High End Customer Service Award Is Awarded To Leading Inmate Provider

There are thousands of people that love being a part of the interactive Securus Technologies network because they go above and beyond to ensure customer service satisfaction. You never have to worry about dropped calls and missing out on receiving a call from a love one in a correctional facility. Stay focused on spending less and talking more with your family members in a correctional facility. Securus Technologies has a leading network that caters to inmates and their family members. In fact, they’re chosen 10 to 1, over competitor companies like Global Tel-Link. They employee over 12,000+ IT professionals in the field of telecommunications securities and customer service.


Why Chose Securus Technologies?


Customers demanded a leading network with a high level of customer service and Securus Technologies listened. They were recently awarded the Stevie Award for a high level of customer service excellence and continues to impress their customers by addressing their questions and concerns in a professional manner. They have also partnered with other network providers to provide leading services and features that help them expand their network to a global network. People around the world in a correctional facility will stay connected through Securus.


Securus Technologies Features:


Video Visitation


Video visitation is a a high definition video that allows their customers to talk face-to-face over an interactive network. You have complete control over the video and the sound with a few clicks of an on-screen.


Inmate Voicemail


You can leave a message for your love ones through their commissary account. They can receive a personalized account that will allow them to receive and retrieve messages at any time. This feature will cost them a one time fee that can be paid through commissary.


You’re invited to become a valuable Securus Technologies customer by visiting their interactive website.


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