Eric Lefkofsky Has Done So Much To Improve The City Of Chiacgo

Eric Lefkofsky is an entrepreneur who calls Chicago his home, and he has been a part of helping the community he lives in for a very long time. He attended the University of Michigan where he graduated with honors and studied at the University of Michigan Law School where he earned his Juris Doctor. He now serves Chicago as an adjunct professor at the University of Chicago and has always supported educational efforts in the city. Lefkofsky also serves the city of Chicago as a Trustee of The Art Institute of Chicago, Industry and World Business Chicago, Lurie Children’s Hospital of Chicago, and The Museum of Science and works with the Steppenwolf Theatre Company in the city as a Chairman of its Board of Trustees.

Eric Lefkofksy and his wife, Liz, co-founded the Lefkofsky Family Foundation with the idea of improving the city of Chicago and the world through high-impact initiatives. The foundation was founded in 2006 and supports numerous organizations and initiatives that have a positive affect on many different aspects of people’s lives. As far as education goes, the foundation supports Success Bound, High School Bound, Teach For America, After School Matters, and the Academy for Urban School Leadership. The foundation serves a spread of basic human rights initiatives and organizations including the Center For American Progress, Human Rights Watch, and Everytown For Gun Safety.

The medical community has benefited from the support of the foundation in numerous ways, which has donated to the American Brain Tumor Association, MD Anderson, Northwestern University, and more. The foundation has improved the arts and culture scene in Chicago by supporting the Art Institute of Chicago, Chicago Ideas, Chicago Architecture Biennial, and the Museum of Science and Industry. Eric Lefkofsky has been a gift to the city of Chicago, and he plans on continuing to be an ally to the people there until the day he dies.

Meet the Wonderful Investment Firm for Decades, Fortress Investment Group

Fortress Investment Group is an incredible investment management firm. It was founded in 1998 as a private equity firm. Today Fortress has become a pacesetter in the investment industry. Its greatest achievement was in 2007 when it was enlisted as the first big company in private equity sector to become treaded publicly on the New York Stock Exchange. This was because of its initial public offering. As at now, Fortress Group boasts in being a global investment firm directing around $43 billion in assets for more than 1,750 private equity investors among others. Fortress Investment Group sits at the heart of New York with more than 900 employees in their locations. Peter Briger, Randal Nardone, and Wes Edens are the key individuals shaping the direction of Fortress Investment Group.

Fortress major in a few specialties in ensuring that investors are taken care of. They avail asset-based investing services, capital markets, corporate mergers & acquisitions, sector knowledge of institutions and companies, and operations management. Under all these categories of services, Fortress at the end of the day ensures efficiency and excellence. They are able to take care of the asset-based investments through the credit and private equity funds. These include the real estate, financial vehicles, and capital. Their expertise in owning, pricing, financing, and managing both the financial and physical assets makes them reliable in the area of asset-based investing. Fortress has a structured number of tools for getting the value of investments, which makes it perfect for operations management.

Having been in practice for more than twenty years now, Fortress Investment Group has a deep and broad knowledge on managing acquisitions and mergers. Their model of understanding cuts across corporate board members, corporate stakeholders, and management professionals on how to build great relationships with them. When it comes to capital markets, Fortress has a profound experience in securing financing through equity markets and debts. Finally, they have a very clear knowledge on managing portfolio companies. Their institutional knowledge is such a commendable thing. Back to history, three passionate men founded Fortress Investment Group: Wes Edens, Randal Nardone, and Rob Kauffman. They had wonderful skills and knowledge in financial matters because of having worked in other companies.

Meet Randal Nardone: What You Should Know

Meet Randal Nardone: What You Should Know

Randal Nardone works as the Chief Executive Officer at Fortress Investment Group. He was promoted to this position in the year 2013. The firm was started in the year 1998 and Randal, a co-founder, became in charge of Fortress Credit Corporation. You know what? Fortress is an investment firm that manages liquid hedge funds, alternative assets in equity as well as credit funds. Randal Nardone has been one of the company’s management team since 1998. He became a director in 2006.

At Fortress, Randal serves in various capacities. He has held the office of the Interim Chief Executive Officer, Principal as well as the director of Investment Management Firm. He has used these privileges to implement, monitor, and also formulate strategies, which have much helped the firm. At the company, he has been dealing with legal as well as financial issues. He helps other managers and directors make decisions that most appropriate for the company.

