Paul Mampilly- An Exceptional Investments Analyst

Paul Mampilly is a prominent name in the United States. For two decades, he worked in Wall Street as an investment analyst and researcher. He helped many individuals and organizations to make billions of dollars from his investment advice. Today, Paul is no longer working in Wall Street since he is concentrating on the training of the average American investors. His wish is to see as many Americans as possible live a financially stable life by making sufficient income from various investments. The stock market is one of the platforms through which investors can get financial stability. However many people do not know how they can make the right investment decisions in the stock market.

Paul is assisting those who are willing to learn how they can make the right investment decisions and reap profits from the market. Paul Mampilly started working as a successful researcher in 1991 when he joined Bankers Trust as an assistant portfolio manager. He later impressed organizations such as ING and Deutsche Bank which hired him to run accounts worth millions of dollars. By 2006, he had acquired sufficient experience and his financial knowledge to become a hedge fund manager. He joined Kinetics Asset Management, a firm that had a net worth over $6 billion and helped it to manage its assets that grew to $25 million by the time he was living this firm. Paul Mampilly has been working closely with the average American investors to show them how they can benefit from the opportunities that the market presents.

By following his advice, investors have an opportunity of making unlimited profits from the market. He is particularly passionate about opportunities that are in the field of technology since it is one of the sectors that offer lucrative investment opportunities for even average investors to make huge returns. By keeping a close eye on the trends that are taking place, investors have a chance of investing in opportunities that will pay them handsomely. Paul Mampilly is the author of his Profit Unlimited, a publication that contains vital information about investment opportunities in the stock market. This publication has for two years grown into one of the most followed financial publications in the country. Shortly after it was rolled out, it attracted a subscription of over 100,000 investors.


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