How Men Can Improve Their Chances With Online Dating Even With Whitney Wolfe

The world of dating is one of the hardest worlds to figure out for some men. While there are a certain amount of men who do just fine with online dating, there are others that struggle not only with online dating but with dating in general. They find themselves with many different frustrations ranging from who approaches first to the type of men women go for. Whitney Wolfe has put together an app that is different from the other dating apps in that women are encouraged to initiate with men. However, even with Whitney Wolfe’s Bumble app, there are certain things that need to be considered for dating success.

One thing that needs to be looked at is the profile. Men who struggle with online dating tend to have either a boring profile or an incomplete profile. Women are less likely to be interested in a profile that dazzles. This goes to the next point. Forget everything that is said about looks not mattering. The truth is that women can be every bit as visual as men, especially women who make an effort to get themselves in shape. One of the reasons that women get tons of messages compared to men on dating apps is that women put a lot more effort in their pictures than men do.

Even though women are visual, it is not required for a man to look like a model in order to get a message on Whitney Wolfe’s Bumble app. However, it does not hurt for anyone to put their best foot forward. Women look for men who do put some effort into themselves. However, the most important thing is honesty. The worst thing a man or a woman can do on any dating app including Bumble is to take an old picture and use it on the app. Therefore, it is no good to use a picture from ten or twenty years ago unless there are plenty of good genes involve that prevent aging. Even then, it would not hurt for a more current image. This would go far to show that the person is not stuck in the past.

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The Fascination With Fabletics

There are some interesting aspects to Fabletics that has lead people to really take interest in this company. It has grown to be one of the most well known athletic clothing companies for women, and much of the appeal has to do with the way that this company has continuously been marketed. People know a lot about the company and the way that it is evolving, and Kate Hudson is the main reason for that.


There have been articles on where Kate Hudson has talked about the affordability and comfort of the Fabletics brand. With the CNBC website there is an article that highlights the way that Kate Hudson has turned her passion into profit. It is difficult to shop for athletic clothing without getting search results that yield something about Fabletics. This is all part of the hard work that Kate Hudson has been doing for the last decade. It is finally paying off because now more people are recognizing this brand of athletic clothing.


This really is a big accomplishment when one considers the fact that there are so many other athletic clothing brands out there for Kate Hudson to compete against. There are a lot of department stores like Victoria’s Secret, Title Nine, Athleta, Zappos, and Dick’s Sporting Good that sell athletic clothing.


There are also consumers that are buying athletic clothing for things like yoga on websites like Lucy activewear and The Gap. Under Armour and Eastbay are also selling athletic clothing for women. It seems like there is a never-ending stream of competitors that are entering the market.


When it comes to celebrities even Beyonce is endorsing her own brand of athletic clothing. This brand is called Ivy Park, but Beyonce is not creating her own store the way that Kate Hudson and partners Adam Goldenberg and Don Ressler are doing. Beyonce is endorsing the brand, but these clothes are sold by Macy’s so Beyonce does not bear the cost of day-to-day store operations. This is a good thing for celebrities that are endorsing brands, but Kate Hudson realized that there was more at stake with the Fabletics brand.


The thing that would push Kate Hudson to open stores and spread out was her look at the market and the saturation of the Internet website. It would only be a matter of time before Kate had to explore different avenues for growth.


The Internet was definitely a great starting point, but Kate Hudson realized that in order to compete with all the big-name competitors she would have to get more physical stores in place. This would be the thing that would change the structure of Fabletics.


Once customers have the ability to actually go from the website to the store and back to the website they would have everything that they needed. There would be no shortage of methods to shopping. This would prove to be a way to keep old customers and lure new ones. That makes Kate Hudson a true retail clothing innovator.

Whitney Wolfe Explores Marriage and Social Media Takeover

Whitney Wolfe is one of the best when it comes dating apps. She has been on the rise early, and people cannot deny that the apps that she has created have made her very famous with the young millennial crowd in a very short time frame. This may be one of the main reasons that she has continued to thrive as an app developer for the dating app community.

A recent marriage has shared a lot more light on her personal life, and people are beginning to see that there is a correlation between her personal life and business life. In the beginning Whitney Wolfe was a single woman starting Bumble after she left another company. It was during her time as a single woman that she put a lot of focus on what would actually be needed to make a dating app work. She was doing this because she was a single woman, and she had a great amount of insight on what a single woman would probably look for. As time has progresses people are seeing that there is much more to Whitney Wolfe than the dating app.

Her ability to think outside the box is what has led her to a new way of exploring of social media through Bumble. Just as she has married recently she has shifted the focus from that of a single woman to that of all around social media guru. She has become the entrepreneur that has taken a tremendous amount of time to build a better social media platform with Bumble.

