Ronald Fowlkes: Former Marine Turned Tactical Business Manager

Ronald Fowlkes is an entrepreneur with many years of work experience serving in the Armed Forces. He used to be part of the Marines and police force. At present, he also works for FirstSpear. This is a branch of the Department of Defense that procures high-quality tactical gear for several operations.


Ronald Fowlkes also gained experience in the creation and usage of tactical gear during the time he has served in the Armed Forces. From there, he started his own career as a business development manager for two companies named ITW and Eagle Industries. The previous experiences from doing survival courses and performing combative missions made him well-suited to manage the production and selling of tactical gear for many law enforcement agencies.


Mr. Fowlkes’ first encounter with military equipment was during his time serving in Iraq along with the Marine Corps. As a member of the first response team, his unit was assigned to perform bomb disposal missions. He was exposed to using gear that involved the safe disposal of bombs. Additionally, Ronald also worked as a police officer after his service as a Marine. He went on to join the St. Louis SWAT team. His tasks included training SWAT members for different mission operatives. One of his main goals was to train them how to use tactical gear.


Ronald Fowlkes’ experience and passion with the industry allowed him to be one of the most well-known in the business. At present, his company is in partnership with several international organizations as a supplier of tactical gear. He is dedicated to working early in the morning to accept calls from international clients. According to him, 35% of their business is with NATO so he is used to doing tasks even in atypical hours.


Mr. Fowlkes believes in the power of teamwork. This is what he learned during his time serving in the Armed Forces, and from this foundation, he started to build his company. According to him, the business development team always works collaboratively with the Department of Defense as well as the local State and Law enforcement agencies. This helps them to secure the right kinds of products for their clients, as well as getting ideas on what other products need to be made that is fit for the people serving in the Armed Forces.


Ronald Fowkles explained that there are a lot of imitators in the tactical gear industry. This is why he puts a prime over making a patent on products that they have already sold in the market. He is also pleased that their business was given the opportunity to have laser cutting and new tube processes in the manufacturing, as this helped them to be more productive and lessened the costs of labor.


Aside from work, Mr. Fowlkes also enjoys spending time with his family. He also writes during his spare time about topics on hockey. He is a big NHL fan, and he enjoys learning about the news about NHL figures such as Jeff Glass and Brock Boeser, as was seen in his latest articles.


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