Lime Crime Once Again Highlights Freedom Of Expression With Its New Line Of Polly Pockets Palettes

The image of creative expression continues to be associated with the cosmetics offered by Lime Crime. In keeping with their fun and fanciful view, this company recently launched a colorful line of palettes that have a playfully nostalgic appearance. The name of the new line of colorful palettes is Polly Pockets. The cases for these shades are made in an easy to carry square shape with a snap front closure. Each molded plastic case features a whimsical bow and comes in an eye-catching color, which includes a vivid yellow and a bright sky blue. Not only are these new cases easy to hold, they are also designed to fit easily inside any ordinary pocket as well as most handbags.

Founded by fashion-forward entrepreneur Doe Deere, Lime Crime has always been a forerunner in the beauty industry for the array of shades it offers. This practice can be seen in the selection of shades available in the company’s new line of Polly Pockets. Each case holds five different shades created to compliment each other in new and unique ways. These shades range from earth tones such as soft taupe to brighter colors such as radiant rose. These unique combinations can be used to create a variety of looks by using them on either the upper or lower lids of the eyes. As seen in the photos fans have displayed online, the looks created from the new line of Polly Pockets Palettes range from soft and sultry to playful.

Each palette carries a name designed to reflect the shades contained within. The Pink Lemonade palette comes with five warm colors, which includes a sunny pink and soft cream. The Sugar Plum palette has a combination of both warm and cool shades, which includes a dazzling peach and vibrant rose. The Bubblegum palette offers five pastel shades, including a light sky blue and an intriguing purple. As with all of the products available from Lime Crime, Doe Deere takes a personal interest in the new line of palette colors by showcasing her own unique style in an online photo where she expresses herself with colors from the Bubblegum palette.

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