Isabel dos Santos Weighs in on Development in Africa.

At a United Nations forum held in New York, the skilled business professional, Isabel dos Santos, spoke about the economic empowerment of women as the primary strategy towards transforming society. Her encouraging message has inspired several citizens in various African countries to pursue business. Isabel dos Santos holds that some of the most successful entrepreneurs come from Africa. However, the entrepreneurial spirit has been eroded by the stigmatization of women working in the corporate world. This has played a role in robbing the continent of talented innovators thereby preventing women from achieving their career objectives.

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By making sure that emerging professionals can gain access to the same education as well as job opportunities as men, Isabel dos Santos has reiterates that she can transform this attitude by instilling confidence in young women. Forbes has declared Isabel dos Santos as Africa’s richest woman. She has a net worth of over $1 billion. Dos Santos amassed her properties through different business ventures in Africa as well as Portugal. She owns companies in different sectors such as telecommunications, retail, energy, as well as finance. She is also devoted to giving back to the community. Dos Santos is charitable. She empowers the women of Africa to give back to the community. Isabel dos Santos has spent most of her time planting various seeds in the continent. She focuses her energy on Angola. Here, she also meets young people and engages them in useful talks that will help build their careers.

The skilled business professional also visits these individuals in small rooms at their institutions. She sparks debates about the economic development of the continent. Isabel also encourages young women to leverage the increased use of technology as well as artificial intelligence. Giving back to society is one of Isabel’s main agenda. She encourages her employees to support charity programs. She has formalized her charity work and actively engages in such initiatives. Isabel spares time off her busy schedule to travel to the ground and interact with different individuals from various communities. As such, she has supported the healthcare sector in the battle against malaria.

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