OSI Industries

OSI Industries is a leading food chain that is constantly widening its borders. It has recently expanded to Spain.

With 65 facilities across 17 different countries, the food network offers customers a massive variety of different foods. With 20,000+ employees worldwide, with jobs ranging from.

Due to their safety precautions, as well as their safe and efficient working environment, OSI Industries is renown as an international company. They have received awards such as the 2016 Globe of Honour by the British Safety Council.

In order to bring their amazing cuisines to more people, OSI Industries has purchased other food companies. This includes Baho Foods, which is a Dutch manufacturer of deli meats, snack, and foods for convenience, which they bought around August of 2016. Another food chain is the Tyson Food Plant, a company that had formerly prepared food for hospitals, which they bought in the summer of 2016 for about $7.4 million. They also purchased Flagship Europe, a British supplier of frozen poultry, pies, and condiments such as mayonnaise, sauces and dressings.

OSI Industries, through their purchases of various food industries, has helped those companies progress in development, providing them with more resources. It also gives OSI Industries the opportunity to broaden their presence in Europe. It is seen as a necessary move, to meet the ever changing need of customers worldwide. When OSI purchased those food companies, it gave those already successful businesses the ability to better serve their customers, as well as access to new clients and global markets that they did not have access to beforehand.

OSI Industries has proven to be a driving force in helping other successful businesses provide better food services, as well as a wider variety of options, to customers. Both businesses also have the chance to reach a new audience, meaning that both businesses benefit mutually. This easily make OSI Industries one of the top 100 food companies to operate in America.

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