OSI Group: Spreading the Benefit of a Large Network

At Drapers’ Hall, London, OSI Group was honored at an awards lunchen. The British Safety Council gave them the Globe of Honour Award. This award reflected that counsel’s investigations in to the impact of the degree to which OSI’s treatment of foods impacts the environment. In 2016, OSI was deemed to have environmentally friendly practices in this area.

This award came after having already won the highest ranking in the council’s auditing process for environmental management. Experts investigate all aspects of the food process. Companies that have proven to value the environment as seriously as safety and have the leadership to implement that value are worthy to receive the award.

Since OSI started operating in Scunthorpe England in 1989 it has received the Glove of Honour three times. The amount of gas which OSI adds to the air while manufacturing is admirably small in the view of such officials as Lynda Armstrong, who chairs the British Safety Council.

Back stateside, OSI Group is considered one of America’s top 100 companies. They have a wide distribution network with which to provide food to restaurants such as McDonalds and retailers. They are able to get so many customers because they only work with food materials from high quality sources.

Because they have 65 places of business across the globe, they are able to find many sources of quality product. Having 200,000 people working for them gives OSI the ability to come up with and implement innovative solutions for their customers.

When a product comes to OSI, it is in its raw form. After OSI is done with it, the food product is in state that is ready for cooking. Vacuum packaging of different sizes are used to make sure the recipient gets delievered fresh to places like McDonalds.

OSI works hard to make sure its global infrastructure creates added value to the service and products it provides.

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