Luke Lazarus- A startups Consultant in Melbourne

Luke Lazarus is a Melbourne-based startup consultant. For two decades, he has managed to team up with entrepreneurs to help them in building business plans, advising them on good partnerships, and offering insights on the steps that they can take to manage growth.

Luke Lazarus loves working with startups since they are the most likely to make blunders. He, therefore, helps them to come up with solutions that will lead them on the path of success.

Luke has a strong educational background. At the age of 24 years, he obtained his executive MBA. At the age of 33 years, Luke had started and sold four successful companies. It is from the experience he has gathered over the years that he is now helping struggling businesses to start or regain profits.

The success of every business, especially a startup, is determined by the strength of the business plan. Once a business leader has defined and identified plans and projections that will likely lead to success, that is a strong foundation for growth.

In his work, Luke Lazarus has several things that he helps startups to established.

Business plans

A business plan defines the vision of a business. It is, therefore, necessary for every startup to have a solid business plan that will reverberate with investors customers. One way to create this kind of business plan is to come up with a story that is easy for all to understand. Read more: Luke Lazarus | Medium and Luke Lazarus –

Boardroom presentations

Luke Lazarus understands the importance of boardroom presentations, especially when looking for investors. Such presentations need to be compelling and resonating with the audience. With millions of dollars available to startups, it is important to have a consultant like Luke Lazarus, who has a proven track record of creating easy-to-understand and relatable stories.

Market research

The importance of market research for a startup needs to be understood and taken with the seriousness it deserves. Luke Lazarus has experience in this area since he has worked with many e-commerce businesses. He understands the right research models that ensure a startup has identified customer influence points and segmented markets.

Financial projections

For a startup to be on the path of success, it needs to emphasize matters of finances. It is vital to monitor cash flow as well as projecting profitability in order to keep the business productive at all times. This initiative is also important because it gives investors a clear picture of the future of the startup.

Operational improvements

Luke Lazarus has had many instances where he has been at the top leadership of different startups. He is, therefore, familiar with methods of assessing and diagnosing issues that hamper business development.

From his track record, Luke Lazarus the best person to offer startups guidance on the direction to take in order to position themselves for profitability and stability.

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