Igor Cornelsen: Investment Strategies and Role of Governments in Creating Enabling Environment

A Brazilian national by birth, Igor Cornelsen studied engineering at the University of Parana. Later switching his interests to economics and securing employment in investment banking after completing his studies. He has decades of experience in wealth creation, having used his skills to advance the success of several firms he has worked for throughout his career.

Important to his success has been his grasp of the workings of the Brazilian Shares Market. His previous engagements having helped him grasp the inner workings of banking and businesses countrywide. He has judiciously used this knowledge to assist some companies to turn into successful ventures. He continues to actively identify and track financial investment strategies that produce positive outcomes in the business environment.

Most of his strategies are around the stocks market, centering on long-term investment with the view to make profits to last through retirement. For this reason, his policies are not short-term and seek to analyze what will happen in the future to make significant gains. He views making small investments and diversification of stocks as the key to reducing the risk of losses, as opposed to investing large amounts in a single stock. However, this strategy works with long-term investment and where shares picked show consistency.

Interestingly, he advises investing in low-priced stocks that are affordable to the majority of the masses, noting that companies associated with these stocks usually achieve stability. It is vital to familiarize yourself with the particular business environment existing at a specific time of investing. The exchange rates when investing is of importance as favorable foreign exchange rates bring better profits.

Cornelsen advocates for market systems where the government plays a crucial role in creating an enabling environment for investors. He notes that national economies grow when the investors feel their interests are secure. It is also essential for governments to link lenders to borrowers who do not have regular access to finance.

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