Learn about Lori Senecal and her tips on how to advertise on Facebook effectively

Lori is the CEO of CP&B, and she is responsible for helping and overseeing the development of the firm in its various global locations. She is known for being great in creative and digital marketing industries. As an innovator, she came up with TAG Ideation a unique marketing unit for young adults. Her record of accomplishments and success led her to promotions until she became the president of McCann, NY.

After leaving McCann, she went on to succeed in other roles including running KBS. While at KBS, she came up with brilliant methodologies and strategies for human resources. For the three years, she made the firm one of the prestige agencies to work. During the time, the firm was named the best company to cooperate in NY. Lori Senecal gives credit to the various women who mentored her to the top. She acts as a mentor to other women currently by encouraging them never to give up and to build their path to success.

Lori Tips

According to Adage, Facebook has become a reckoning force, and many companies are taking advantage of that to advertise. Social media offers a huge platform and a diverse user base. According to a study done recently, most Facebook users access their accounts through their mobile phones. According to Lori Senecal, the most efficient way to develop an effective advertising plan is to optimize a site for mobile users. Also, every aspect of marketing must be optimized for mobile use. From small businesses to the large ones, they can all advertise on Facebook and get massive results. However, the best way to do it is to use Facebook’s advertising features in the right way.

To make Facebook efficient regarding marketing, advertisers need to have an organized marketing approach, one that features an endgame and before service customer care strategy. According to Lori, the best way to do this is to ensure you have a unified approach. Small firms are more likely to succeed at this because their businesses are flexible. They can come up with a cohesive plan faster. They can also establish the programs working for them and those that are not.

In conclusion, Lori is an excellent business leader to listen to in matters concerning advertising trends.

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