Betsy And Dick DeVos Work Hard To Reform Their Hometown

In early 1991, Dick DeVos was working hard moving up the ladder of his family’s business towards CEO. His father had founded Amway when he was younger. During his time working at Amway, Dick found out about a plan for a new convention center to be built in the downtown area of Grand Rapids. He was not a fan of this new plan and quickly started calling other local business owners to try and rally against the idea. They all believed this new center would be detrimental to the area.


Expansion Of Charter Schools


During this time, Betsy DeVos was devoting herself to expanding charter schools in Michigan. Both she and Dick have a love of educational school choice and charter schools. They opened their own charter school at the Grand Rapids airport. It is an aviation charter school because Dick has a love of aviation and is a pilot himself.


How Dick Made The Grand Rapids Airport A Success


Many years ago, DeVos was tasked with trying to bring more flights into the Grand Rapids airport. To do this, he decided to pick up the phone and call the CEO of the AirTran Airways himself. Most people would have trouble getting a one-on-one phone call such as this. For Dick, it helped that his family owns an NBA team in Orlando which plays right down the road from the headquarters of AirTran.


During the phone call, Dick talked the CEO into a meeting to discuss bringing nonstop flights out of the GRF International Airport. Just shortly after this success, the carrier was bought out by Southwest. This was another win for Dick because he was asked to bring Southwest to the airport.


Dick Named FAA Member


Dick DeVos has always had a passion and love of aviation. His reputation and hard work have recently become evident. He was welcomed into the Federal Aviation Administration’s citizen advisory council. While he is serving his three years on the administration, he will be the senior manager on spending, policy, regulatory matters and long-range planning. Dick describes himself as a pilot and aviation geek. He accepted this position with the condition that he would be able to run his position how he wanted and keep it out of the media until he was ready.


The Advisory Council for the FAA is made up of thirteen members. Together, they will work on different regulatory matters regarding aviation and chart strategic plans for the agency. These positions are on a volunteer capacity and each member is expected to retain their private and public sectors during their term on the council. They will meet quarterly to discuss matters with the permanent board members of the Federal Aviation Administration.


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CloudWick – A Better Option for Cybersecurity and Huge Data

CloudWick provides major data analytics, storage, and interpretation to Global 1000 made possible by the application of Cloud Data lake, Neural System Intelligence, and Cloud Machine learning. The organization is made up of professionals who employ teamwork are willing to move out of there way to get things done.

The services delivered are Cybersecurity, advanced analytics, handling huge data, business intelligence, development of mobile apps and more. This enables enterprises that handle huge data efficiently. This enables them to have a competitive advantage over there counterparts. Thus able to kick-start their business and generate maximum revenue.

Why CloudWick for Cybersecurity.

A major breakthrough to the war against Cyber threats to digital businesses was made possible by CloudWick CDL, CDL was the worlds number one developer of the first Neural System Intelligence which comprised of cloud, service vendors, unique analytics, a data center and more. All this were meant to curb cyber crimes. The CDL was designed to allow security analytics to unlock their abilities to fight the war against digital business threats. Some of the threats included data loss, nation-state attacks, ransomware and service denial.

No More Stress Handling Huge Data

As more innovations and technological advancements are continuously made, organizations are faced with a task of handling huge data that needs to be well stored, analyzed and interpreted. This can only be made possible by the application of unique tools mainly designed for this function. Therefore CloudWick through Cloud Data Lake, a competent partner in handling data has made this happen. Cloud Data Lake facilitates an easier analysis, storage, and application of data in a more organized manner.

Easier Decision Making through AWS Machine Learning. Why store data and yet you are not able to understand its implications? Usually, data is stored in a manner that makes it easier for answers that are accurate and conclusive to be retrieved. This is a major backbone for an organization if am told they are to make sound decisions. CloudWick has therefore provided a learning machine that uses AWS to provide Sager maker that enables developers and data scientists to not only built but also employ the use of this model to read and interpret the data. AWS also goes ahead to provide services that can transcribe and comprehend texts.

Krishen Iyer: Email Marketing is Essential in Healthcare

An email is a vital communication tool, especially in modern times. All people have embraced this form of communication at work, at school, business and other personal productivity activities. With emails, people and the world, in general, can be connected in a cheap and effective way. Experts conducted an interview recently, and they realized that people who use the internet love to communicate through emails. Krishen Iyer, a marketing expert based in the United States, feels that people can use emails in marketing campaigns and expect very good returns at the end of the day.

