Ara Chackerian: An Investor in the Health Industry

The transcranial magnetic stimulation, or TMS for short, is a recent technology that was developed to combat psychological disorders. The treatment is being used as a treatment for those who are suffering from resistant depression, and the treatment has great potential after several studies have confirmed its effectivity. Ara Chackerian is one of those who found the potential for the TMS to become a global phenomenon, and together with his business partner, they founded the TMS Health Solutions which would use the treatment as their primary product. He serves as the current board member of the healthcare firm. Ara is also serving as the managing partner for other healthcare companies. Ara Chackerian is also doing great as an investor and a philanthropist.

Before he co-founded the TMS Health Solutions, Ara Chackerian is already an active entrepreneur and investor. He already acquired several years of experience in doing business, and the interest in investing in health-related companies came after his friend told him that they have the highest potential for returns. He is convinced by what his friend had told him, partly because he is responsible for the creation of several healthcare companies and he saw how they flourished. When he co-founded the TMS Health Solutions, several health care companies located near San Francisco has also invited him to serve as either the managing partner or a board member. You can visit

According to Ara Chackerian, the TMS treatment will help a lot of people who are suffering from depression. The United States is one of the countries with high depression rates, and most often, these people who are suffering from depression tend to kill themselves. With the TMS treatment now a reality, Ara Chackerian hopes that people who are depressed can be treated. He is also encouraging psychologists and psychiatrists around the country to work with his healthcare firm and see how the TMS treatment would treat the patients with depression. Chackerian is positive that the company he co-founded will reach new heights, as scientific journals are now confirming the effectivity of TMS treatment, and how it can help people with depression. Check out flickr


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