Tony Petrello Is A Walking Success Story

Tony Petrello is a CEO, a corporate executive and has lived a fascinating life. His lifetime is bursting with both turns of fate and success. He was one of the CEO’s with the highest compensation in 2015 due to the Nabors global oil company. His actual story is rather surprising and goes far beyond his current success. His diverse career was founded on hard work, creative thinking and his natural gifts. He has helped children affected with neurological disorders, given back to society and earned both emulation and admiration. To understand the true success of his life requires understanding how it started.

Toney Petrello spent his childhood in Newark, New Jersey where he attended public schools. His passion, attitude and willingness to speak out set him apart. His friends called him an extrovert and appreciated his sense of humor. He became famous during high school because of his amazing aptitude for math. This earned him a scholarship to Yale University. His future interests were not in academia or math but in the field of law. Yale presented a marvelous opportunity for this was where he earned his Master’s and Bachelors degrees and met the woman he would marry.

When Tony Petrello graduated Yale he chose to attend Harvard Law School. His professors were surprised because they expected him to pursue a career in mathematics. He began working for a major law firm in 1979. This made him realize he possessed a passion for finances, law and business. He was promoted to managing partner and remained in this role for quite some time. He was awarded with an incredible opportunity through one of his clients, Nabors Industries.

In 2011 Tony Petrello accepted the position as the new Chief Executive Officer for Nabors Industries. Prior to this he worked closely with Nabors as a client. The impression he made was lasting and responsible for his new position. He embraced Texas as his new home and resides there to this day. Tony Petrello was incredibly impressive and successful as the CEO and he eventually took the reins of the company. He was appointed the President in 1992. He has been directly responsible for numerous deals and acquisitions greatly contributing to the success of Nabors Industries. His leadership has enabled the company to growly in a highly competitive industry. His expertise has kept the business on the cutting edge of success. His education, legal experience and perceptions have made him a success story.

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Ronald Fowlkes: Former Marine Turned Tactical Business Manager

Ronald Fowlkes is an entrepreneur with many years of work experience serving in the Armed Forces. He used to be part of the Marines and police force. At present, he also works for FirstSpear. This is a branch of the Department of Defense that procures high-quality tactical gear for several operations.


Ronald Fowlkes also gained experience in the creation and usage of tactical gear during the time he has served in the Armed Forces. From there, he started his own career as a business development manager for two companies named ITW and Eagle Industries. The previous experiences from doing survival courses and performing combative missions made him well-suited to manage the production and selling of tactical gear for many law enforcement agencies.


Mr. Fowlkes’ first encounter with military equipment was during his time serving in Iraq along with the Marine Corps. As a member of the first response team, his unit was assigned to perform bomb disposal missions. He was exposed to using gear that involved the safe disposal of bombs. Additionally, Ronald also worked as a police officer after his service as a Marine. He went on to join the St. Louis SWAT team. His tasks included training SWAT members for different mission operatives. One of his main goals was to train them how to use tactical gear.


Ronald Fowlkes’ experience and passion with the industry allowed him to be one of the most well-known in the business. At present, his company is in partnership with several international organizations as a supplier of tactical gear. He is dedicated to working early in the morning to accept calls from international clients. According to him, 35% of their business is with NATO so he is used to doing tasks even in atypical hours.


Mr. Fowlkes believes in the power of teamwork. This is what he learned during his time serving in the Armed Forces, and from this foundation, he started to build his company. According to him, the business development team always works collaboratively with the Department of Defense as well as the local State and Law enforcement agencies. This helps them to secure the right kinds of products for their clients, as well as getting ideas on what other products need to be made that is fit for the people serving in the Armed Forces.


Ronald Fowkles explained that there are a lot of imitators in the tactical gear industry. This is why he puts a prime over making a patent on products that they have already sold in the market. He is also pleased that their business was given the opportunity to have laser cutting and new tube processes in the manufacturing, as this helped them to be more productive and lessened the costs of labor.


Aside from work, Mr. Fowlkes also enjoys spending time with his family. He also writes during his spare time about topics on hockey. He is a big NHL fan, and he enjoys learning about the news about NHL figures such as Jeff Glass and Brock Boeser, as was seen in his latest articles.