On the list of billionaires, Forbes places Randal at position 557. He became a billionaire while working at Fortress Company. He owns about fifty-three million shares worth more than one billion U.S. dollars. He has many board memberships and works as the Principal as well as the Director of Fortress, Chairman and the president of the Springleaf Financial Holdings, a director at the Alea Group Holdings from the year 2007. He has worked extremely hard to enhance the lives of individuals from various backgrounds. He has also built international as well as domestic relationships such as Asia and the Middle East Expanding the firm to new horizons.

About Randal Nardone

Randal Nardone went to Boston University where he acquired a Doctor of Jurisprudence. He also attended Connecticut University where he specialized in Biology and English. He started working as a lawyer at a firm known as Thacher Proffitt & Wood. He also got a chance to work at the BlackRock Financial as well as at the Union Bank of Switzerland. Randal acquired most of his financial knowledge from Wes Edens while both were working at Fortress. He has been able to combine finance and law to provide good financial services to companies from different parts of the world. Meet Fortress Investment Group’s Ex-Billionaire Interim CEO


Infinity Group Australia is a firm initiated by Graeme Holm to provide help on a daily basis to Australians, mitigate their debt levels and as well create wealth hence a better future. The firm trusts that their success can only be realized by enhancing a positive relationship with its clients based on care, integrity, and passion. It was initiated to fix the financial challenges the Australian had been subjected to by other financial institutions. Graeme Holm, the co-founder of Infinity Group Australia is the firm’s director. Holm has vast experience in economic aspects ranging to seventeen years. Holm and Rebecca Walker amalgamated their passion in finance and the urge to realize an outstanding financial solution for Australians and initiated Infinity Group Australia. This is after they were disappointed with the single branded products and services and the lousy services the Australia people were receiving from the financial institutions. Holm took about six months in research and development seeking information on the challenges in the Australian mortgage market. He realized that there was a lack of guidance and advisory services to the people. As such, he decided to launch Infinity Group Australia as the solutions for such challenges. Infinity Group Australia, therefore, give clients performance reports on a monthly basis, comprehensive reviews, and assistance in enhancing and sustaining budgets to ensure their prosperity.


Holm expounds that Infinity Group Australia has offered supportive services to its clients as such they can work and spend time with their families stressfully. In an interview, Holm revealed that he starts his day at 5:30 am and usually begins with physical exercises for the body to function appropriately followed by reading a book for about thirty minutes. At his workplace, he has a schedule that divides his day to 30 minutes. His day ends at 10:30 pm after which he spends five to ten minutes on planning on the next day. He brings ideas to life through sharing with people that even at his workplace he always consults the suggestion box. By listing his top five transformational actions for the next day, he becomes productive. He advises the youth not to engage people with low vision and integrity as this may not be in line with personal values. He advises that people should start dealing with complex tasks with simpler ones, as this is motivational. His advice the community to read the book “The Art of Thinking Clearly” as the book highlights outstanding business shifts that he has personally experienced.\

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IDLife for Personized Nutritional Supplements and Vitamins

IDLife products are individually designed just for your health needs. They are nutritional products that are FDA tested by an independent lab for purity, maximum nutritional absorbability and potency. They are top quality. Only high-quality ingredients are used in each product. They are also GMO free, soy free, gluten free and casein free.

There are many different products in the IDLife line. Here are some of the following products offered

IDLife Skin Care – This is an anti-aging, 24-hour defense that will improve your skin and make you look healthier and younger.

IDLife Kids Health – This is formulated for kids to maintain health and wellness for kids of all ages.

IDLife EnergyShot – This is 150 mg of natural caffeine that will give you an extra shot of energy without any calories. You also will not crash out or burn out, like the energy drinks leave you.

IDLife Sleep – This is a strip that sits on your tongue. It is mint flavored and helps you to get to sleep faster, for a deep night’s sleep.

IDLife Appetite Control – This is a chew that will help to curb appetite and your weight.

IDLife Shake – This is a Whey Protein. It is a shake with fiber and omega 3 fatty acids. It has minimum calories for weight loss, joint mobility and good muscle strength.
IDLife Nutrition – This is a customized based formula to meet all your health needs.

Proper eating and adding a good exercise routine to your daily life will help you to stay fit and healthy. No one can rely on just pills and shakes.

IDLife has partnered with Garmin. Customer goals can be reach faster if they know what they are up against. Garmin contributes its Index Smart Scale witch measures skeletal muscle, body fat percentage, body mass index, water percentage and other metrics.

