The Market Trend Insights by Steve Lesnard

The trends in the marketing world continue to change, therefore for a firm to thrive in such a dynamic market; it should up their game. Even the social media platforms where many producers showcase their products, the different media houses and publications have evolved on the way they operate. According to Steve Lesnard, producers should follow the two rules he suggested. If they are followed to the latter, then the firms are assured of success in their endeavors. Every firm desire to increase the sales and maximize production as it cut on the cost of operations. For this to come true, therefore, the firm needs to utilize the feedback from consumers and purpose to meet their needs for the customer is always right.

Steve Lesnard suggests that the producers should make products memorable for the consumers by keeping them simple. Focus on one need in the market and purpose to meet it. Keep the story right to the consumers. Tell them what is new and what needs the feature will meet. Let your team focus on one element while advertising the product.

The 10 songs in your pocket by the iPod is a good example. The company focused on the music on the go feature of their products. So, everybody that needed to listen to music while doing other errands could go for that specific iPod product. With time, the company has introduced the features in addition to the music on the go. The iPod watches, the security factors are among the new features.

Steve Lesnard’s second rule is to endeavor to make it real by bringing it to life. This is the standard form of advertisement. You have to bring the product to life by showing how it is used. You can achieve this by showing some reviews from your past client, or some videos showing how the product is used. Yeti is a good example; they hired outdoor ambassadors who used the Yeti products in the field. Many customers were impressed to see the bottles keep drinks either cold or warm which resulted in increased sells of their containers.

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