Dan Bethelmy-Rada Shows Sustainability With R.A.W.

Dan Bethelmy-Rada is the Global Brand President for L’Oreal. He holds a B.S in commerce from Pantheon-Sorbonne University and an M.S from ESSEC Business School. Before joining L’Oreal, Dan was the director of Garnier International, then moved up to Assistant Vice President and then to Deputy General Manager. After joining the L’Oreal team, Dan worked for almost two years on a campaign called R.A.W.

Consumers are leaning more toward sustainable and environmentally friendly products so Dan Bethelmy-Rada is working to create R.A.W. a more natural line of hair care products by L’Oreal. These products will have no sulfates, silicone or parabens. They will come from sustainable sources and will be environmentally friendly. Plants and minerals make up some of their ingredients, along with others such as fungi and honey. The company uses volcanic clay, coriander and quinoa husk that come from sustainable supply sources. They will be 70 percent natural and 90 percent biodegradable.

It was a huge investment to make this line of products but Dan Bethelmy-Rada wanted L’Oreal to have a product that was up to the standards that the hair care company wanted. They started a digital campaign called #LiveRaw. Their Instagram videos are about sustainability and hold testimonials from bloggers. L’Oreal has some fun ways to learn about their natural products along with a few ways to be a little nicer to the environment.

The company set up an educational program through R.A.W. to educate salons on methods to be environmentally aware and how to use it in the salon every day. They taught hairdressers how to use less water and power to keep their salons environmentally sustainable. Dan says the R.A.W. products have gotten great reviews and they are getting ready to go global. The brand will be moving into the European market with expectations that it will do well.

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