Guilherme Paulus And His Transformation Of Brazilian Tourism

Born in Sao Paulo,1949, Guilherme Paulus has progressed to become one of the most influential personalities in the tourism industry of Brazil and all over the globe. He is the head and co-founder of CVC Brasil Operadora e Agencia De Viagens.

The company was founded in 1974 when Paulus was just a young man at the age of 24 years. At the time he was working as an intern at the IBM company when he met with a local government official, Carlos Vicente Cerchiari who proposed the idea of starting a tours company. Paulus was in shortage of capital but had the brains for investment and so they made a pact such that Carlos would be the investor while Paulus would be the machine at work. Their agreement came to a close after four years of partnership where everyone took their own path.

He had received his Business Administration certification but moved on to try out his entrepreneurship skills in the tourism sector. Paulus has worked hard on his tours company investment and has watched it grow into the largest Latin tours operator. He has created hotels all around Brazil, created thousands of jobs, helping eradicate unemployment among the country’s environs. Guilherme Paulus has become some sort of a public figure, highly revered by both people and the Brazilian government. He has received numerous awards such as ‘Personality of The Year’ and recently in 2017 was accorded ‘Entrepreneur of The Year’ award.

His deep passion for tourism has led him to become one with the tourism industry since he knows what people want. When people travel far from home, they want to experience something unique and have memorable leisure times. Guilherme Paulus had this vision, a Brazil where travel would not be an issue and to make the country a place where many people would want to visit over and over again.He has installed many hotels in almost all parts of the country, be it Natal, Gramado, Sao Paulo, Salvador, Rio De Janeiro, Confins.

Guilherme Paulus has recently been added to the Forbes list of billionaires and influential personalities due to the booming levels of tourism in his native home and his overall gross worth. In 2005, he opened up the GJP Hotels and Resorts group which supervises a series of hotels and is working towards securing tenders to have their hotels in or near the airports. The CVC has recently sold 63.6% of its share to the Carlyle group for a lump sum figure estimated to be at the range of 420 million dollars.

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