Jacob Gottlieb And His Pursuit Of A Career In Finance

Being a physician is one of the greatest symbols of success not just here in the United States, but across the world at large. Many people want to work in medicine because they want to help others, be trusted with personal information that people don’t even want to share with their doctors, earn tons of money, and be respected by their peers.

For these reasons, many people are drawn to working as a physician. By extension, countless people realize that their true passion isn’t working in medicine, though they’re often done with medical school by the time they experience these revelations.

Jacob Gottlieb was one of these people

After earning a medical degree at New York University, Jacob Gottlieb decided that working in the medical field simply wasn’t for him. He enjoyed helping people and being successful, but after going through a few-year-long residency at New York City’s St. Vincent’s Hospital, he decided to part ways with his lifelong dream of becoming a doctor.

Here’s what Mr. Gottlieb did

Jacob Gottlieb also liked finance. In middle school, he edged out his peers in a stock-picking contest. The son of a financial advisor and investment professional, Jacob knew that he wanted to work in medicine or finance.

Now that medicine was off the proverbial table, he decided to pursue finance. After dropping out of the residency at St. Vincent’s Hospital, he worked towards the sought-after designation of Certified Financial Analyst. He worked at a few investment firms until 2005, when he founded Visium, an investment organization of his own.

Gottlieb’s post-Visium career

In 2016, the US Securities and Exchange Commission found improprieties within the ranks of Visium. Although Gottlieb wasn’t involved, the company folded. With a strong desire to redeem himself, Jacob Gottlieb founded Altium Capital earlier this year.

Altium Capital, the Gottlieb-founded and -operated investment firm, invests almost exclusively in financial instruments related to the field of healthcare. With previous experience in the field, Gottlieb really knows what he’s doing.

So far this year, Altium Capital has invested in companies including Sellas Life Sciences and Oramed Pharmaceuticals.

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