Sergey Petrossov Comes Up With a Solution to Flight Booking Challenges

The founder of JetSmarter company is a successful man by the name Sergey Petrossov. He recently received the Forbes 30 under 30 in Consumer Technology award. Apart from the Forbes award, Sergey Petrossov was also given the Top working Professional Award in Florida. The main objective and goal of Petrossov in life are to come up with various ways of innovating industries.

Before Sergey Petrossov started the JetSmarter company, he was involved in the founding of two major Information Technology Projects. He worked on these two projects together with his trusted colleagues. The two projects which are so far doing very well include a Russian educational organizations platform and an online chat system to provide or support customer service.

Sergey Petrossov also worked for another prominent jet company. At the company, Petrossov was given the role of advising the board. The very first time that he flew on a private jet, he was keen enough to note some various challenges. The challenges were mostly brought about by the method that was used in the booking of the flights. The method used in the booking was known as the Brick-and-mortar method. Sergey Petrossov had a feeling that this tedious jet booking method could be changed to a better method through the use of Technology. In an effort to solve this problem, the JetSmarter was born.

Sergey Petrossov made efforts to gather the development team which would be involved in the development of the application. After some time, the beta- version was released. The application was later on officially released for use by the public in the year 2013. The tech-team that developed the JetSmarter application is said to have also provided its technical know-how to large companies such as Microsoft, BMW company and also Nokia.

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