Bob Reina: He Makes A Difference All The Time

Every single day that Bob Reina is up and about running Talk Fusion, the video technology company, he is making a difference. There is truly something to be said for that. For some people, they make a difference here and there, but other people like Bob Reina prefer to make a difference all the time. Bob Reina is well aware of the climate that is happening in the world today. He knows how many people are stuck at jobs that they truly hate and jobs that suck the life out of them. When they come home, all they want to do is collapse and pass out. They can’t take too much more of it. Learn more:


They know they can’t exactly get up and quit their job, though. They know they have a family to take care of and people that are depending on them. They are well aware of that. There needs to be food on the table and the bills need to be paid. That is part of being an adult and while they understand that, it should not be at the expense of their soul, which is what is being drained out of them at their job. Their job is taking from them and all they are getting back is money. While money helps with the bills, it does not buy happiness.


Happiness comes in the form of freedom, which is what Bob Reina is offering to people that use Talk Fusion. He is allowing them the chance to finally be free from all of the stress of their job. They can use Talk Fusion to create and build their own company. When they are in charge, they can create a new environment. It can be a positive environment and one that truly makes them feel at home.


As a matter of fact, many people that use Talk Fusion, they work from home, which is another one of its many perks. It is one of those companies where it makes total sense to use them if someone is serious about being happy. It will change people’s lives and make them happier than they ever could have imagined.





Softbank Acquires Fortress Investment Group

Softbank Group Corp acquired Fortress Investment Group LLC for $3.3billion in December 2017. The close of the deal meant that SBG and its subsidiaries became the owners of Fortress Shares. The deal was sealed after all the parties satisfied all the conditions that included transaction approval by Fortress Shareholders. By 12 of July 2017, the two companies had received the necessary regulatory approvals.

Following the acquisition, each of the Fortress Class A outstanding shares was converted into rights. Each right was entitled to earn cash $8.08/share. In the deal, it was agreed that the merger proceeds were to be distributed to the shareholders in accordance with the payment guidelines outlined in the incorporated merger agreement and Fortress’s Definitive Proxy which was dated June 7, 2017. It is now three months after the acquisition and Fortress Common Stock have been delisted from the NYSE. It means that this year’s Fortress financial results will be reflected in SBG’s financial records.

It is expected that Fortress will operate as an independent business but within Softbank. It will still be based in New York and its principals Wes Edens, Peter Briger and Randy Nardone are expected to continue providing leadership. Softbank has committed itself to maintain Fortress leadership, its processes, business model, culture and its personnel which have all supported Fortress Success.

About the Company

Before its sale, Fortress Investment Group LLC was a highly diversified firm with assets worth $36.1 billion. It was founded in 1998 and manages assets for about 1,750 institutional clients and other investors worldwide. The assets it manages ranges from real estates, equity investment to permanent capital. Fortress Investment has served as a global investment giant in the world for over 19 years and is a parent company for New Residential Investment that buys mortgage servicing rights. Earlier in 2017, the company bought CitMortgage’s servicing rights. Fortress owns substantial shares in National Mortgage which is now referred to as Cooper. It also owns over 70% of Nationstar

Following the acquisition, SoftBank now owns Fortress and has taken over its interests in their institutions. This is one of the major moves of the Japanese company in the U.S. economy. It should be remembered that Softbank has continued to increase its investment in the New York City. It has already invested over $450 million In Compass, another real estate company that is headquartered in the New York City. Also, Softbank contributed to the funding of SoFi one of the leading lending startup in San Francisco.

Employee’s Thoughts

According to one of the anonymous employees who has worked at Fortress for over 8 years, the company is run by smart and thoughtful managers. It operates in a fast-paced environment and its employees are well enumerated. Unfortunately, the company subjects most of the employees to many hours of work and operates in a high stress environment. Another employee who claimed to have worked for the company for more than a year claimed that the company has friendly people but its upward promotion path is quite unclear.

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The Importance Of Keeping Customers with Market America

One of the common challenges that new marketers face is gaining new customers. However, those that manage to gain the customers also have to take on a different challenge. This challenge is in keeping the customers. Many people learn that the process of keeping customers is a little different from the process of gaining them. Fortunately, there are plenty of sources of information on customer relations. One of the more exhaustive sources of information is Market America. They have been in business for years and have thrived in different market conditions. Therefore, they are aware of the changes that need to be made with the market.

One of the ways to keep customers according to Market America is with a method that they call one-to-one marketing. One good thing about this method is the building of relationships with customers. The world is becoming more individualized. Therefore, people are hoping to find their own voice and their own image. With this intention, it is important for business owners to customize their advertising to the customer. With this type of marketing, it will become a lot easier to sell to the customer. With all of the customized advertising and marketing to the customer, it will make him feel appreciated. Market America shows examples of this type of marketing.

