The Reviews Are In and EOS Lip Balms Are A Hit

Nearly 80% of females buy lip goods, a number discovered rather high by EOS developers Jonathan Teller and Sanjiv Mehra. They wanted to offer a fun and enjoyable choice for females while at the same moment being healthy for the lips. That is when they created EOS, a business that supplies a wide variety of lip balms with tiny round containers, in different colors. The world of lip cure and lip balm, Jonathan and Sanjiv investigated, looking at females.

What they discovered was that most of the products on the market were identical and similar firms were produced. Many of the accessible lip balm goods were not intended solely for females, as Jonathan and Sanjiv wished when they established EOS to offer. When the couple designed the form of EOS lip balms and products to be available until they had an understanding with females in mind, Jonathan kept his patience and composure. Each lip balm container of the EOS is formed like an egg so it is easy to find in a bag, a vehicle or a big sac.

EOS Lip Balm Reviews have all been 5 stars. They make their Lip balms from organic ingredients that are both healthy for your lips and environmentally friendly. They have many different flavors and scents that will just leave you in pure bliss. They are also constantly coming out with new products that also get 5 star reviews. The new strawberry sorbet flavor is a big hit right now with the fans. And they are always finding ways to make their products better and better.You will absolutely love all of their wonderful products and your lips will thank you for it. Your health is important to EOS and they will do everything they can to give you the best lip balms not only for your lips but also your wallet as well.

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