The Many sizes and Flavors of Beneful Dog Food at Walmart

Beneful Dog Food is a very popular brand of dog food and because there is such a demand for their food, Walmart carries all the various kinds of Beneful dog food. This includes the various flavors of dry as well as wet dog foods. They also carry the different treats that they like so much.

The prices on dry dog food with all real ingredients, vary depending on the kind and size of the bag, %5.48 for a 2 1/2 lb. bag made for small dogs, $4.88 for a 7 1/2 lb. bag, $9.73 to $13.96 for a 15.5 bag depending on the flavor and ingredients, $17.78 for a 12 1/2 lb. bag, $26.98 for a 31.1 lb. bag of healthy weight dog food, and $33.98 for a 40 lb. bag. Beneful Wet Dog Food is 1 tub for $1.92, 12-3 oz. cans for $6.97, 6-10 oz. tubs for $10.58, 27 cans of 3 oz. cans for $14.98, and 12-10 oz. tubs for $19.94. There is also variety packs for people who want a mix of different flavors and there are different sizes for their size dogs. They have different kinds of food for puppies, middle-age dogs, as well as the older dogs. They also offer a variety of snacks for dogs such as dog bones, dental twists, dog biscuits, milk bones, and Exer-Hydes, which run from $2.98 to $48.99.

Walmart has BenefulWalmart Dog Food on sale on a regular basis, they offer coupons for the dog food, they even do rollbacks and clearances on dog food so go to the website and periodically check for them. Purchasers also have the choice to buy in the actual store, or order online for pickup.

When does Walmart rollback prices on Beneful dog food?