Want to Succeed, Follow Nick Vertucci Footsteps

Nick Vertucci was born in a loving and humble family. In his early life, Nick was faced with many challenges more so after the demise of his father. At the age of 18, he started a small business selling computer parts to meet his daily needs. The computer part of sale business grew successfully, but not until the invention of the internet and dot.com crash around 2000 came into existence. His company failed to the extent of losing everything.

Nick Vertucci was determined to succeed, and the failure didn’t stop him. Some of his closest friends motivated Nick to frequently attend real estate meetings and conferences, which he did and changed his dreams. He spent almost ten years formulating a system that allowed him to make money in real estate.

Nick believes in the service of helping others, and for this reason, he founded Nick Vertucci Real Estate Academy where he teaches people ways to apply to conquer day to day challenges. Nick and his NVREA team are dedicated to helping their students succeed through offering guidance and support. The academy provides various covers such as how to wholesale properties, ho to create closer links with other professionals to get details, how to flip contracts as well as ways to find properties worth positive cash flow.

Aspiring real estate students also enjoy various opportunity while learning how to invest. Some of these opportunities include;

  • Leveraging your IRA to fund your expenditure.
  • Creating both active and passive income investment opportunities.
  • Using Nick`s three steps formula to Get In, Get Out and Get Paid.

Nick Vertucci is also a gifted writer who has published various motivational and educative books. Recently, he published a book titled Seven Figure Decisions, in which he exposes the secrets to success. Also, he explains how his personal experience shaped him to be whom he is now.

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