Gustavo Martinez on Finding the Best Working Formula for Success in the Marketing Industry

The Internet of Things (IoT) brings new possibilities to the world of marketing and advertising according to Gustavo Martinez. Having worked in the industry as a Marketing and Advertising Consultant for more than three decades, Gustavo Martinez is excited about the prospects of Iot in increasing sales and revenues for businesses in the future.

By monitoring the behavioral patterns of potential customers, companies will, in future, have the opportunity to pitch their goods and services when clients are most likely to respond positively to the call to action.

Unlike other industries, the advertising and marketing industry is dependent on creative talent. As such, it is crucial for leaders in the industry to not only spot and recruit the best talent in the business sector but also to nurture it for the advertising firm to be successful.

This calls for generosity in compensation, but also for leaders to pay attention to the input of every member of the team in implementing a given project.

Additionally, leaders should know how to work with a wide diversity of talent to bring together team members who complement each other’s abilities.

Given creatives never adhere to the nine to five work schedule typical in other industries, it is vital to provide them with the freedom and space to work so that they can deliver their best work for the benefit of the business. Read more: Gustavo Martinez | Crunchbase

Currently, Gustavo Martinez is working on a project on increasing the success rate of startups given most fail within the first three years. Consequently, the marketing element in the operations of a startup is important.

By delivering a system which gets rid of the trial and error approach taken by most startups, Gustavo Martinez together with UV Business Acceleration is streamlining the delivery of results by taking into account user experience, technology design and functionality, and insights from analytics.

On charity, Gustavo Martinez is of the opinion that it is important to engage in acts of kindness towards your community whenever you have the opportunity to do so. However, such generosity should stem from genuine compassion and not from an advertising point of view.

The minute you plaster your name all over a given philanthropic initiative, it transforms from an act of charity to an advertising campaign. Consequently, if you are going to give, you should give without hoping for any media attention. Above all, charity should always begin at home.

Being a workaholic, Gustavo Martinez has to find the right work-life balance to ensure no area of his life is neglected. As such, when he is not traveling, he takes time in the morning to share breakfast with his family before retreating to the confines of his office until evening.

To remain productive at work, he not only ensures he brings together the best teams, but he also engages in active listening by giving everyone a listening ear.

Over the years, he has found that this approach gives him the best results at work. In the past, Gustavo Martinez has worked with global brands such as Henkel, Ogilvy and Mather, Price Waterhouse, and J. Walter Thompson Worldwide.

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