Clayton Hutson working hard to strengthen the music industry

Even with so many changes in the music industry for Clayton Hutson, he is still making a name for himself in the music industry. The passion that he has is in rock genre. Over the years Clayton has had the opportunity of working with live entertainers and musicians from all music genres. Having the chance of working in different positions like Hutson has had the opportunity of being a sound engineer and production manager. The other thing is that he has been on tours with people like Kelly Clarkson, Halsey and Guns N’ Roses. Large corporates have hired his services when they have events.

He believes that the success that he has received in the music industry is because he pays attention to details. Clayton Huston knows that for any event to be successful then he must first sit down and envision the delivery just before he arrives at the venue. The other thing that he does is surround himself with a team that he trusts. The more he believes in his team, the more he will delegate them more responsibility because he knows they can handle it and that will give him enough time to follow up on essential tasks.

The passion for music started when he was still young, and it was the passion that led to him choosing his career. He is a graduate of Central University where he gained a degree in Theatre Design and Technical Production. Throughout his years in school, he made sure that he worked in so many events that he could. He knew that the information he gained from the events would be useful in his career. So he made sure he participated in driving equipment trucks, perform audio duties, setting up the equipment, and handling lights. Since that time, he has been in the music industry for twenty years. Most of the twenty years he worked as an independent contractor. Clayton Huston offered his services to TimGraw and Faith Hill’s where he was the head rigger of the “Soul2Soul” tour. The tour made several stops in part of the United States, Canada, and other parts of the United Kingdom.

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