Bennett Graebners’ Attributes of Success in Modern Television

Bennett S. Graebner is an American television executive producer for Warner Brothers. He was born on July 30, 1971 in Buffalo, New York. He graduated from Vassar College. Graebner earned MFA from the University of Southern California school of cinematic arts. He is best known for executive producing the Bachelor and the Bachelorette T.V. Shows.


These series of reality based shows have been ranked in the top fifty since the premiere season back in 2002. His shows have won numerous awards including; BMI Films & T.V. Awards, Teen Choice Awards, and ASCAP Television and Film Awards. Graebner attributes his success to not allowing himself to spend time on mistakes but to instead, focus on good ideas. He also believes in thanking everyone he comes in contact with because it’s a good thing to do (Metacritic).


Bennett knows how to work with other people, he also refuses to become a difficult person, nor does he desire to work with difficult people. He stated recently that he always looking for new ideas to bring to life.Bennett Graebner is inspired by friends, other forms of media, and people who are familiar with the camera. He understands how to get people to express their story in their words and contexts. This explains why his shows are so popular and successful.


They give the viewers a glimpse of how emotional the story is to the speaker. Viewers can imagine themselves in the position of who they want to win the roses, and experience some of the heart-ache when they fail. Today, Bennet Graebner lives in Los Angels, California with his wife and two kids. He continues to produce the Bachelor which is in it’s twenty-third season and the Bachelorette which is in it’s fifteenth season. Graebner begins everyday with a four mile run and lots of coffee. His motto is to always be honest and, as long as his shows continue to do so, they will remain endearing to it’s viewers.


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