For businesses that want an ongoing income stream, it is very important to keep customers. With a customer gain and loss rate that is comparable, businesses could eventually run out. Also, when losing customers, businesses run the risk of having their reputation tarnished. Depending on the bad news, people might be scared away from shopping at a business. It is more important than ever to maintain good image with companies like Market America. Businesses that manage to keep customers are more likely experience improvements to their reputation and an increase to their revenue.

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Whitney Wolfe Herd Takes The Cover Of Forbes

Bill Gates, Warren Buffett, and Steve Jobs have all graced the cover of Forbes magazine. It could be said that only the most powerful and innovative business leaders are worthy of such an honor. Recently, a new disrupter in the world of dating apps took her turn on the cover of Forbes. For Bumble’s Whitney Wolfe Herd, the Forbes cover was just another notch on her long list of accomplishments.

Mrs. Herd made the cover of Forbes “30 under 30” issue which highlighted the brightest young minds in the business world. As the founder of the fastest growing dating app in the world, Miss Herd has garnered attention from all corners of the media. The 28-year old innovator wanted to create dating app where women made the first move. Hence, Bumble was born. 22 million users later, Bumble is considered the place to go for women looking for their soul mate.

Bumble has only recently begun in-app purchases. In less than two years, those in-app purchases have become a $100 million dollar a year income stream. With hyperlocal advertising coming soon to the app, that revenue stream is expected to double to $200 million per year in 2018.

In addition to Bumble’s dating app, there is also Bumble BFF which helps women find their next best friend, workout partner or wing woman. Also, there’s Bumble Bizz which helps women network and grow their business contacts. The expansion of Bumble’s services is one of many innovative ideas that Whitney Wolfe Herd has brought to the company.

Headquartered in Austin, Texas, Bumble employes 70 people and has become one of the most popular apps for women looking for everything from their next soul mate to their next best friend or business connection.

Whitney Wolfe Herd was educated at Southern Methodist University where she received a degree in International Studies. Less than ten years later, Mrs. Herd founded Bumble where she also serves as the Chief Executive Officer. Mrs. Herd was married to entrepreneur Michael Herd in the southern Italian town of Positano in September of 2017.

From the cover of Forbes the executive suite of a billion-dollar tech company, Whitney Wolfe Herd serves as an inspiration to young women around the world. As Bumble continues to grow, Mrs. Herd will steer the company to new heights well into the next decade.

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How Desiree Perez Became One Of The Most Powerful Women In Music

It’s not without saying that the music industry has made a massive impact on our lives, but we don’t even think about the people who made this possible. That’s why the work of Desiree Perez is so underrated yet so highly important. She has helped Roc Nation become one of the greatest brands out there and she continues to play an important role today. Perez is acclaimed by just about everyone who talks about her work, but that isn’t the best way to talk about her. The obviously bright future she has prepared for Roc Nation says so much more.

She didn’t become one of the world’s most powerful executives for no reason. Her devotion to her job and her determination to give Roc Nation its best has helped it grow. You can now see millions of dollars in contracts that simply wouldn’t have existed had Perez decided to avoid the job she’s doing now. This determination to the success of Roc Nation has helped the brand well beyond its initial status in the 2000s into what we now know it as. She has shown no signs of stopping and it seems she’ll end up making it into something even greater soon.

Desiree Perez would have been amazing no matter what she decided to do, but her work at Roc Nation is greatly appreciated. Nobody has come close to giving the music industry the same level of devotion and nobody seems to have done anything remotely similar. She’s going to be remembered fondly by those who understand what her sacrifice meant to Jay Z and other industry moguls, but the true impact of her work hasn’t been seen yet. We are still living through her story and we have no way of telling exactly what it will all do in the end.

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Paul Mamplilly’s Advice on the Purchase of Electric Car Stock Shares.

Paul Mampilly is a former hedge fund manager who has worked in the field of finance for over two decades. His resilience towards success as an investor in the stock market is unimaginable. The entrepreneur is currently attached to Banyan Hill Publishing where his journals are published. As a renowned author, Paul Mampilly has several publications including True Momentum, Extreme Fortunes, and Profits Unlimited. His diaries are essential to individuals who seek various companies to invest on through the stock exchange market. The businessman uses media channels like Bloomberg TV and CNBC, to offer education on issues related to the stock market. The American investor has over sixty thousand subscribers who seek information from his publications. Most people who have been educated through his writings can invest on their monies instead of banking them with a little interest rate.

