Milan Kordestani, setting the pace for the millennium generation through farming

We live in an age where most of the youths, even at times, some of the old generation peeps, prefer white collar jobs. No one wants to be dubbed as a farmer. However, there are a few individuals who have not only taken on farming as their profession but also make it look effortless and classic. Topping the list of such individuals is a very young man by the name Milan Kordestani.

A brief background overview of his life

As mentioned above, Milan Kordestani is quite a young man who was born and brought up in California, Stanford to be precise. However, after the separation of his parents in 2009, Milan Kordestani moved to England where he enrolled in Eaton Square School. One year later, Kordestani moved back to California where he recently graduated high school. Apart from being a bright student, Milan Kordestani is also a skilled equestrian having begun horse riding when he was at the age of ten years. His interest in horses was sparked by the fact that he fell off a runaway horse while trail riding. Such an experience is enough for a ten-year kid to be wholly traumatized and scared of horses. However, Milan is cut from a different cloth as this spurred his interest to become a skilled horse rider even more. Looking at his long string of accolades in horse riding today, there is no doubt that he accomplished his dream.

Besides being a well-established equestrian, Milan Kordestani has also helped revolutionize the world of farming by introducing unique farming methods. For instance, Milan Farms is the first ever to utilize hydroponic and aquaponic techniques in the growth of saffron, making it the best go-to farm whenever one is seeking high-quality saffron.

Additionally, the farm specializes in the production of high-quality organic poultry products. Under his leadership, Milan farm dedicates itself to high ethical conduct in farming, and as such, customers can be confident that they are taking pure organic products, unlike other companies which use the natural produce tag yet their products are grown in an inorganic manner.

When he is not busy running his farm, Milan Kordestani is either on horseback or writing articles for Huffington post where he regularly writes on different matters from healthcare, finance to farming.

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