Dick DeVos Is A Capitalistic And Education Superstar In Grand Rapids

The DeVos family walks on water in Grand Rapids Michigan. Richard DeVos, the patriarch, and co-founder of Amway passed away in 2018, but his legacy lives on in his son Dick. Thanks to his dad Dick got an upper-crust education. Richard DeVos had a net worth of more than $5 billion when he left the planet in 2018.



Young Dick DeVos was president of Amway in the 1990s. Dick helped Amway become an international success. Amway needed a facelift so Dick restructured the company by creating a new parent company called Alticor. He resigned from Alticor in 2002.



Mr. DeVos also owned the Orlando Magic basketball team in the 1990s, but politics was always in Dick’s blood. Betsy and Dick both wanted to make a difference in the political arena in Michigan. Dick wanted to be governor of his home state in 2006, but that didn’t happen. but Dick continued to be a major donor and leader of the Grand Rapids conservative political party.



When Dick’s mind isn’t on politics, he and Betsy spent a lot of time, money, and energy developing Michigan’s charter school program. DeVos wants to replace public schools with for-profit charter schools. Betsy is on a mission to replace the public system with the DeVos charter school agenda.



Losing the governor’s race changed Dick’s political perspective. He realized Betsy had a better chance of reaching the pinnacle in politics. Betsy dream during her adolescent years and throughout college was to be a national political figure. Grand Rapids politics and the healthy donations Dick and Betsy made to the Republican party were the stepping stone that gave Betsy the exposure to attract Trump’s attention in 2016.



When Trump nominated Betsy for the education job, Dick knew Betsy’s dream was finally a reality. But Betsy has had a lot of issues during her term as education secretary. The press continues to point out her lack of knowledge about the education system. And Congress continues to trash talk her for doing Trump’s education dirty work.



Betsy told the press Dick might want her to leave the education department in 2020. He wants her to get out of the swamp before Trump self-destructs. But Dick and Betsy still support Trump. The couple still believes for-profit charter schools are the answer to all the educations issues facing the country.



Grand Rapids still loves Dick and Betsy. Dick is a big supporter of the right-to-work law, and he is president of the family’s charitable foundation. Dick also gives money to scholarship programs, art competitions, and to several universities across the country.



Mr. DeVos also supports Betsy’s school voucher program. The school voucher program helps students from low-income families get a better education, according to Betsy and Dick.


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