Rebel Wilson Received A Special Invitation For The Premiere Of Her New Movie

The romantic comedy “Isn’t It Romantic” is debuting on Valentine’s Day this year. The fun and romantic movie is filled with laughs, over the top stunts, and beautiful people everywhere. It stars Australian actress Rebel Wilson who plays Natalie who is not one to look twice when it comes to love.

As a child from Australia, she believed in the idea of romance and true love but her mother quickly stomped out those fantasies very quickly. Her mother said she was no Julia Roberts, pertaining to her looks. From then on, her mother’s words stayed with her.

As an adult, Natalie worked as a successful architect in New York City. Although her career is thriving, her love life isn’t. On a subway trip one day Natalie’s fate would soon change. She gets knocked out cold after running into a pole fleeing from a mugger. Something truly magical happens because she wakes up in the hospital in a different reality.

Natalie is stuck in a PG13 movie, a rom-com in fact. Every cliche in every romantic comedy comes to life as the young architect watches. Unhappy with her new reality, Natalie races to find a way to get back to her old life. The irony is that she has to find her one true love. The two suitors are her best friend Josh and her architect client Blake. The two men are played by Adam DeVine (Josh) and Liam Hemsworth (Blake).

The star of the movie, Rebel Wilson, recently admitted on social media that she has never had a date on Valentine’s Day. Since the premiere for “Isn’t It Romantic” is on that day, she invited fans who were going to see the movie to her her kindred spirits. Her co-star’s wife, Miley Cyrus, who is married to Liam Hemsworth had a proposition for Rebel Wilson. Miley invited Wilson to come along as the couple’s date. Cyrus said the trio would be a “tr-ouple.” Now it’s up to see what Rebel responds back to see if the date is on.


Born in Sydney, Australia, Rebel Wilson was a very shy young girl raised by Beagle Breeder parents. She also has three siblings growing up in Australia. It was acting that propelled the young girl to find her personality and come out of her shell. In her teen years, she joined the Australian Theatre For Young People. It was a great experience and she won a trip to New York City in the process.

Rebel attended an all girls school in high school and even won second place in food technology in her home state of New South Wales. She would go on to pursue a higher education at the University of New South Wales. Wilson graduated with BA degree in performance and theatre studies. The successful actress even earned a Bachelor of Laws degree afterwards. Since graduating college, Rebel has gone on to acting in theater, film, and television. It has been a journey of hard work, but it has paid off in spades.

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