This coincides with her ability to look at all that is happening in her life and analyze all the possibilities that come with changing directions with Bumble. In her own life getting married was a change in her status and the direction of her life. She realizes also as aentreprenuer that networking plays a tremendous part of her business circle.

Wolfe wanted to give people a better look at what they could do to expand their social network. She’s utilizing Bumble Bizz to do this.

There is a large amount of work to be done when it comes to social media. Whitney Wolfe is someone that has received the memo, and she is taking notice of new possibilities for Bumble. She has actually stepped into a whole new role as she goes forward as a wife and business leader.

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Fabletics and the Power of Crowd Reviews

The power of “word of mouth” has always been known in the business world, in terms of sales figures. Nowadays more than ever, this is true with arrival of the internet, which is lending a voice to those who want leave an opinion in the form of a review. In fact, there is even a new term for it to fit the age we live in and it is called “power of the crowd”. More and more businesses are cashing in on this trend and one such company is Fabletics. This company which specializes in clothing to be used during exercising, was started very recently in 2013. However, they have already grown by 200%. Sales topped $ 235 million this year, which is an astounding achievement by any standard.

Fabletics parent company is TechStyle, and their marketing officer is Shawn Gold. He has noted that this phenomenal growth was largely achieved by tapping into the “power of the crowd” method of marketing. Customer reviews not only increase sales but will also increase loyalty, based on their experience. When someone sets out to purchase something, one of the first things they are going to do is check out reviews. In fact, according to a study done by BrightLocal, a market research company, as much as 84% of people trust reviews as much as they would trust someone they know told them their opinion. A big reason for this is because people have lost faith in traditional advertising. Hence the switch to customer reviews. And Fabletics is one company that is leveraging this to their full advantage.

When the founders of TechStyle Adam Goldenberg and Don Ressler decided to get into the clothing side of things for people, especially women who work out regularly, the first person they thought of approaching to be a part of the brand was Kate Hudson. They felt that Kate’s personality fit the brand, which is to say that they wanted someone who was known to be physically active, yet friendly and approachable. Their idea worked, since from the beginning Kate has been a good fit for the company. She did not just choose to sit on the sidelines but immersed herself into the company and its product.

Kate Hudson would talk about budgets, marketing, advertising and of course social media, to help grow the company. Apart from the business side of things Kate is also very much involved in the design side of things as well. She puts in her input based on what she would like to wear, as opposed to just designing something that she thinks will sell. And at the end of the day, she takes the trouble to see what product is selling and what is not. In fact, according to Gregg Throgmartin, Kate will not approve of a product unless she likes it herself. From all this it is easy to think that the company was successful from the get go. This wasn’t the case. After a few false starts, Fabletics has found its groove and is chugging along nicely.

The Business Strategy Behind Fabletics’ Success

Fabletics has been making good use of their reverse showrooming strategy to increase their sales and lower their business costs.


Observing that people want to have the same experience that they have online; they want to go into the store and touch and feel the products and they still want to have the same things that they can get online available when they go to the the store, Kate Hudson describes the components of an important strategic advantage that her Fabletics company has over its competitors.


Reverse showrooming is the strategy that Hudson and her Fabletics co-founders use to give their customers the best combination of the online and retail outlet shopping experiences.


The customers can view outfits online and purchase them from the website or they can go into a retail store, touch, feel and try them on and complete their shopping there. Having the ability to purchase both ways has proven to be beneficial for the customers and for the company.


As many as 50 percent of the customers walking into the retail outlet are already registered online customers. For those that are not, the registration process can be completed as part of the sales process.


Hudson states that “we really did pioneer the membership model” adding that being a forerunner can mean encountering glitches. “With that being said,” she adds “we are running incredibly smooth.”


Completing the membership is a key step that allows the customers to begin deriving many of the firm’s member-specific benefits. Members receive a customized boutique email and recommendations based upon their personal preferences. Registered members can have the items that they try on in the store saved in their virtual online shopping cart. They are also able to accumulate promotional credits that can be used for later purchases.


While brick and mortar competitors are getting killed by the expenses that come with showrooming, Fabletics is able to creatively cut costs and promote their products using their membership model. Since its founding in 2013, the company has grown to over 1 million VIP members globally and reports a 35 percent annual revenue growth and $250 million in sales.


About Fabletics


Started in 2013 by Don Ressler, Adam Goldenberg and Kate Hudson, Fabletics has experienced rapid sales increase, making it a ¼ billion dollar company.


Hudson attributes the firm’ s success to several factors including: finding and exploiting market advantages, involvement in the daily operations and believing in yourself and taking risks.