With all these factors gathered, a nutrition specialist will help customers to personalize the products that are best for each person. One person may want to lose weight, while another wants to keep their current BMI. IDLife knows that one-size-fits-all is not true. Each person’s activity level and lifestyle are different. IDLife helps each person to reach their personal goals.

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Global Banking With A Global Icon: Mr. Anil Chaturvedi

When it comes to being an international banker there are many qualities that must exist in such an individual. Such qualities are having a vision of the time and being able to recognize global trends for better opportunities. Such are the very characteristics of Anil Chaturvedi. Just who is this prominent banker and what separates him from the crowd?

Of Indian descent comes Mr. Anil Chaturvedi. Having obtained his Bachelor of Arts from Delhi University in 1973, he also achieved his MBA in Financial Management from there as well. With such an educational background, Anil Chaturvedi soon became the Manager of Development and Planning for the State Bank of India. In this capacity, he served for three years and 11 months from 1987 to 1991. Fast forward to this present day where he has been the Managing Director of Hinduja Bank. This has been his position from 2011 to the present. Being seasoned for over four decades of experience Mr. Anil Chaturvedi specializes in corporate and private banking across the world. He has made many clients financially secure through his strategic insights and wise visionary capabilities within the global markets.

Being able to spot opportunities and investment trends is a quality that sets Mr. Anil Chaturvedi from others. He has helped foster partnerships that would later become strategic alliances for many corporations. As being skilled in mergers and acquisitions, this has led him to help many startups and tech companies within the country of India. Having an eye for the times is what allow him to handle many cross-border transactions between India and the European Union. With an in-depth history in global banking, Anil Chaturvedi has definitely become the go-to or investment opportunities within the country of India. There is no better person to seek out other than a man who for more than 15 years was a private banker with clients from the United States, Europe, Asia, and India.

In conclusion, Mr. Anil Chaturvedi has given the world a standard of excellence and magnificence in the area of global finance. Being a prominent banker is what Anil Chaturvedi symbolizes to the world at large.

Waiakea Water the Vocanic Water that Alkalines

Waiakea water is taking the bottle water market by storm and for good reason. The Hawaiian bottle water company not only offers the highest natural pH value, but it comes from a renewable source containing minerals. On top of all that it is sourced from a volcano. The Mauna Loa volcano to be exact, located right on the big island. This source gives Waiakea water an exotic location to boast about. Let’s just face it, Hawaii volcanic water is just an awesome sounding phrase.

In the ever expanding bottle water market, uniqueness is a must. Everyone is selling the same thing, water, so that water has to be special. The three things that consumers look for are the location of the source, the health benefits, and the company’s support of the environment. For some reason when it comes to bottle water, all the sudden everyone cares about the planet. Luckily Waiakea succeeds all three points.

Flowing through thousands of feet of porous rock give Waiakea a natural alkalinity that is rather high. Alkaline water is the new sensation, it balances the body’s pH and reduces acid. Such a reduction is great for acid reflux, and great for general health as well. The sensation has caused many consumers to check the acidity level of their water. Anything over a 5 is considered alkaline, and a Waiakea comes in at an impressive 8.1. The porous rock also laces the water with healthy minerals.

Waiakea is also founded on helping the environment. The water is sourced form a renewable aquifer that replenishes at a rate of 4 billion gallons. The plant that collects and bottles the water runs on renewable energy, the packaging and shipping is environmentally safe, and they are even using a water bottle that biodegrades faster than regular plastic. CEO Ryan Emmons has stated his devotion to renewable energy many times over.

Finally, there is the exotic location. Just the use of the word spring draw people in. The phrase, from a municipal source, can make people scratch their heads. Saying that it comes rom a volcano is just cool.,18.htm

The Chainsmoker’ Debut Video for Latest Single “Somebody”

Art, Knowledge, and Creativity

The Chainsmokers, Adam Pall and Drew Taggart, have given their fans a rare glimpse into their inner working as artist by uploading a 1-minute clip for how “Somebody” came together as Songwriters. The allowed the work done in their private studio to be recorded and shared with others. Maybe that may be the reason why Kat Bein, a contributing writer for Billboard, asked the question in his recent write up about The Chainsmokers newly released single “Somebody.”

From Start to Finish and the 1% Inspiration

It was Thomas Edison what was the cause of his genius and he responded by saying “Genius is 99% perspiration and 1% inspiration.” This may be a good introduction to the 1-minute instructional video the Chainsmokers recently uploaded to their Facebook® page. It is only one minute, but it tells fans a lot about the work habits of the Chainsmokers.

