Nicolas Krafft Promotes the Development of L’Oreal Company

Nicolas Krafft is a professional with expertise in business development. He is responsible for the extensive growth of the L’Oreal company. The company specializes in the field of beauty and fashion. He has been able to develop the business through his position as business leader to achieve high growth status. L’Oreal the Company engages in the creation of high-quality beauty products that meet their customers’ requirements.

Nicolas Krafft has played a pivotal role in the growth and development of the institution through the fashion industry’s brands and exhibitions. The company has developed several brands of hair products that have a great demand in the beauty industry. L’Oreal company has got many subsidiaries and many employees with skills and dedication in the execution of their work. The company has created markets for their products all over the world.

The team’s dedication to work

Nicolas Krafft’s L’Oreal prides to have a team of professional staff dedicated in their duties. Nicolas says that the success experienced by the company is due to the individual and collective efforts of all the staff. The company invests heavily in the use of modern technology to promote its brand. Marketing of products through social media platforms has been instrumental in the growth and development of their sales department. Nicolas Krafft serves as the Vice President of Global Business Development at the company.

Values that drive the institution

L’Oreal company is led through the values of integrity, courage, respect, and transparency in all its operations. The company commitment to adherence to these values has led to the creation of the position of Chief Ethics Officer and the Ethics Day. Emmanuel Lulin holds the post of Chief Ethics Officer in the institution and explains that the staff is always committed to work in line with the four principles.

Ethics Day gives the employees a chance to have all their questions answered by the top management officials of L’Oreal. The staff will have all their questions answered through the available channels such as live web chat. It also gives people the chance to think about ethics and how to commit themselves to ethical behavior. L’Oreal promotes communication within its departments to deal with inappropriate behavior that may undermine service delivery.

L’Oreal company promotes environmental sustainability and advocate for human rights. The company’s efforts toward ethical coexistence have enabled it to receive recognition from various professional bodies. Ethisphere Institute recognized the company as one of the world’s most ethical companies. The United Nations honored the company with the Global Compact Lead recognition.

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