The Importance of Independence to Entrepreneurs Like Jose Hawilla

If there is one thing that is the most important factor to an entrepreneur, it is independence. Independence is one of the biggest reasons for becoming an entrepreneur. For one thing, entrepreneurs often face something that opens their eyes. When they find out that they have been living at the mercy of their jobs, they start looking for ways to fight that. This is one of the reasons that they become entrepreneurs. When they become entrepreneurs, they are able to decide on the type of work that they are going to do. They get to choose their hours and how they are going to earn. For more details visit

One of the people who have become independent is Jose Hawilla. One thing that makes him so independent is that he has started his business with the right ideas. His business has become a success. Therefore, he is able to enjoy the benefits of being an entrepreneur. One thing that motivates him is the fact that he is able to work anytime he chooses as opposed to having to work for the other person. This means that he will always have his job and not have to worry about looking for something else to make income. Check out Medium to see more.

One thing that comes with independence is relaxation. This type of relaxation comes that when one is doing business as an entrepreneur, he is working for multiple people as opposed to one person. Therefore, Jose does not have to worry too much about losing his work if he loses one person. However, he does have to make sure that he is doing right by people so that Jose will be able to keep making money. Another thing to consider is that when someone is not satisfied, word can travel at a fast rate. This is one of the reasons that it is important to make sure the service or products are top-notch.

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Eric Lefkofsky: The Ultimate Mogul of Serial Entrepreneurism

Eric Lefkofsky is a serial entrepreneur who was born and raised in Southfield, Michigan. His entrepreneurial ventures started in 1993, and these ventures and the timelines are as follows:

In 1993- Brandon Apparel

  • In 1993- Brandon Apparel- an apparel company that he along with his college friend, Brad Keywell, borrowed funds from relatives to buy.

1n 1999- Starbelly

  • 1n 1999- Starbelly- an early Internet company that he and Keywell created. It specialized in promotional products. Due to it experiencing a quick, pre-bubble Internet growth, it was sold in January 2000 to Halo Industries where Eric Lefkofsky will be the chief operating officer. Over a year later, the organization went bankrupt. Also, Starbelly and Halo were faced with several lawsuits from shareholders in which were all resolved by 2004.

In the fall of 2001- InnerWorkings

  • In the fall of 2001- InnerWorkings- he cofound this company that offered print procurement services for medium sized companies. It became so successful that it became an initial public offering within the US stock market in August 2006. Lefkofsky served on the company until October 2012.

In February 2005- Echo Global Logistics

  • In February 2005- Echo Global Logistics- this is a freight logistics company that was found along with Keywell. In June 2006, New Enterprise Associates (NEA) awarded series D financing to Echo. Also, Echo Global Logistics is now public.

In June 2006- MediaBank

  • In June 2006- MediaBank- found along with Keywell, this is a media buying technology firm. It provides advertising buyers with buying, planning, analysis, and accounting analysis software. New Enterprise Associates also invested in MediaBank in July 2007. Also, Mediaocean was formed when MediaBank and Donovan Data Systems merged upon being approved by the US Justice Department.

In January 2007-

  • In January 2007- this is an online collective action site created by Andrew Mason. Lefkofsky cofound and gave $1,000,000 to fund this company. New Enterprise Associates gave an early stage investment round to this company, and their name changed to in late 2008. New Enterprise Associates and Accel Partners funded $30 million to Groupon in October 2009. $135 million was also invested in April 2010 by Battery Ventures and Digital Sky Technology at a valuation of $1.35 billion. Forbes also reported in August 2010 that Groupon is the history’s fastest growing company. It was reported that Google did offer $6 billion for Groupon, only to be refused possibly due to regulatory and anti-trust scrutiny the deal may face. Furthermore, Groupon’s IPO was the largest from a US web company in November 2011 since Google. At $20 per share, they raised $700 million. Lefkofsky became the CEO of Groupon in August 2013 until November 2015, but he resumed his role as Chairman.