Fabletics – Highly Aspirational Brand in the Athleisure Market

In the relatively new genre of athleisure clothing, one of the names that have emerged as the market leader is Fabletics. Fabletics has single handedly pioneered the athleisure market with its unique collection and a wide range of athleisure products. The company offers sizes from XXS to 3X, which helps the customers to choose as per their body size. It is a broad range in the size category that is not offered by many of its counterparts.



The company, even though relatively new in the fashion retail business, has gained strong momentum in the business. It currently has close to 2 million VIP members made through the subscription model and does the annual business of approximately $250 million. As per the reports, the company is growing at the rate of more than 30 percent every year, which suggests that it is going to be a huge competitor for the companies like Amazon, which currently enjoys the market share of 20 percent in the fashion retail business.



Kate Hudson, one of the co-owners of Fabletics and a highly famous Hollywood actress, believe that the fashion trends are always changing, but the trend of athleisure apparel is here to stay. She believes it is because people are becoming more and more health conscious, and moving towards a healthy and active lifestyle. Wearing athleisure apparel makes the person feel positive, even if he or she doesn’t spend hours at the gym. Kate Hudson has helped Fabletics become a household name, not only in the United States but the world over.



One of the primary reasons for Fabletics success can be attributed to the reverse showroom technique. Fabletics through various marketing measures managed to get the attention of the public and achieve a massive turnover in a short period. It helped build curiosity around the brand. It is when the company started launching physical stores across the country, and now has 18 stores at different strategic locations across the nation with the plan to open hundreds more in the years to come.



The reverse showroom technique helped the brand to strengthen its foothold in the market and gain more popularity and customers. As per the data, more than 35 percent of people who walk-in to the store converts into a VIP member. Individuals who are looking to join Fabletics must take the Lifestyle Quiz offered at the official site of the company as it helps the potential customers to understand how buying from Fabletics is different from others.

Fabletics Is Ready To Help Kick Breast Cancer To The Curb!

Breast Cancer is a chronic condition that affects roughy 1 in 8 women. Dealing with the complications of cancer not only affects the patient, but the family and loved ones as well. Popular online fashion retailer Fabletics has recently teamed up with The Council of Fashion Designers of America in efforts to fight breast cancer. The team will work together to raise more funding for breast cancer research and co-founder of Fabletics Kate Hudson will serve as the program Ambassador on As an avid supporter of the fight against breast cancer, Hudson states that she is honored by the opportunity and the ability to end her voice as a platform for the cause.

When co-founders of Fabletics parent company JustFab Inc took a good look at the options for active wear, they saw an opportunity for expansion. While there were several brands of active were available, there were not many variations of style or personalization. Let’s face it, women like to look good. No matter where we are, or what we are doing, we want to look our best. Armed with this understanding, Don Ressler and Adam Goldenberg began working with successful actress and fashion guru Kate Hudson. The trio had only one goal-change the way the world views activewear.

Using the same platform as the popular and successful JustFab, they got to work on a new and exciting active wear line. In October 2013, Fabletics made its debut on the scene of fit wear in the United States. Within less than one year, Fabletics had established themselves in over four different countries. Offering women the chance to incorporate their style in their active wear, and the convenience of shopping online for their athletic needs, Fabletics managed to ship one million orders in less than two years. After enjoying a few months of Fabletics success, the trio went back to the drawing board, feeling that there was time for a change. While they offered several fashionable options for women, there were none available for the guys. In June 2015 the fashion retail masterminds launched FL2, an athletic line made just for the guys. Who says you can’t sweat it out in style? See:

Shifting From Normal Routine Fashion Trending To Pursuing Interesting And Comfy Ones

More than often are people who try to stay in the same kind of fashion trend on for years without deciding on new things. At times, they do not have an idea that certain new trends would work for them in a great way and that thy need to try out. Just like normality is boring fashion is too is can become interesting by trying out new things, for a release in Bustle, there is a nice way to rock with athleisure on the new fashion trend. In athleisure, it’s getting used to sneakers and leggings instead of common dresses and heels. Athleisure is perfect for regular workouts because of comfortability, hanging out or going out on a date with friends and during the weekend too.

Despite feeling put together by dresses and such formal clothes trying out items such as athleisure will bring out a new taste of fashion in you. Such items are easily found in Fabletics. Fabletics is a famous retailer shop that normally operates online common in selling personalized outfits and accessories for women. The firm is also a subsidiary of Just Fab, and most of its outfits are majorly women sportswear. Kate Hudson is one of the co-founders of the outfit line. The outfits are active wears created majorly to encourage active participation of women in workouts despite the difference in taste because most of them are personalized. Every month Fabletics has new sportswear outfit approved by Kate Hudson normally she collects them from her closet.

