Location Smart: Helping Businesses Grow With IP Geolocation

IP Geolocation is without a doubt something that can significantly improve the kind of work that a company does, especially for those who are operating through an online medium. Brands who want to reach a wide range of customers often have to find different ways in which they can reach a wider audience and the ways in which they can appeal to a wider customer base. For most brands, implementing the right kind of tools is one of the best things to do, especially because of the strong competition that currently exists in the market. IP Geolocation is something that can assist brands with finding the right kind of routes for their development and is one factor that can help them get the most out of their advertising and marketing strategies.


For businesses that want to harness the most out of their IP Geolocation, opting for a professional service is one of the best routes to take. A professional service is usually able to figure out what is the best course of action for businesses and which is the route that can help their client the most. Opting for a good professinoal service is one of the best things that brands can do when trying to figure out the process of IP Geolocation. Finding a good service that is able to do this is also important and one of the main facets that you should try to acheive. Location Smart is a company that has emerged as a prominent option for those who want a good service who is well versed with the entire process of IP Geolocation.


Brands all over the country have started to rely on Location Smart to be able to carry out their process of IP Geolocation and to ensure that their needs are being met when it comes to this. The work done by the company is nothing short of impressive, which is why so many clients have had positive reviews about the company and the service that it provides.


One of the biggest positives of opting for services offered by Location Smart is the reduced risk that clients have to face. When opting for any kind of online service, there is always going to be the possibility that this is a scam and not a real service. Brands don’t ever have to worry about that when choosing something like Location Smart, which is able to help businesses who want to carry out IP Geolocation.


Safeguarding one’s data is also incredibly important when operating through an online medium, and brands that are conducting IP Geolocation on their own are often vulnerable to attacks and hackers. Location Smart ensures that their clients are well taken care of and information is safe when operating in this manner.


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The Quality Assurance of ViSalus Products

You have decided to lose weight but how do you go about it? ViSalus can help you achieve all your health goals quickly, easily and economically. It offers a unique challenge opportunity that delivers real results to the real people. Take its Body by Vi 90-day Challenge and see how it transforms your life. Achieve the health and fitness levels that make you a better person physically and in other ways as well. You will come across stories of other people who have taken advantage of this challenge and lost weight substantially. It is a highly effective plan that delivers the results not only to the overweight people but also to the people who are just trying to remain fit and healthy.

Do not worry that you will be put through a strict diet plan that forces you to go hungry or eat bland and unappetizing foods. ViSalus products have been developed after lots of research. Once you start consuming these food and drink products, you will realize how science can make even nutritious foods delicious for human consumption.

A wide range of healthy meals, drinks, supplements, snacks and shakes are listed at the ViSalus website. All these products can be ordered separately or in combination under the monthly delivery order plan. Whichever option you choose, you will get all the ordered products delivered at your doorstep.

ViSalus offers a 90-day challenge that motivates you to achieve your weight loss, fitness and health goals. Do not delay taking this challenge. Browse the complete list of delicious and nutritious meals this company makes. These products are manufactured under strict quality control environment. You are assured of receiving products that have been manufactured under stringent quality control system. View Related Info Here.

The ingredients and ready products pass through several tests to ensure top quality of the final products. The contents are packed under the most hygienic condition. The Vi manufacturing and packaging centers comply with all food and drink manufacturing laws. With its offices across Los Angeles, CA and Italy, ViSalus assures its customers quick delivery of their Vi product orders.


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About Blake Mallen Who Is a Self-Made Millionaire

Blake Mallen is a renowned lifestyle entrepreneur, millennial influencer, investor, and a TED speaker. He is also the co-founder and president of two global lifestyle brands. Most people know him as the president and co-founder of ViSalus, which is a personal health product company. The company operates in a direct to customer style, and it offers an assortment of lifestyle-oriented products such as an energy drinks and nutritional supplements. Blake Mallen graduated with a bachelor’s degree from the University of California, Irvine. But he was always concerned that doing things in the conventional ways would not lead him to where he wanted to be in life.