In June 2007- Datatech

  • In June 2007- Datatech- MediaBank acquired Datatech in June 2007. Datatech is a leading media procurement and planning platform in the advertising field.

In February 2010- Lightbank

  • In February 2010- Lightbank- he and Keywell announced this new venture firm that planned on developing new companies in Chicago.

In July 2014- Uptake, LLC

  • In July 2014- Uptake, LLC- this is an analytics company that he cofound.

In 2016, Tempus

  • In 2016, Tempus- this is a technology company that he cofound and serves as its CEO. This technology company enables doctors to deliver personalized cancer care.

Lime Crime: A Brief Overview

These days, many people are interested in optimizing their appearance. One of the secrets to success with this venture is gaining access to high quality cosmetics. One company that offers top of the line make-up products is Lime Crime. Learn more about the company and its owner by reviewing the short outline that appears below:

About The Owner

Doe Deere is a hard-working beauty maven with an entrepreneurial spirit. Ever since childhood, she has been fascinated with the world of fashion and make-up. In addition to honing her skills with these sectors over the years, her individualistic temperament has led her to place primacy on breaking established traditions and rules regarding how to wear clothing and use make-up. For example, Deere defies the fashion rule stating that people must dress according to their age.

The Company Philosophy

Lime Crime is all about helping clients cultivate a distinct image that helps them stand out from the masses and bolster their self-confidence. The company is pleased to offer a wide range of cosmetics to put this process in motion, some of which include lipstick and eyeliner. In fact, major outlets like Amazon and even Dolls Kill offer Lime Crime. Additionally, the company’s founder maintains a commitment to being as cutting edge as possible.

Summing It All Up

As a cosmetics maven with a passion for helping people look their best, Doe Deere is dedicated to using Lime Crime as a tool through which to realize this vision!

The Work of Susan McGalla in Serving Retail Sector and Consulting

Susan McGalla has a reputation in heading and consulting for the corporate retail sector. Having been an executive and CEO at American Eagle Outfitters, she gained fame from her managerial work. She uses her experience in retail operations to explore her consultancy work. She served at American Eagle Outfitters for one and half decades. It is a career journey she says has shaped her and will keep on remembering for the rest of her life.

McGalla works had to see other women take their rightful roles in the corporate world and business. Women need not shun down their aspirations. They should work hard to ensure they succeed in their career despite the challenges. The good thing is the corporate environment has evolved and has empowered women to showcase their ability to lead and make good managers.

Since McGalla left American Eagle Outfitters, she has become a consultant to personalities in finance. She helps these people when they need a perspective on the retailing market. McGalla has talked more about women and the chances of succeeding in business and holding executive positions in the corporate world. She says that it isn’t a journey without barriers.

While the current corporate society has evolved and empowered women, many still shy away from utilizing the opportunities available. The professional woman should not just see herself as working class but also a person who has a role to play within the family unit.

Having been raised in a home where there were two brothers, she admits that women are turned down at the household level. Her parents, however, gave her much support encouraging McGalla to follow her dreams and not worry about what people think or perceive the ideas they put forward.

Today, Susan McGalla makes a good role model for the achievement she has made. The retail operations expert from Pittsburg in Pennsylvania has shown the world that women can become great leaders even in environments where a workforce is dominated by male employees.

In this company, she introduced a culture, which tried to give support to women. She did not feel out of place when working in the company.

Working with men felt normal to her, and she had the spirit to uphold her dreams and excel in the higher positions. Having risen up the ranks, McGalla became the CEO and also the president of American Eagle Outfitters. She left the company after a long tenure to seek other opportunities. Her next job was with Wet Seal Inc., which offered her chance to explore her leadership.

At Wet Seal, she was the CEO. McGalla has taken other leadership roles such as serving as a board member with a company known as HFF Inc, which operates in the real estate. Many women see McGalla as a true example of a conquering woman who has dedicated her life in serving organizations without fear.