Who Is Steve Ritchie Exactly?

Many people may know Papa Johns for being one of the largest well-renowned pizza franchise’s in the world, but they may not know the boss behind the scenes. Steve Ritchie is the president and chief executive officer of Papa Johns. Steve has dedicated a lot of time with the franchise, over twenty years in fact. He slowly climbed his way up the ladder by serving and taking part in many key roles throughout the company. Ritchie currently resides in Louisville, Kentucky, where he also grew up. At the young age of 18, Steve purchased his first pizzeria for $16,000, one could say he was destined for the pizza industry. Getting into the pizza business early has paved the way for his successful future.

Ritchie became COO of the Papa Johns franchise in 2006, enabling him to deliver important insight and different approaches for owners who manage local restaurants of the Papa Johns franchise. Moving up in rank, he became the president of Papa John since 2015 but recently moved on to become the CEO toward the ending of 2017. He enrolled in the board of directors at Papa Johns shortly after investing $200 million dollars into the business, which he received from the hedge fund Starboard Value. As the chief executive, he is responsible for a great number of roles in the franchise, including planning strategical approaches in global development and orchestrates brand awareness.

Steve Ritchie is devoted to improving the culture of the major company by introducing different professional outside the company to change previous diversity policies. Steve doesn’t only care about his costumers but he also intends on making the employees of Papa Johns more satisfied and proud to be a part of the team. Ritchie is not only a well-polished businessman but he holds a reputable title as a compassionate human being.

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