At the age of 20, he co-founded a health transformational platform known as Vi. Up to now, the platform has generated more than $2 billion in revenue, which clearly shows how successful it is. By the age of 25, he was already a self-made millionaire, and by when he was 30 he co-owned a billion-dollar brand. Because of his evident success, many people sought his advice on how they could achieve their personal and business goals. The many people who sought his advice made Blake Mallen want to help individuals and entrepreneur be able to tap from their potentials. His important lesson is that it is that to be successful, it is not necessary to follow the status quo. Instead, one should challenge the traditional ways of doing things and try something new and innovative.

The main reason behind this is that there are too many people trying to do things in conventional techniques. Among the many people who try the traditional methods, only a few are able to succeed. But trying new ways gives people opportunities to learn new things which can result in good returns. Blake Mallen is highly sought even by a big businesses, which would like to grow rapidly. He is also a speaker where he is invented in events and conferences to give people the necessary motivation. Some of the topics he covers include; entrepreneurship, personal growth, leadership, social marketing, and brand building. He is married to his high school sweetheart, and they have a son and a daughter whom he hopes will grow to become a prominent leaders.


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Ever notice that the people who are most sensitive to being judged, are the ones who judge the most? . And those who often cast stones on others, are usually blind to their own personal flaws? . In my experience… . People who judge the most, often have the most to be judged. . People who are most angry toward others, are often internally angry at themselves. . People who hate on others the most, often internally hate themselves the most. . People who believe in the intentions of others, often have genuine intentions themselves. . And people who love themselves, love others. And those who love others, love themselves. . Bottom line: our perception of others, is often just a reflection of ourselves. . Gimme if you’d love to see less judgment and more kindness!!! . . . : @ben.ivers . #judgement #kindsness #love #selfworth #change

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Michael Nierenberg Discussed Foreclosures

In an article on the Medium website, Michael Nierenberg explains why foreclosures are typically a losing situation for both the homeowner and the investor holding the note. Some investors buy non-performing mortgage notes for pennies on the dollar in the hope of making a profitable exit. If the exit ends up being through a foreclosure, the homeowner loses in two ways: any equity there might have been is lost, and the homeowner is saddled with a foreclosure on his or her credit report. For the investor, a foreclosure is expensive both in terms of fees and the time needed to complete the foreclosure process.

In the article, Michael Nierenberg points out the challenges in “Judicial States.” Simply put, some states require a judicial procedure for any foreclosure. Other states – referred to as “Non-Judicial” – do not require a judicial procedure. While most investors hope to work out a deal with the homeowners to avoid the extra costs associated with foreclosures, this does not always happen. Michael Nierenberg presents data showing that the foreclosure rate in judicial states is twice as high as for non-judicial states.

Michael Nierenberg is the CEO and Chairman of the Board of New Residential Investment Corp (NYSE: NRZ). This Real Estate Investment Trust (REIT) focuses on investing in residential mortgages.

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The Reviews Are In and EOS Lip Balms Are A Hit

Nearly 80% of females buy lip goods, a number discovered rather high by EOS developers Jonathan Teller and Sanjiv Mehra. They wanted to offer a fun and enjoyable choice for females while at the same moment being healthy for the lips. That is when they created EOS, a business that supplies a wide variety of lip balms with tiny round containers, in different colors. The world of lip cure and lip balm, Jonathan and Sanjiv investigated, looking at females.

What they discovered was that most of the products on the market were identical and similar firms were produced. Many of the accessible lip balm goods were not intended solely for females, as Jonathan and Sanjiv wished when they established EOS to offer. When the couple designed the form of EOS lip balms and products to be available until they had an understanding with females in mind, Jonathan kept his patience and composure. Each lip balm container of the EOS is formed like an egg so it is easy to find in a bag, a vehicle or a big sac.