Krishen Iyer has established his career in marketing for a long time, and he has founded a successful company called Managed Benefits Services. At the moment, the businessman takes on the position of chief executive officer, and he has been a great leader with the needs of the modern customers in heart. The American marketing executive focuses on offering consulting serving to customers in healthcare, and he has impacted many companies, especially those found in California.

Healthcare companies have made significant advancements in marketing, but Krishen Iyer feels that they can benefit even more when they chose to use email marketing. People are now using the internet for many activities at work and school. Getting an email marketing campaign can be an effective way of generating more sales in any healthcare department. Most people in the world are always in search of health insurance that is affordable and effective. When these companies embrace email marketing, they can market their insurance products to a bigger community, using very little resources. With millions of people online, these companies can relax and wait for better sales from the internet users who represent the majority. Dental health centers can also benefit significantly when they take on this form of marketing.

Stream Cares Foundation created by Stream Energy.

Stream Energy is a successful energy selling company that came to the rescue of its customers after the Hurricane Harvey that caused people to lose their lives and becoming homeless. Stream energy saw the need to rescue the customers that lost their homes by the creation of stream cares philanthropy that supports them financially as they recover. Corporate philanthropy is a critical consideration in the company’s success and helping the community. The “Stream cares” foundation aims at formalizing the philanthropy works that was ongoing from the direct selling energy company across Texas and the whole country.

For the case of Hurricane Harvey, Stream Energy showed other corporate companies in Dallas how they should get into philanthropy and charity to help their clients and making a great brand by giving back to the community more than money. The main advantage of a company opening separate philanthropy is that there are dual advantages; the company gives back to the community, and at the same time the company is earning loyalty and respect of the likely clients and the general public.

Corporate giving is highly publicized in the U.S, and it is helpful to incase a scandal hits the company with a possibility of reducing profits and causing layoffs. Corporate America is astonishingly generous, in 2016; $19 billion was given to charities across America and Worldwide from businesses. The statistics don’t include corporate sponsorship, individual employee contribution, and cause marketing.

The stream has built a strong relationship with Red Cross and has a local drive through to the grass root giving that is used in keeping track of the company’s philanthropy. Stream Energy, through their Hope Supply Company philanthropy, has been able to help the homeless people in Dallas by providing food for more than a thousand homeless children in Northern Texas. The event brings homeless children together in a water park where the employees join them and give out their supplies and money.

Hope Supply Company provides clothing, diapers and school materials for homeless children, and Stream has been working directly with the charity for more than four years. For Stream, philanthropy is like a typical day in office.

Aloha Construction Offers Roofing, Siding and Gutter Services

Aloha Construction is a construction company located in Lake Zurich. It was founded by CEO Dave Farbaky in 2008. The company specializes in roofing, siding and gutter repairs after extreme weather, and the team has completed over 18,000 projects throughout the area.


The company is made up of roofers who are reliable, bonded and insured, and they understand the damage that extreme weather can cause to elements such as asphalt shingles or cedar shakes. This is why the team offers a thorough nine step inspection process. The inspection is used to evaluate the damage and longevity of the roof. If any damage is discovered, Aloha Construction repairs it and offers a 10-year craftsmanship warranty to your new roof.


Your roof is not the only element of your home that needs to be repaired after a storm, and the team is ready to install, repair or replace your siding. A durable siding does more than just protect your home. It also increases the value by improving the appearance of your exterior. The siding also lowers your energy bills by offering better insulation and less maintenance. Aloha Construction makes sure every contractor is trained and certified to install the siding on your home. They can install, repair or replace materials such as vinyl, wood, stucco and aluminum.


Aloha Construction also works on your gutters and downspout systems. Your gutters are important for keeping the water away from your home, and damaged gutters could cause moisture within your foundation. If you notice water sitting in one spot after a heavy rainfall, you can call the company to have your gutters inspected and repaired. The team is experienced in regular or oversized gutters of various materials, such as Omni-style and K-style seamless aluminum.


Aloha Construction is dedicated to repairing homes in the Lake Zurich and Bloomington areas.

Jacob Gottlieb And His Pursuit Of A Career In Finance

Being a physician is one of the greatest symbols of success not just here in the United States, but across the world at large. Many people want to work in medicine because they want to help others, be trusted with personal information that people don’t even want to share with their doctors, earn tons of money, and be respected by their peers.

For these reasons, many people are drawn to working as a physician. By extension, countless people realize that their true passion isn’t working in medicine, though they’re often done with medical school by the time they experience these revelations.