The video which was filmed on a narrow screen phone or camera shows Drew Taggart sitting at his studio chair with an open laptop where his Ableton Live® is set up with some vocal and instrumental tracks open. The video begins with Taggart playing on his synthesizer. Next shot is Adam Pall playing a series of chords at the piano. Following Pall Taggart with his smartphone in his hand.

An Open Window into the Inner Artist

Taggart turns to Adam Pall and explains that the original track which the vocal starts on is two and a half steps lower than the raised beat on the revised version of the vocals. Taggart plays the final version on his computer.

Taggart and Pall said they would upload another video later explaining more in detail how the Official video for “Somebody” was made. The later showed up on June 9th on their Facebook page thanks to the work of Rory Kramer whose produced videos and photo shoots for the EDM-Pop duo before.

The Chainsmokers

Adam Pall and Drew Taggart began working together in 2012, having come together thru a mutual friend. They’ve produced several Billboard Top 10 hits since then. Drew Taggart just recently was a co-winner of Songwriter of the Year awarded by ASCAP.

Clay Hutson Leverages his Experience for Entrepreneurial Success

Clay Hutson is a Nashville based stage manager and sound engineer. He received a theatre design degree from Central Michigan University and a masters degree in business administration from the Stephen M. Ross School of Business. After school Scott gained valuable experience as a sound engineer and project engineer, holding several positions in corporate entertainment and with Billy Graham’s sound crew. But Clay is passionate about music, and his experience in live entertainment gave him the confidence to establish his own business that design and manages concerts. He has worked with performers such as Pink, Kid Rock, and Guns N’ Roses.


Clay says that his experience managing live performances help him to develop realistic audio, and set design concepts for clients. He uses computer-aided design techniques with carefully measured dimensions for all equipment facilitating the movement between venues. Putting technology second, Mr. Hutson said that the most effective way that he has built his reputation and his business in the music world is through hard work, dedication, and reliability. He says that thorough planning prior to the event or project is an essential tool to help him manage projects. He envisions the next venue enroute and maps out in his mind any necessary adjustments, tasks, and potential problems. Hutson describes some of the new technology trends evolving in the industry that help him to stay competitive. He says that a good example of these tech advances includes mobile lighting equipment that provides greater illumination and lighter weight, aiding in setup and takedown.


Clay Hutson says that an average day for him starts typically early, usually before 7:00 am. He is frequently the first person to arrive at the event venue in the morning, where he does a walkthrough of the building, reviewing schedules, listing tasks, and identifying potential problems. This attention to detail continues throughout the day, through the concert or event, and extends beyond the band’s departure.


He emphasizes the importance of allowing staff to fulfill their potential and talents despite possessing challenging personality issues. He states that a staff member should be judged on their abilities and not their attitude.


Clay was asked if he could go back in time and give his younger self some advice, what would that advice be? He responded that he would make advise himself to prioritize his family over all other things, and address significant issues with objectivity and honesty. Learn more:

NewsWatch TV review Helped Give a Kick Start to Saygus Smartphone Sales

It can be difficult for companies to get a word around about their products and services. Most people do not want to believe shady websites or low-cost magazines when they speak about different products. It is the reason why Saygus, a prominent electronics, and headphones company, chose NewsWatch TV as their partners to help promote their products to the masses. The team of NewsWatch TV traveled to Barcelona from where they covered the launch of their smartphone segment. The company also wanted a new platform where they could promote their Indiegogo campaign, and nothing came close to NewsWatch TV.

NewsWatch TV is a leading weekly television show that airs on AMC and ION Network. Every episode is about 30 minutes long and aims to offer precise information about different products and companies to the people. It has helped hundreds of companies release information about their products and services and helped them drive sales. The show provides information on varied contents and has been operating since its launch back in 1989. The company recently completed its 1000 episode and aimed to continue helping their clients reach their goals.

The coverage of the Saygus launch was quite successful, and the company received a massive amount of interest from people. The company was not only able to reach their sales goal but was able to exceed it by quite a big margin. Tim Rush, the Vice President of Saygus, during an interview said that NewsWatch TV helped its company to send the right message to its customers and at the right time. He believes that the company was able to understand their needs, assess it and come out with a brilliant marketing plan that allowed it to reach its campaign goal and even exceeding it. He also praised the entire NewsWatch TV team for their efforts towards the campaign.