Luke Lazarus Offers Business Consulting With Impact

Startups are more numerous than ever before, but they also fail at a higher rate than other businesses because of the many hurdles they face soon after creation. Luke Lazarus is a business consultant that gives businesses of all sizes and in all industries that leg up that they need to keep growing and thriving.

When you are successful in business yourself, people notice and they begin to ask for advice and watch what you are doing in order to replicate or improve the way they do business themselves. This is something that Luke Lazarus realized and then capitalized on after creating, running, and selling four companies of his very own.

Lazarus saw an opportunity to provide coaching and consulting to new businesses in a time when they are most vulnerable to business issues that lead to failure. By helping others achieve their business goals through concise, clear direction, Lazarus is creating even more success for himself in the world of business. Read more: Luke Lazarus Helps Companies Go From Zero to IPO and Luke Lazarus | Crunchbase

Consulting other businesses and entrepreneurs through his products, advice, and sound business information, Luke Lazarus has essentially created yet another business for himself, one that will always fill a need and result in more benefit than just product or services sold.

Lazarus’ business consulting platform has been so influential and successful that not only has he helped several businesses make it through those first tumultuous years, but many of the companies and startups that consulted with him have gone on to become multi million dollar IPOs.

This type of success has led to many recommendations and further business with each company that has some success under their belts. Because the companies success is directly tied to his own business success, it is in Luke’s best interest to ensure that he gives his all in order to ensure that each business is operating to its full potential.

For this reason, Lazarus has a very hands on approach to his consulting technique, learning about the businesses that he works with from the ground up, and that includes learning about the roles and skills of each employee from the founder to the most recent hire.

With his upfront style, Lazarus is able to offer the advice and detailed information to the company that is personal and specific to their operation, management, and gaps that may exist.

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