EOS Lip Balm Reviews have all been 5 stars. They make their Lip balms from organic ingredients that are both healthy for your lips and environmentally friendly. They have many different flavors and scents that will just leave you in pure bliss. They are also constantly coming out with new products that also get 5 star reviews. The new strawberry sorbet flavor is a big hit right now with the fans. And they are always finding ways to make their products better and better.You will absolutely love all of their wonderful products and your lips will thank you for it. Your health is important to EOS and they will do everything they can to give you the best lip balms not only for your lips but also your wallet as well.

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Dick DeVos Is A Capitalistic And Education Superstar In Grand Rapids

The DeVos family walks on water in Grand Rapids Michigan. Richard DeVos, the patriarch, and co-founder of Amway passed away in 2018, but his legacy lives on in his son Dick. Thanks to his dad Dick got an upper-crust education. Richard DeVos had a net worth of more than $5 billion when he left the planet in 2018.



Young Dick DeVos was president of Amway in the 1990s. Dick helped Amway become an international success. Amway needed a facelift so Dick restructured the company by creating a new parent company called Alticor. He resigned from Alticor in 2002.



Mr. DeVos also owned the Orlando Magic basketball team in the 1990s, but politics was always in Dick’s blood. Betsy and Dick both wanted to make a difference in the political arena in Michigan. Dick wanted to be governor of his home state in 2006, but that didn’t happen. but Dick continued to be a major donor and leader of the Grand Rapids conservative political party.



When Dick’s mind isn’t on politics, he and Betsy spent a lot of time, money, and energy developing Michigan’s charter school program. DeVos wants to replace public schools with for-profit charter schools. Betsy is on a mission to replace the public system with the DeVos charter school agenda.



Losing the governor’s race changed Dick’s political perspective. He realized Betsy had a better chance of reaching the pinnacle in politics. Betsy dream during her adolescent years and throughout college was to be a national political figure. Grand Rapids politics and the healthy donations Dick and Betsy made to the Republican party were the stepping stone that gave Betsy the exposure to attract Trump’s attention in 2016.



When Trump nominated Betsy for the education job, Dick knew Betsy’s dream was finally a reality. But Betsy has had a lot of issues during her term as education secretary. The press continues to point out her lack of knowledge about the education system. And Congress continues to trash talk her for doing Trump’s education dirty work.



Betsy told the press Dick might want her to leave the education department in 2020. He wants her to get out of the swamp before Trump self-destructs. But Dick and Betsy still support Trump. The couple still believes for-profit charter schools are the answer to all the educations issues facing the country.



Grand Rapids still loves Dick and Betsy. Dick is a big supporter of the right-to-work law, and he is president of the family’s charitable foundation. Dick also gives money to scholarship programs, art competitions, and to several universities across the country.



Mr. DeVos also supports Betsy’s school voucher program. The school voucher program helps students from low-income families get a better education, according to Betsy and Dick.


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Igor Cornelsen: Investment Strategies and Role of Governments in Creating Enabling Environment

A Brazilian national by birth, Igor Cornelsen studied engineering at the University of Parana. Later switching his interests to economics and securing employment in investment banking after completing his studies. He has decades of experience in wealth creation, having used his skills to advance the success of several firms he has worked for throughout his career.

Important to his success has been his grasp of the workings of the Brazilian Shares Market. His previous engagements having helped him grasp the inner workings of banking and businesses countrywide. He has judiciously used this knowledge to assist some companies to turn into successful ventures. He continues to actively identify and track financial investment strategies that produce positive outcomes in the business environment.

Most of his strategies are around the stocks market, centering on long-term investment with the view to make profits to last through retirement. For this reason, his policies are not short-term and seek to analyze what will happen in the future to make significant gains. He views making small investments and diversification of stocks as the key to reducing the risk of losses, as opposed to investing large amounts in a single stock. However, this strategy works with long-term investment and where shares picked show consistency.

Interestingly, he advises investing in low-priced stocks that are affordable to the majority of the masses, noting that companies associated with these stocks usually achieve stability. It is vital to familiarize yourself with the particular business environment existing at a specific time of investing. The exchange rates when investing is of importance as favorable foreign exchange rates bring better profits.