Jacob Gottlieb was one of these people

After earning a medical degree at New York University, Jacob Gottlieb decided that working in the medical field simply wasn’t for him. He enjoyed helping people and being successful, but after going through a few-year-long residency at New York City’s St. Vincent’s Hospital, he decided to part ways with his lifelong dream of becoming a doctor.

Here’s what Mr. Gottlieb did

Jacob Gottlieb also liked finance. In middle school, he edged out his peers in a stock-picking contest. The son of a financial advisor and investment professional, Jacob knew that he wanted to work in medicine or finance.

Now that medicine was off the proverbial table, he decided to pursue finance. After dropping out of the residency at St. Vincent’s Hospital, he worked towards the sought-after designation of Certified Financial Analyst. He worked at a few investment firms until 2005, when he founded Visium, an investment organization of his own.

Gottlieb’s post-Visium career

In 2016, the US Securities and Exchange Commission found improprieties within the ranks of Visium. Although Gottlieb wasn’t involved, the company folded. With a strong desire to redeem himself, Jacob Gottlieb founded Altium Capital earlier this year.

Altium Capital, the Gottlieb-founded and -operated investment firm, invests almost exclusively in financial instruments related to the field of healthcare. With previous experience in the field, Gottlieb really knows what he’s doing.

So far this year, Altium Capital has invested in companies including Sellas Life Sciences and Oramed Pharmaceuticals.

Shervin Pishevar says irresponsible monetary policy could end in Venezuela-like catastrophe

In the world of tech finance, no name stands taller than that of Shervin Pishevar. The longtime venture capitalist and entrepreneur has been intimately involved with the creation of dozens of some of the most well-known brands in the tech industry. As the founder and president of Investment company, he has participated in the early financing of such tech giants as Uber, Airbnb and Virgin Hyperloop. He has also founded a number of successful startup firms by himself, notably, WebOS, Ionside and Social Gaming Network, to name just a few.

But Shervin Pishevar is perhaps best known throughout the nation as a whole for his frequent discourses on matters of national importance. Shervin Pishevar operates a Twitter account with more than 100,000 followers, including some of the most prominent minds in technology, finance and economics. His tweets are frequently retweeted, and a number of them have gone viral.

In a recent tweet storm, which lasted nearly a full day, Shervin Pishevar discussed a number of topics that he sees as being of immediate importance to the future of the U.S. economy. One of those topics is the likelihood of a Venezuela-style collapse being brought about by a combination of terrible monetary policy and a confluence of demographic trends, mixed in with a general decline in the overall social and human capital of the country.

Shervin Pishevar says that the Federal Reserve has already inflated a bubble that spans nearly every asset class. He says that when this bubble inevitably pops due to a massive contraction in credit, the Fed will frantically attempt to reflate it through more quantitative easing. This, says Pishevar, is likely to lead to hyperinflation.

At the same time, massive demographic shifts in the U.S. population have meant that the American workforce is slowly becoming less productive, less educated and generally less capable. Pishevar points out that while America floods itself with uneducated and, some would argue, uneducable third worlders, China suffers from no such defect. Inevitably, he believes that China will competitively crush the United States in every realm, dethroning the once-mighty hegemon and sending the country down among the sorry ranks of the so-called developing world.

How Southridge Capital helps other companies in meeting their financial targets.

Southridge Capital is a privately owned company that offers financial and advisory services to public institutions. The primary agenda of the company is to assist its clients in meeting their investment targets by providing them with the best financial and general investament advice. The company consists of high ranked executives who clearly understand the modern market. This team of experts is experienced in handling economic issues facing their clients. Southridge has injected up to $1.8 billion to various companies across the world in the last thirty-two years of operation. The company has supported more than 250 public institutions financially and in the process learned the challenges faced by any upcoming company.


However, Southridge employees understand the ways of nurturing these companies by guiding them on corporate matters as well as management of their balance sheets. Southridge Capital does the financial analysis of the client through creating detailed financial statements covering all the operational and financial assumptions of the client. After the analysis, the company offers the desired advice to the client appropriately. Additionally, Southridge provides Balance Sheet Optimization services by guiding the clients on the various strategies of getting the best results. The company also guides the clients on numerous techniques of balancing between equity and debt and maintaining the desired targets.  To see more checkout



Stephen Hicks, the founder, and Chief Executive Officer alongside four others are the top Southridge Capital managers. Others include Laurence J. Ditkoff, a Certified Public Accountant as the Director of Research, Henry B. Sargent, JD, Chartered Financial Analyst as the Chief Operations Officer and General Counsel, Narine Persaud, the Controller, and Chief Financial Officer and Linda Carlsen, a member in the portfolio management team.

