many of the high-profile retailors and restaurants of today receive their food products from this company? That’s right! OSI Group serves KFC, McDonald’s, Starbucks, Pizza Hut, Papa John’s Pizza, Subway, Yum and Burger King. What makes the company so special is that it provides a wide range of services. It also creates a wide range of custom foods such as meatballs, tomatoes, cucumbers, panini, flatbread, tofu, pizza, pepperoni, cooked sausage links, pulled pork, cookies, pies, cheese and numerous other foods. The sky is surely the limit as the company has continued to grow at dramatic rate over the years. At its location in Hungary, the company’s $25 million high capacity production line processes up to 22,000 tons of processed chicken.

OSI Group is simply on another level. What other food producing supplier can replicate what this company is currently doing? The standard has been set and it will certainly get higher in the future. These are some of the best tasting food-to-table solutions on the planet and the company will backup all claims. When it comes to food safety, OSI Group really engages its equipment manufactures to thoroughly aid this delicate process from start to finish. As you can see, every base is being covered here. In conclusion, OSI Group’s ambition, passion and perseverance separates it from all other competitors in the field.

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