Food Lover Andrey Andreev Shows Talent by Supporting Others

As a teacher, I recently had a student who told me about a dating app where she was the one who made the first move. Many times we get excited about apps such as this one but don’t think about the people behind them. For Bumble, this might be where it gets more interesting. Andrey Andreev is forty-four years old and recently got his name on the Forbes millionaires list. He seems mysterious to many people in Russia, where he was born and raised, toting him the name of “the most mysterious businessman in the West”.

This proves to be untrue though. These people probably have not seen him because he is frequenting places they are not. Places like L’Atelier, a Michelin-starred restaurant, have dishes that he helped create. L’Atelier has both an onion soup and a signature bloody mary dish of his.  Interestingly enough, Andrey Andreev became such a good cook because he had to stay home alone late when he was six years old. Knowing that he had to feed himself, he called emergency services and the ladies walked him through the steps of making a simple meal. He also spent time at his grandmother’s house in the summer, working with the garden. This passion for fresh food has helped him to create a garden for himself as well.

Going back to his signature title, he believes the mystery comes from the fact that he has multiple apps that are internationally known. In doing so, Andrey Andreev recognizes that it is not all him though, crediting much of the beauty of the apps to the designers he hires, noting that he only helps in the design process and makes tweaks. This seems to be Andrey´s signature move- he assists those who are already great at what they do. Helping people be their best is what makes him great at what he does.

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