Fabletics as a retail shop was founded back in 2013and has expanded its lines to Japan, Canada, Germany, France and the United Kingdom. Its online offers on have specially made it easy to access personalized outfits and have them delivered to the door. Fabletics clothing has been designing to encourage activeness. One is not worried about constant sweating during workouts because they have been made to perfection. Their designs are made to inspire women, and now the new line for them feels free to do all the running with kids, dance and work hard in the studio. Fabletics on instagram has considered all tastes for all wears. Also, such wears are perfect considering the athleisure trend.

Makeup Line And CEO Doe Deere Encourage Women To Color Outside The Lines

According to a recent article on, Doe Deere and her makeup company Lime Crime are breaking all the rules of fashion. Fashion magazines seem to set the trend of fashion for the year and some people take these suggestions as the way to go. On the other hand, people like Doe Deere and her company take the fashion tips and throw them to the wind. When this happens, they create their own tips and encourage people to use the makeup designed by Lime Crime to color outside the lines of life. Lime Crime has a tag line of “make up for unicorns,” they offer make up in bright colors that are fun and friendly. The makeup line is also cruelty-free. Cosmetics that are cruelty free are often requested and some of the largest in the industry still test on animals. This alone puts Lime Crime ahead of their competition. However, this is not where Lime Crime stops, it’s only a single selling point in this never ending line of amazing products.

Doe Deere has proved time and time again that you can be stylish and stay off the well worn path. It’s okay to be unique and use make up to express yourself.According to this article and interview, Doe says it is fine to wear more than just one bold. She admits that she uses bold on the eyes and bold on the lips at the same time. It is no secret that Deere breaks the rules daily, and she admits to it in this article. Doe admits you can mix colors and patterns if you do it correctly.

The who is who of fashion tell you to not mix up patterns but Doe Deere suggests that patterns can and should be fun. When you keep the colors complimenting each other, you can have fun with both the patterns and the makeup to create a great overall look. That look also creates a feeling within the person who is wearing the makeup and clothes.

Doe opens up about fashion in general in this interview. She even talks about socks, open toed shoes, heels and so much more. Hair color and age is another fun subject that Doe addresses head on. You don’t have to dress your age and Doe proves that with not just the makeup colors and fashion but, the fact that she calls herself Queen of the Unicorns. That alone might be a suggestion that Doe Deere makes the rules and does what most leaders do, she leads and not follows. Doe suggests that the best thing any woman can do is to enjoy life. Wear what makes you happiest. She suggests that that is what fashion is really about. Things like being creative, living out loud and seeking pleasure are all part of what makes Lime Crime and Doe Deere extra special. You can adapt these ideas and the makeup of Lime Crime to live out your dreams. It really is that simple. The only thing that is holding you back is you.

Finding a Unique Style with Beauty Products

The history of cosmetics and beauty products stretches back at least six thousand years. And almost every culture on earth has their own take on the subject. One might think that people would have perfected it by now. But there’s a good reason why that hasn’t happened. People will never have a perfect cosmetic, in the same way that nobody will ever create the perfect painting. Beauty products rely on a sense of subjective individuality. Everyone can find the perfect cosmetic for their own taste. But that cosmetic might not translate to another person’s sense of style. And even more than that there’s also issues of skin tone, lighting, sensitivity and a host of other factors. There’s as many variations and possible applications for makeup as there are people in the world. And often times there’s simply not enough of an overlap between people’s style to allow women to find great makeup options.

But some women take that as an opportunity to create something amazing. Doe Deere got her start in the world as a performer. It’s important for everyone to look their best. But it’s even more important for performers. When someone comes on stage looking amazing, the crowd is already set to enjoy the performance. At the same time, people aren’t going to be as open to new musical experiences if they don’t feel a connection to the band. Doe Deere knew that she had to present the same beautiful image to the world that she had in her mind. But she just wasn’t satisfied with the makeup options that were available at the time. She needed something a bit more dynamic, imaginative, and fantastical.

Doe Deere started from the very basics and learned how to create her own makeup. She then continued working on it and perfecting the craft until she’d created something she was really excited about. She knew from the start that she’d be able to create something that could bring her vision of herself into the world. But what she hadn’t expected is that there were quite a few other women with a similar style who’d found themselves equally neglected by the makeup industry. As more and more women showed interest, Doe Deere decided to market her creation as Lime Crime.

Most women won’t create a unique brand of makeup. But every woman who’s ever used a beauty product is walking a similar path as Doe Deere. Because in the end, beauty products are all about shared creation. Some people work to create amazing brands of makeup that provide something new to the world. And other people have a chance to try out those creations in order to express their own individual sense of style. A small package with makeup in it can be an invitation to self discovery.