The Life of Greg Secker

Greg Secker Foundation is the latest Foundation that Greg Secker is currently involved with. He notes that with this foundation, he focuses on changing the lives of the people around him. He manages to achieve this by using the foundation to ensure that he equips people with the needed skills in education and life. For instance, the man with a big heart decided to help victims of a typhoon in the Philippines. Through this initiative, he was able to feed these people and build houses for them. He began his career shortly after college when he acquired a position with Thomas Cook Financial Services. The funny thing about Greg Secker is that he holds a degree in food and agricultural sciences. He has managed to master some skills in forex and currently owns a firm known as the Virtual Trading Desk. Through this company, he focuses on teaching people how they can make a living out of Forex.

Shortly after leaving Thomas Cook Financial Services, he took a position with a fortune 500 company known as Mellon Financial Corporation where he used to work as the vice-president. He spent some considerable part of his career in this company before moving out to venture on his own. Shortly after leaving Mellon Financial Corporation, Greg Secker established a firm of his own known as Learn to Trade. At the moment, this corporation has its presence in many countries including the United Kingdom, Australia, South Africa and the Philippines. The Learn to Trade has been recognized by the World Finance Magazine as the Best Educator when it comes to forex. In the United Kingdom, the Learn to Trade has won another award known as the Best Forex Educator. The company has won this award for three consecutive years since 2014.

Greg Secker is a learned man. For his undergraduate program, he attended the University of Nottingham. Since then, he can be associated with many companies such as Capital Index, Smart Chart Software among others. Earlier this year, he was recognized on the list of 200 most influential philanthropists on earth. He says that despite being successful financially, people should reach out to the poor like he does.


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