Sergey Petrossov’s JetSmarter

Sergey Petrossov

CEO and founder of JetSmarter Sergey Petrossov got his idea for JetSmarter in 2009 when he learned that the average airplane flies around two hundred hours per year when they are capable of flying almost twelve hundred hours per year. Sergey Petrossov decided then that he could come up with an idea to make flying more cost efficient on everyone who wants to fly privately. Currently, JetSmarter is connecting like-minded people with over one hundred twenty flights a day and the members of Jetsmarter can choose to either hop on an existing plane or they can create their own departure date and time for others to join. To date, JetSmarter has connected with over thirty-two hundred airplanes globally.

A JetSmarter passenger can start their membership for as little as $15000 for their first year’s membership. One of the great perks that come with the membership is the can board any JetSmarter flight, or they can create their own itinerary for others to join if they are less flexible in time of departure or arrival. Since 2012 when JetSmarter launched it has quickly become one of the leading in its industry.

Sergey Petrossov hopes that by the year 2020 JetSmarter will be the top in the industry and with its perks and benefits, that is very likely to happen. For anyone wanting a new lifestyle in their aviation transportation, JetSmarter is an option to try. The exclusivity and relationships formed are well worth it. JetSmarter is sure to continue to make great strides in all of its accomplishments for years to come.

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