IDLife for Personized Nutritional Supplements and Vitamins

IDLife products are individually designed just for your health needs. They are nutritional products that are FDA tested by an independent lab for purity, maximum nutritional absorbability and potency. They are top quality. Only high-quality ingredients are used in each product. They are also GMO free, soy free, gluten free and casein free.

There are many different products in the IDLife line. Here are some of the following products offered

IDLife Skin Care – This is an anti-aging, 24-hour defense that will improve your skin and make you look healthier and younger.

IDLife Kids Health – This is formulated for kids to maintain health and wellness for kids of all ages.

IDLife EnergyShot – This is 150 mg of natural caffeine that will give you an extra shot of energy without any calories. You also will not crash out or burn out, like the energy drinks leave you.

IDLife Sleep – This is a strip that sits on your tongue. It is mint flavored and helps you to get to sleep faster, for a deep night’s sleep.

IDLife Appetite Control – This is a chew that will help to curb appetite and your weight.

IDLife Shake – This is a Whey Protein. It is a shake with fiber and omega 3 fatty acids. It has minimum calories for weight loss, joint mobility and good muscle strength.
IDLife Nutrition – This is a customized based formula to meet all your health needs.

Proper eating and adding a good exercise routine to your daily life will help you to stay fit and healthy. No one can rely on just pills and shakes.

IDLife has partnered with Garmin. Customer goals can be reach faster if they know what they are up against. Garmin contributes its Index Smart Scale witch measures skeletal muscle, body fat percentage, body mass index, water percentage and other metrics.

With all these factors gathered, a nutrition specialist will help customers to personalize the products that are best for each person. One person may want to lose weight, while another wants to keep their current BMI. IDLife knows that one-size-fits-all is not true. Each person’s activity level and lifestyle are different. IDLife helps each person to reach their personal goals.

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