Parent Teacher Conferences: There’s an app for that!

If you are like most parents around America, you are already super busy with life in general and dread the parent/teacher conferences you are asked to attend. There is now an app called ClassDojo geared toward parents having access to their child(ren)s teacher during the entire day.

We are on our phones a lot of our time during the day and night these days and most of us prefer the interaction you can have via a messenging app. That’s where ClassDojo comes into play.

ClassDojo is a new way to interact with your child’s school. Get up to date news letters, calendar and parent to teacher conversations directed to keep you informed about your holds day to day success in school. It encourages healthy interactions between teacher and parent while keeping the parents engaged in their child’s learning. Teachers often post pictures or videos of student projects or other participation during the school year. It helps parents get more involved in school without having to put time away during the day to achieve that kind of connection. Essentially, helping parents, teachers and students to improve education from the ground up and gaining ground into children’s future.

So far, ClassDojo is in 90% of schools and wouldn’t be a surprise if it reached a total 100% of schools participating in this new program.

Privacy isn’t a huge issue since the parent can request that their child be taken off the app and they also do not sell information they receive. One teacher uses this perspective on the app, that it helps put ownership back onto the student for their decisions during the day since they get points based on how well they do that day. One parent even said that it helps parents get the prognosis of their child.

Maybe it will help diagnose early childhood habits and help the teacher and parent keep tabs on the child to better explain to a health professional the issues a child may be encountering.

Is ClassDojo a good idea? I think so.

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