The Impact of Innovative Technology to Industries

Mr . Louis Chenevert is a Canadian entrepreneur. He served as the Executive officer of a company by the name United Technologies Corporation before retiring. He served at various other positions in the company before his promotion to become the Chief Executive Officer in the year 2010. His place of birth is Montreal. He pursued his bachelor’s degree in Business Administration from the University of Montreal. He also earned his doctorate from the Concordia University. Before joining United Technologies Corporation, Louis Chenevert worked for several other companies such as General Motors, where he served as a General production manager and also worked for Pratt & Whitney.

Louis Chenevert believes that Innovative Technology is quickly changing industries. It has been noted that the tech world is changing at a very speedy rate. New innovations and inventions are coming up after a very short period of time. All these innovations leave people in owe of what new technology will be introduced next. The industries are also changing at a very high rate and they might be very different in some years to come. A good example is that of the films that used to be aired in the older days. They are very different when compared to those that are broadcasted in the modern era. In the early days, movies could only be watched from a theater unlike today where we can watch then from the comfort of our homes through a television. There been an evolution from the use of video cassettes and DVDs to the act of live streaming.

Louis Chenevert has a very clear understanding of how technology can bring change in an industry. He left a good legacy at UTC, a company which is ranked as one of the top companies in the aerospace industry. They have been great partners with NASA for a considerable length of time. During his reign as the CEO of UTC Louis Chenevert learned on how to always focus on the future and try to predict what big thing could be coming next. Think about how revolution can lead to the betterment of things.

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