Cornelsen advocates for market systems where the government plays a crucial role in creating an enabling environment for investors. He notes that national economies grow when the investors feel their interests are secure. It is also essential for governments to link lenders to borrowers who do not have regular access to finance.

Scott Gelb Joins Diversity Initiatives at Riot Games

Scott Gelb is the COO of Riot Games and has recently joined diversity initiatives at Riot. The goal is for Gelb to help Angela Roseboro, the newly appointed Chief Diversity Officer, create a welcoming and diverse atmosphere in the workplace. Riot is a gaming company that prides itself on creativity and diversity is an important piece of where the creativity comes from.

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Riot realized that adding the diversity team would help improve employee morale and create a more welcoming, safe and creative work environment. Scott Gelb is a critical part of this initiative and tasked with connecting employees with one another. Gelb will be looking to help Roseboro embrace the unique life experiences and work experiences that employees have and reward them for their perspectives. Read more at Digital Mode.

How Indian-American Businessman Vinod Gupta Found Success In The Database Industry

Born and raised in Rampur Manhyaran, India, Vinod Gupta moved to Nebraska in his early 20s. He grew up in a rural town that didn’t have roads, toilets, TVs, cars, or electricity. After serving a stint in the Indian Air Force, he enrolled at the Indian Institute of Technology in Kharagpur. He studied agricultural engineering and graduated in 1967. He moved to Nebraska in 1968 and continued his education at the University of Nebraska, earning a master’s degree in agricultural engineering in 1971.

He moved to Omaha and got a job at Commodore Corp., a mobile home manufacturer. This led to him building a database of mobile home retailers across the United States in his spare time so that Commodore could market its products to them. He gave them the option of buying exclusive rights for this database for $9000 but they declined. This meant he gave it to them for free but was able to sell it to other manufacturing firms.

He took out a $100 loan so he could pay for a direct marketing campaign about what his company offered. This led to five-figure checks coming in from mobile home manufacturers across the country. Vinod Gupta expanded his company to compiling lists of retailers in other industries. He eventually sold his interest in the company for $680 million.

He now owns an investment firm, Everest Group LLC. Vinod Gupta is also a philanthropist, starting the Vinod Gupta Foundation. He gives money to create educational opportunities for young people in India and the U.S. An example of this is Ram Rati Gupta Polytechnic. He provided $1 million to establish this women’s school that offers post-graduate degrees. Another example is providing money to ITT Kharagpur to establish the Rajiv Gandhi School of Intellectual Property Law.

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Sharon Prince Advocates for a Hopeful World

The well-rounded business women Sharon Prince strive to generate a healthier world through Grace Farms. She’s an enormous advocate for spreading hope, help, and happiness to individuals of all walks of life. Prince provides a hopeful space concentrated around togetherness, faith, and outdoor activities.

She takes action to remind us that a hopeful environment is powerful and can cause positive change in the world. Sharon Prince Grace Farms and the unique design of the River building does just that. River building allows visitors a 360-degree view of rolling vistas of seasonal landscape. Introducing people to a serine environment allows them to escape their day to day problems. Prince helps open people’s minds and produces hope into their lives.

Sharon Prince Grace Farms is a peaceful, welcoming atmosphere that can stimulate new perspectives. Visitors have the opportunity to interact and learn from human rights advocates, acclaimed artists, interfaith leaders, and the general public. This allows guests to open their minds to a new view of the world. At Grace Farms, individuals reduce the speed of their everyday routines. This encourages people to think creatively, enjoy their surroundings, and engage in surprising conversations that empower hope in their lives. The environment helps people, but visitors do have to take the initiative to commit to change. Refer to This Article for additional information.

Grace Farms is a community that allows people to learn and grow with one another. Prince created a fellowship where addressing complicated and challenging circumstances can expedite progress in life. People can make great life changes because they have so much support.

By having an open dialogue in the Grace Farms community, it increases productivity in the world. Advancement and change happen because organizations and people get to share and understand the difficulty society faces. With a new attitude produced by hope, Grace Farms helps propel a better future for all. Refer to This Article for additional information.


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