TMS Health Solutions Offering New Hope for Those with Clinical Depression

TMS Health Solutions understands that mental health conditions need special care in order to heal the patient. In 2007, Richard Bermudes, MD, created TMS Health Solutions to address the issues of major depressive disorder (MDD) and treatment-resistant depression (TRD). A significant portion of adults experience clinical depression and TMS Health Solutions provides therapies to deal with mental illness.


While there are many treatments for patients who suffer from clinical depression, these treatments don’t always work. That’s why TMS Health Solutions offers alternative therapies such as transcranial magnetic stimulation (TMS) to support and treat patients with MDD and TRD.

Transcranial magnetic stimulation is a non-surgical procedure that stimulates the brain’s neurons by using electromagnetic pulses. TMS is especially beneficial for those who suffer from negative side effects of traditional drugs. Although some people experience minor side effects from TMS, the percentage of those people is under five percent.


TMS Health Solutions is staffed with the experts in the field of psychiatry such as Dr. Oana Galicki, the Regional Medical Director of the TMS Therapy San Francisco office. Her professionalism and focus on patient-centered wellness is an example of what TMS Health Solutions strives for in their clinic. Dr. Richard Lipon, a psychiatrist serving the Sacramento clinic, has a background in forensic psychiatry and obstetrics. He believes in the value of TMS therapy and continues to research its effectiveness in treating depression.


Empathy and compassion are the focus of the practitioners and staff at TMS Health Solutions. The clinic’s goal is to give patients who suffer from seemingly untreatable anxiety and depression, and to help them live happy, satisfying lives. TMS Health Solutions uses tools such as a depression screening to see if a potential client will benefit from their services. The depression screening test is available on their website to help people suffering from depression assess their depression levels.


TMS Health Solutions understands that depression is different for everyone, and a “one size fits all” treatment does not work. Clinicians use a holistic approach in when assessing a patient for the best treatment methodology. Patient wellness and recovery are at the heart of what TMS Health Solutions works toward every day.

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