Apple’s New iPhone 8 Looks Like a Dud. #Apple #AppleNews $AAPL #stocks #investing

— Paul Mampilly(@Paul_M_Guru) September 21, 2017

As an American entrepreneur, Paul Mampilly lives in North Carolina with his family. After completing his university education, the hedge fund manager used his academic credentials to secure several job opportunities in the corporate world. He landed himself on the Wall Street, where he was privileged to work at Deutsche as his first workstation in 1992. The businessman later advanced in his career and joined the Royal Bank of Scotland as a finance manager. Over the years Paul Mampilly gained experience in managing bulk accounts, which earned him an incredible reputation in the field of economics. His expertise and passion in finance earned him an employment opportunity at Kinetics International Fund, and learn more about Paul Mampilly.

The outstanding performance of Paul Mampilly while pursuing his career earned him various honors and awards from several institutions. He was the best during Templeton Foundation competition conducted in 2009. The entrepreneur was honored for being a hedge fund manager who capitalized on fifty million dollars and gained eighty-eight million dollars. He was able to manage this investment during a financial hitch that had encountered the country. Over the years, the American Investor continues to offer practical advice to individuals across the United States who need profitable investments.

Paul Mampilly advices new investors to primarily aim investment opportunities in the technology industry. The entrepreneur is currently educating individuals to purchase stock shares at various companies that manufacture electric cars. According to Paul, more people in future are going to own electric vehicles than traditional automobiles. If a person buys the shares right now, they may earn incredible profits in the future after its emergence in the market.

Julia Jackson is make History with Jackson Family Wines

Julia JacksonJulia Jackson is a hard worker when it comes to her family business. Julia Jackson is the daughter of Jess Jackson, who is the owner of Jackson Family Wines Collection. The Jackson Family Wines was created in 1987. The Jackson Family Wines distribute several wines across the world. Jackson Family Wines have several wineries around the globe that include France, Italy, and Chile just to name a few. The wines they have ranged from Champ de Reves, Copain, the Cambria and the Byron. During the production of Jackson Family wines, Julia began to prepare for her future by attending Scripps College.

Julia JacksonAt Scripps, College Julia obtained her Bachelor of Arts in Studio Art. Julia does not only work for family business, but she has her nonprofit organization. Cambria Seeds of Empowerment foundations was created in 2014. The foundation is to encourage women to go for their dreams and at the same time learning how to overcome adversities in their life. Julia`s foundation calls the women ”Warrior Women”. The Warrior Women learn how to be an inspiration to one another. The Cambria Seeds of Empowerment offers a grant for the women, and the amount of the awards can sum up to $ 100,000.

How Agora Financial Has Helped its Readers

Figuring out where, when, and how to build wealth can be a headache especially for employees planning to retire yet they do not have adequate financial knowledge. While they may get brokers who promise to help, this may not be effective as most of the brokers only want to benefit from their savings. Fortunately, these employees can find help at the Agora Financial; a publication company that has been helping its readers grow and protect their wealth through various ways including free newsletters, online publications, books, documentaries, and seminars. More than one million readers have so far benefited from its unique and effective approach to managing money and building wealth and read full article.

Through its more than 20 publications designed to help the readers navigate different areas of the financial market, Agora Financial teaches the secrets of generating income, strategies for growing and protecting wealth, and how to find suitable companies to invest in. Additionally, its research is 100 percent independent and unbiased; thus, its experts do not accept coverage payment from investors or companies. The committed analysts at Agora Financial travel to the scenes to investigate opportunities before publishing them. By this, they ensure that their readers get groundbreaking investment trends and their Facebook.

As a Subsidiary of The Agora Incorporation; a marketplace for financial ideas founded in 1979, Agora Financial traces its roots to three leading publications including Plague of the Black Debt in 1992, Strategic Investment in 1984, and The Daily Reckoning in 1999. Its team of experts include world’s leading bond professionals, Harvard trained geologists, a Pulitzer Award nominated journalist, a self-made billionaire and philanthropist, an award winning filmmaker, an ex-presidential banker, a three-time New York Times bestselling author, and an ex-edge fund manager. Moreover, its editors are brave enough to make bold predictions where their insights have been recognized by The Economist, Reuters, Fox Business News, The Wall Street Journal, Bloomberg, Financial Times, CNBC, San Francisco Chronicle, The Daily Telegraph, and The Washington Post and Agora Finanical’s lacrosse camp.

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