Isabel dos Santos talks about the Struggles of an African Businessman

The 45-years old business mogul has gained global recognition due to her career success over the years. She is the daughter of a former African president. Even though she was brought up in a wealthy family, Isabel dos Santos has always been focused on accomplishing her career goals and building her own business empire. The businesswoman displayed her excellent leadership skills while working as a management official at an Angolan oil company called Sonangol by transforming its operations (Wikipedia).


Currently, she engages in various charitable activities that benefit people from around the world. The businesswoman is always encourages African women to pursue their career goals and to venture into business. According to her, other entrepreneurs in the continent should use their time and resources to give back to society as this would help to grow the global economy. She acknowledges that female African entrepreneurs have a hard time due to prejudice and discrimination against them.


Isabel chose to focus on philanthropic activities that empower other female entrepreneurs in the continent instead of giving up. She hopes that future entrepreneurs will find a favorable environment for them to thrive in their careers. Some of the people that the Angolan business executive interacts with during various events attribute her success to her husband’s work. Isabel dos Santos urges other businesswomen to be persistent when raising capital for their ventures.


During one of her recent interviews, she pointed out that most investors tend to prefer men as managers of their projects. Isabel dos Santos believes that women can also be successful entrepreneurs if they are given opportunities to display their talents and pursue their dream careers. According to the Africa’s richest woman, female entrepreneurs in the continent should pursue business ventures that are in line with their passion.


She has attended various national and international forums to discuss youth and women empowerment in the continent. During the Africa Summit, Isabel revealed that there had been great strides in Africa’s telecommunication industry. According to her, residents have also embraced the digitization of different sectors, including banking. Isabel dos Santos urged relevant stakeholders to facilitate the use of technology in agriculture as this would lead to lower production cost.
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