Organo Gold Evolves Without Compromising Quality

It is easy to see how Organo Gold was become as popular as it is. There’s a brand that has surfaced with a few products that were made for consumption, but it became a product line that would expand to the world of healthcare products as well. Bernardo Chua may not have always known that this company would be this well-rounded, but it is clearly a sign of a well thought-out plan to engage consumers in more than one product.

This is not the easy is thing to do. When you get customers interested in a multitude of products you are constantly going to be in a place where you have to train others. This is what the direct sellers are designed to help with. They are the ones that get training through Organo Gold University, and they go out and sell or distribute these new products to potential consumers.

This is a strong game plan for Organo Gold because the product line is able to expand without any specific marketing that is used on television or any type of radio commercials. The product line still has the ability to expand with more direct sellers that are independently promoting the brands in different areas throughout the world. This allows Bernardo Chua to invest in the employees that serve as independent distributors. Chua still gets a chance to continue utilizing gourmet coffee brands for Organo Gold coffee because he cuts the advertising costs. He does not have to compromise the quality.

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