Stephen Hicks points out that he thought of starting Southridge Capital in 1996 while employed in a Hedge Fund in New York. The Fund’s head decided to go back to Australia, and that is when Stephen decided to start his hedge fund while still working because the company would take up to a year before clearing. He got the green light to start Southridge simultaneously, and by the time the company was through with the clearance procedure, Southridge had already made a name for itself in the market. Visit their facebook page for more info.


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Jeffrey Aronin was born on 8th December in 1967. He has spent about 20 years creating unique companies that come up with solutions for rare diseases or rather those diseases that have limited treatment options. Ovation Pharmaceuticals is one of his company that he started in the year 2000.


In 2009 he sold Ovation Pharmaceuticals and used the resources to come up with Paragon Pharmaceuticals. The organizations worked hard to formulate lasting solutions for rare ailments that have limited treatment options or none at all. Their approach towards achieving this goal is that they identify “the gap,” the rare disease; they then evaluate the affected persons and the treatment available. Once they have analyzed the condition, their team come up with the appropriate remedy for it. Their effectiveness in this area has earned them approval of 13 new prescriptions from the Food and Drug Administration. Some of the companies that have made this possible include; Harmony Bioscience and Castle Creek.


Jeffrey Aronin’s experience has made it possible for top businesspeople and inventors to invest and hence contributing to the smooth running of the companies. This brings out a business aspect in him, which has been brought to light by his various awards in business for example; Frederic A. Gibbs Discovery Award, he also made it to the finals in the “Entrepreneur of the year” in 2006; in 2017 Harmony Biosciences was awarded “deal of the year”. This indicates his success in the business world.


That aside, Jeffrey Aronin is an open-minded guy who takes his time to give back to the community. At the time Joseh Gattone desperately searched for a lifetime epilepsy remedy of his son Philip Junior, Ovation Pharmaceuticals stepped in and acquired approval from Food and Drug Administration for that exact medicine that Philip required. This was a risk that other companies were unwilling to take. This passion for helping and giving back to the society led him to come up with various research teams, which he funds to offer financial support to make it easier for them to come up with various remedies. Jeffrey Aronin has also served with the non-profitable organization, for example, the Epilepsy Foundation in which he has restored hope to many people in his community.


“Problems people have deemed unsolvable are problems worth solving,” a phrase that has been uttered by Jeffrey Aronin summing up the motto that drives his ambition and success in the business world and the community work as well. Not forgetting how this very attitude has made him a role model to the new upcoming businesspersons.


Lifetime Achievements of Sheldon Lavin

Sheldon is the chairperson and CEO of OSI group. He has an impressive profile in the meat processing industry. Apart from being the chairman and CEO OSI Group he is also the head of OSI international Foods Ltd and is an influential administrator in the company’s decisions and operations.

Sheldon Lavin has been in the industry since 1970 when he aided in the financing of Otto and Son’s which became OSI Group later. Having been in the industry for so long Lavin has extensive knowledge and has led OSI Group through its development from a local food processing company to an internationally recognized one across the globe. His success can be encompassed in the fact that the company now operates in sixty different countries.

It’s never easy leading a company and seeing it through its development to be recognized internationally. So when Sheldon Lavin was awarded with Global Visionary Award by on February 20, 2016 was no surprise at all because of the tremendous work and effort he put in leading OSI Group. In the process he has created many job opportunities as well. It is fair to say that Sheldon Lavin has spent his life trying to make OSI Group successful.

The global visionary award is not the only award that Lavin has in his cabinet though, he has led the company to receive environmental and sustainability awards over the years. Sheldon Lavin believes that the success of any company must be built on ethical grounds. He has a strong view of the responsibilities that leaders should assume toward making the world a better place. He has continued to exercise teamwork in his endeavors and he believes that through the skills that other people possess, one can acquire more knowledge to help them make a detailed strategic plan of their career and life. His admirable skills in leadership have served him a great deal, as he has acquired many lucrative opportunities and recognitions in his life.

With all the success that Lavin has seen through since becoming an integral part of OSI Group, he remains to be an essential figure in the society. He attends several charities from time to time supporting different programs around the group. His virtues as a leader are very inspiring especially giving back to the community. Despite committing to work and doing his best for the company, Lavin is a proud father of three children that he has raised with his wife.